dolls on the move

This is my new doll, Dockyard Dame. Kimba gave her to me for christmas.

dockyard dame

She’s a roller derby bitch. A bitch with attitude.


I’m not sure if other countries use the word scrag but we like to use it here. Especially when you were at school. Aw piss off ya scrag. You’d use it to insult someone you thought was a bit umm, oh it’s hard to explain. If they’re kind of rough, undesirable. Skinny usually.

Anyway I thought she might scare my other dolls when I put them in the box together but now I look at them she’s probably feeling a little unsafe. They’re a rough bunch. She’s probably thinking – get me the hell out of this box of freaks.

box of fun

These are the dolls I’ve been dragging around for the past forty five years.

I wasn’t big on naming my dolls. These three tend to hang as a gang. The Bridesmaid, The Bride and Baby. Thats what I named them when I was little. I got The Bride and The Bridesmaid for christmas one year. They came as a bride and bridesmaid. Mum sewed their dresses which was a solid effort on her part because I never saw her sew. The Bride seems to have lost her wedding dress.

the bridesmaid, the bride and baby

The bridesmaid looks like an ice addict. And as you can see I musn’t have been pleased with The Bride’s eyebrows so I fixed them up.

new eyebrows

These were/are my favourites, Pink Teddy and Lulu.I don’t know if she was already named that because if it was up to me I’d probably have called her Brown Hair Doll or something as original. Although I thought I might have named her after the singer Lulu.

pink teddy and lulu

Pink Teddy was mauled by our doberman. That’s why he has holes in his head and chest. He’s very precious to me and when our house was in danger of flooding a few years ago and they told us to pack a bag of important things in case we had to evacuate, he was the first thing in it. Pink Teddy, Lulu and my book Teddy Edward goes to the Seaside. Daz said – I think they mean medication and insurance papers.

I’ve had pink teddy since I was born. Here I am with him. Thats Emjay on the left with the plaits and our sister Min on the right. We looked like a family of Scandinavians when we were small.

And I may have thrown him aside every now and then in favour of something new but he knew I always loved him best.



23 thoughts on “dolls on the move

  1. I love Dockyard Dame and Pink Teddy! And if there was a disaster approaching and I had to pack quickly, my toys would also go into my bag first. I can always replace clothes, books, and jewelry. But I already went through one trauma, losing nearly all of my childhood toys when my sister threw away everything in our old room. If the Emergency Rescue people told me I couldn’t bring my toys, I’d tell them to stuff it and I’d go home to wait out the worst. At least I’d have something to cuddle when Armageddon came.

  2. She is cool your Dockyard Dame!! And I love the old photos of course. I know what you mean about packing up your teddy when someone tells you to pack your most valuable things. I actually still sleep with my ratty old Morgan dog I’ve had since I was 13. I started getting that type of stuffed dog when I was a baby, and I’d drag it everywhere, they’d get threadbare and my dad buried some in the back yard, and they kept buying me new ones. I’d get them for Christmas or my birthday, sometimes for my sister’s birthday in August too. So this one is #13 and I was 13 when I got him. Elvis chewed off his nose when he was a puppy and that was probably in the top 3 angriest moments with Elvis. But, yes, I am 42 and still sleep best when Morgie is there with me,usually covered in my drool.
    Your Lulu doll has a bit of a devilish look to her! She’s cute but impish.

    • Isn’t she what. There is a series of the Bitches with Attitude dolls or you can have one custom made.

      Love that your Dad buried them in the yard. Thats so funny. Imagine when someone else moved in and began doing garden renovations and started digging up stuffed dogs. lol.

      Lulu was a cutie. Sort of chubby with sparkly eyes. She still wears the same dress actually because other dolls back then were never the same size.

  3. I loved this entry and the pictures where especially wonderful! You had to be the blondest, dearest little girls in the whole neighborhood. I too have my special dolls that I would never part with. Some items in one’s life are priceless and definitely need to travel with us through life.
    Thank you for sharing your treasures.

    • Thanks Denise. We were a bunch of blondies for sure, although my brother is a ranga. A redhead. Spell check didn’t like ranga so maybe you call redheads something else.

  4. Scrag – I like it! Both the doll and the word. I’m going to add it to my vocabulary. It works. Like smeg!

    I have my first teddy. I had to embroider a face on him because he lost all the attachments that used to be his face – I think buttons and felt bits. There wasn’t the paranoia about child safety that there is today. And I have Abigail, a doll made by an elderly neighbor that looks like my grandma. She had an unfortunate dancing accident and has a patched neck cervical collar that I made with my complete lack of sewing skills but all my heart.

    I have a few others. It’s probably a good thing we never have to evacuate. There wouldn’t be room in the car for Mr. and Jr. because I’d have to take all my important stuff.

    • Moll is another one we use a lot here. It’s more for when someone as a slut or a bitch. If they said something to you you’d say – game on moll. Then punch her head in. If there is a group of molls we’d call them the moll patrol. We’re a classy lot.

      You crack me up Katz – glad to see you have your priorities right. Toys before blood.

  5. I’m sure we secretly dream to play with our teddies and dolls all the life long !

    My Teddy lost an arm. I sewed it, but he fell every time. I did not understand that I have to make for him wider clothes to pull without tearing arms and legs !

    My doll’s name was “Mummy” ! … What a program !!! :))))

  6. LOL that’s cool. While reading this I’ve been thinking of which of my pets I have that attachment to. And I had to come to the realization – that 15 year away from home detached me emotionally from them and it’s actually my mum who would start saving that stuff.

    • Well that is a very good way to be I think. My daughter has kept every single toy and doll she’s ever owned but she wants me to keep them at my place. I’d like to throw them all away but then I just think of all the money I spent on the bloody things.

  7. Umm..I’d get nightmares if I took docyard dame to bed with me.
    I like your bride though. I had one like that, but of course dad cleaned it out when I went to college !

    • You wouldn’t like Quinn then. She wear a hessian bag over head and carries a piece of rope around with her.
      I didn’t play with dolls much but I liked to have them. They were very hard. I always liked paper dolls better.

  8. I love that photo of us! The tops that Min and I have on were sewn by Vera for Christmas. And in that bottom photo I have such scrawny legs and stick arms! (it’s nice to see Aunty Jen in there – all dressed up for a Christmas day over 100 degrees! ).

    • I can’t get over how we never had shoes on. Running around the farm, all those thistles and bindies and rocks and dirt. My feet never touch the ground anymore. I won’t even walk in the house without shoes. I’m soft these days. And I remember that striped dress that Min has on – I think you both had one of those or yours was passed down to her.

  9. What an interesting post 🙂 I like when people talk about themselves.. I think it’s funny you say you look like Scandinavians.. have you seen “Astrid Lindgren’s” movies? Like Pippi? (I’m not sure that is the title used abroad lol)..

    • Oh yes, we have Pippi here, but I don’t think she’s hugely popular. Well not with my generation anyway. Like I’ve heard of her but I haven’t seen any of the movies or read any of the books.

  10. I wish I had most of my old Barbie dolls, because I would lov to take a picture of them! From what I can remember, the majority of them are bald or have really bad haircuts (I must have fancied myself a hairdresser as a tyke). My mom said that I loved to chew on their feet for some reason, so I think most of them had stubs for feet as well….which is probably why their shoes would never stay on!

    • Haha – my brother had a pet lamb and one day he decided to shear it. He thought the wool would grow back.

      We have hundreds of barbie dolls. And bratz. Some of the barbies had haircuts. The trouble with barbie was that her hair only stayed silky soft and straight for about a week and then it just ended up in that wild frizzy style. I hate to even think about how many of those barbie hair brushes we have around the house. I seemed to always be stepping on one.

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