lets go fly a kite

There’s a maritime festival planned for Australia Day. I won’t be attending. And I won’t be going to the beach, the foreshore or King Edward Park. I have a fear of crowds. I have a fear of people who enjoy being  in the middle of a crowd of thousands. I have no desire to be amongst thousands of people who have been drinking solidly for hours and wear flags draped around their shoulders. And I do not feel the urge to line up with these people to come down the monster slip and slide. And I definitely have no desire to do any of these things in the predicted 40 degree heat.

So instead we went to the foreshore on Sunday and watched them setting up the kites. I cannot imagine how they got those things flying without a massive string tangle. I can’t even sit my ipod headphones on a table on their own overnight without coming back the next morning and finding them in a massive knot.

We went to Nobbys Beach for a while but I didn’t get in the water because they were putting a warning out over the speakers that there were a lot of bluebottles in the water. I saw about a dozen just lying on the sand near where we were sitting. And a sting from one of those suckers will definitely ruin your Sunday afternoon. Don’t know if you get them overseas but they look like this

And hurt like christ if they bite you. Well it’s not a bite, they get you with the tentacle, it has barbs.

Anyway we decided it would be much safer to retire to The Beaches Hotel for a drink instead. Lol, we were at the bar and Daz said – are there any seats outside. And I said – no. And he walked over to the window and pointed and said – what about out there, where those people are. Daz I said – that’s a mirror, not a window. How embarrassment.

I bought this app for my iphone called Hisptomatic. It’s a camera app and I’m hooked on it at the moment. So be prepared to see millions of retro style photo’s. It’s maybe not for the serious photographer but it’s a lot of fun for the point and shooter.  You can set up different lens, film, flash or you can just shake your phone and it picks a random setting. Some of the photo’s are crap but you do get some nice shots.

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14 thoughts on “lets go fly a kite

  1. Difficult to imagine, being frozen as I am in my parisian winter, that you were on the beach this sunday, taking care not to touch a procession of jellyfish ! …

    Have a nice day ! … I send you hard rain and tiny snowflakes to refresh you ! … :)))

  2. No wonder you don’t like jellyfish. My only non-fish tank encounter with them was seeing small dead ones lying washed up on the beach. If I saw something like the bluebottle floating in the water, I’d never swim in the ocean again.

    But I’ve noticed that iPhone pictures, at least the ones posted by WP folks, are really quite good for cellphone photos. I was debating about getting one now that Verizon is offering them. I just found out however that we don’t have G4 service in my parents’ neighborhood, which is a big disappointment. I guess we’re too poor to make it worth Verizon’s effort to put up a tower out here.

    • Most of the time you don’t see them until it’s too late anyway. And those long blue tentacles can be over a metre long. The ipone has a pretty good little camera and I always have it on me. And the different apps they have for it make it a bit of fun. I’m not a good enough photographer to have a serious camera but I do love snapping everything I see.

  3. our sea jellies are boring – just white. i’ve never been stung but it can’t be too bad because people aren’t taking about it all the time.

    i love the sea jelly kites. and the big ball (or was that just a big ball bouncing around?). i should have gone kite flying yesterday – it was good weather for it and I own a couple beauties (I wonder where they are).

    • Lol – yesterday was bought to you by the letter K. Kite flying and kyaking. I didn’t see the ball right up in the air but it was a kite. Even though you’re all calling them sea jellies, thats not what we call sea jellies. We call sea jellies sea blubbers but they sting as well. And then of course there is the blue ringed octopus that can kill you, they hide in the rockpools. This is why I like the ocean baths better than the ocean ocean.

  4. I remember everyone on the beach rubbing sand and vinegar into blue bottle stings. I suppose the sand was to rub the tentacle off and the vinegar to neutralize the sting. They were nasty stings though – itched for weeks afterwards.

  5. Sounds like a perfect day of not getting stung except by embarrassment 🙂 I, too, would not appreciate or enjoy a crowd of that size, slosherliness and (probably) sweaty smelliness.

    I wonder if it would be worth inventing beach tubes made of screen material – sort of a screen capsule so you could wander the beach without fear of blue bottle ravages. You could come out covered in the tentacled nasties without a scratch! Of course, walking would be a bitch… I’ll have to think about this.

  6. We are in the middle of a winter storm. I just looked outside and we have 6 inches of fluffy white snow on the ground. The BLUE beach picture is amazing. Thanks for sharing, it reminds me that winter can’t last forever. 😉

    • Denise, seriously, you would not have believed how hot it was here yesterday and today. We thought we were going to suffocate. The hair was so hot and heavy and not a breeze in sight. If I could find some snow right now I’d be out there rolling in it.

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