London 1957 – Lost Property

This woman, in the gorgeous suit, with the tiny waist, is using the old – If I try really hard not to look at this strange man wearing a billboard in front of me and pretend he’s not there then he won’t try to look at me or talk to me – tactic.


London 1957

Photo taken by Papa in London in 1957.


14 thoughts on “London 1957 – Lost Property

  1. There’s a company here that hires homeless people to stand outside and hold up signs like the one in your photo. The men—it’s always a man—tend to look down and out, which makes people uncomfortable; so the purpose of advertising is thwarted, I think, since everyone averts his or her eyes and pretends s/he didn’t see the ragged man with the big sign.

    • I’m not sure where the photo was taken. My grandfather was not good at writing on photo’s where they were taken. All I know (or think) is that it must be somewhere near Piccadilly because that Burlington Arcade that is on the billboard is in that area.

  2. I imagine he was an old boyfriend and she had told him at the time of her leaving that he would never amount to anything, he was not even smart enough to wear a sandwich board, as if she made eye contact she would have to admit she was wrong.

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