messages from Lloyd

I mentioned that my son Lloyd is in South Africa at the moment. He has been there for about four weeks now and has two weeks to go. He told us that we were- NOT TO RING HIM – because it costs him too much to answer the phone. I would laugh but seriously, it’s that sort of attitude that has allowed him, at the age of twenty, as a full time university student and night time pizza delivery boy to currently be in South Africa and to already have been to England, Europe and the USA.

Anyway every now and then he has had internet access and I’ve received a message. So these are my messages from Lloyd. Few and far between and not that reassuring really.

Jane I made it to Africa! But I haven’t really slept for 27 hours so I’m going to bed right now. Talk to you soon xox
Jane I am still alive! Internet at the reserve doesn’t work but we are on a weekend excursion to Jeffreys Bay which is an awesome town on the beach. Anyway the past few days at the reserve have been the dirtiest of my life – been cutting down invasive plants and planting new ones, but we have also been on lots of game drives and I’ve seen pretty much every african animal you can imagine. Baby cubs are the cutest. Taking a surfing lesson tomorrow then back to work on monday, so I’ll probably catch you again next weekend xox
Finished two weeks of volunteering at kwantu game reserve, south africa. Highlights include: Chopping down trees, landscaping, digging holes, checking fences, game counts, seeing nearly every African animal imaginable, playing with baby lion and tiger cubs, getting mauled by baby lion and tiger cubs, riding an elephant, riding in the boot of an overcrowded mini-van, waking up to the sounds of either cats or monkeys on the roof or sometimes lions getting busy on the hill, overcoming my fear of spiders and getting stalked by and ostrich.
hey jane, we have finished work and today we began the road trip. The car is a manual though so I’m going to leave all the driving to Conrad. He seems relatively in control. We are in a small villiage called storms river. We were going to do tubing down the river tomorrow but the town is somewhat deserted and there isn’t enough people to run it. We are going to hire bikes and ride through the forest instead. Talk to you soon xox

Hey Jane, can you please tell me how many aus $ I withdrew yesterday? I learnt to surf in jbay. Got mildly concussed when I wiped out and the board hit my head.

We’ve made it to Knysna. Highlights of the road trip include kayaking, flying foxes over waterfalls, monkeyland, hiking, and we went to another game park as tourists but it was nowhere near as good as Kwantu! But they did have hippopotomus. Hope everything is going well back home =)

Jane, I tried calling you at home a couple of days ago, only to have Lizzie answer and tell me you don’t live there anymore!!

17 thoughts on “messages from Lloyd

    • It’s like when he insisted on catching the train to your place instead of the shuttle. I had a message this morning saying that yesterday he did the worlds biggest bungee jump and that today he is going to ride an ostrich. Which doesn’t sound entirely RSPCA approved to me.

  1. “Got mildly concussed when I wiped out and the board hit my head.”

    O such words to bring joy to a mother’s heart. At least your son doesn’t force you to read between the lines as mine does. My oafish boy likes to make terse posts on facebook, like “Aching all over. Can’t move.” I make a frantic call, but he doesn’t pick up: then on Friday night, five days later, he calls and laughs at me for worrying. “It’s NOTHING! I’m fine now!”

    Oh well. Your son also sounds very lovable. Lucky you.

    • I know, they just throw things out there like that with no follow up. But it’s the guy he’s with who is very accident prone. He’s spent time in hospital in Japan and England. His mother had to go to England and bring him back so she must be having a worrying time.

  2. It really is a good plan to move and leave no forwarding address when your kids leave for a while. I suspect he’ll find you no matter what though. The only way to successfully avoid him is to follow him! He’ll never look back there!

    • Lol – I’ll stay hot on his heels then. He’s quite nice though so I don’t really want to lose him. In fact I suspect that now I’ve moved closer to him he thinks he’s going to get a lot of free feeds.

    • Lol – I think he is a little like me. The girls are like their father. But Lloyd is sort of like this crazy professor type. Which is why it’s worrying having him out there in the world. He can solve the hardest mathematical problems in the world but he doesn’t remember to take his jumper off if he gets hot!!

  3. What an interesting guy. Lots of news in those brief dispatches. I love the last one about you not living there any more. It sounds like he’s having the time of his life. Good for him.

    • Don’t think we can take much credit. One of my daughters was raised in the same house but she could not save a dollar if her life depended on it.

  4. Oh my god! I laughed so much. Post and comments.
    I can imagine how this wording must make a mother feel but man! what an fantastic adventure your kid is having. The experiences! The memories! The tales he will be able to tell later in life. Just reading this I would love to play fly on the wall and share all that “with him”.
    Does he really call you ‘Jane’ and not mum?

    • Well, of all his messages it was the – riding in the boot of an overcrowded minivan throwaway line that I could have done without hearing! He will have his 21st birthday over there as well which will be something to remember.

      Yes he calls me Jane. All my kids do. I’m not sure how that happened actually. They just always have. My oldest daughter usually calls me Janice.

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