hot house

I found a big hot boy out the front of the house


And a big hot girl out the back



24 thoughts on “hot house

    • He looks bloody awful doesn’t he! He is going for a shave tomorrow though so he should feel much much better. Although he’s always a bit embarrassed about it at first.

        • Doesn’t make Charlie sick. What sort of sick? He is our neighbours cat and they give him a shave every summer. They usually take him to the vet to have it done because as you can imagine he doesn’t sit quietly and let them do it. They don’t make him bald but a fairly close cropped body and they leave his head and tail and legs. He looks really funny for a week. But he must feel lovely. He gets really matted fur. You can see in the picture it’s all matted on his hindquarters. I don’t think the vet has ever said anything about it being bad for him.

  1. I love the “do not disturb” sign on Betty’s bed, as well as her teeth showing, and the sleeping position (like maybe she’s dreaming of being a deer or something, maybe a show horse jumping). How is she doing? She looks to be pretty content in that photo, anyway!
    Charlie is very loooooong, trying to catch any breeze that comes his way I guess.

    • Charlie looks enormously long. He was almost taking the whole width of the verandah. But no breeze here unfortunately. I live in the most breezeless town in Australia.

      Betty us ok. Sometimes she acts like a spring lamb but other days she seems really down. I think she’s going blind. Sometimes I find her in the middle of the night just standing in a random room in the house and when you call her she looks like she doesn’t know what she’s doing. Maybe she sleepwalks.

      Why doesn’t spell check like verandah, don’t you have verandah’s over there?

      • There are no verandahs in Pennsylvania*. It’s a su-thun thing. 😉

        *note: this is a broad generalization and in no way indicates that I’ve researched this thoroughly, carefully or at all

  2. i keep forgetting that it’s summer over there. your babies look hooot. the photos capture the lack of breeze.

    we also have piazzas – but I’ve only heard Italians in NY say that… it was a bit of a stretch for something I would have called a “raised patio”.

  3. As a kid, my sister named her Mexican cowboy marionette “Senor Calamicious” (not sure of the spelling). Ever since, I’ve called every Mexican marionette by that name (being near Mexico, I see a fair amount of them).

    very specifically, this male marionette (has to have a hat & black outfit):

    I think packing Pink Teddy in a emergency is the right thing to do. No one every whines about losing their insurance papers – but they all cry about losing their cherished items (especially photos).

    • I just found this in my spam folder. I think it was the long link. I love those puppets – especially the little guns. I have one puppet, he’s a soldier type. Lol, I can’t think what you call them, mental blank. I’m not game to get him out of the box because I’m worried about the state of his strings. They just seem to tangle so easily. And everyone knows that they must grab my laptop on the way out in a fire. Stop Drop and Roll and grab my laptop on the way. Mainly because I hardly ever print digital photo’s out. I take so many then they just sit on the computer. Although in the new house we have a weird feature wall of mini orb so I’m going to print out photos and put them on magnetic backing and cover that.

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