is it? or isn’t it?

Yesterday morning, in the Officeworks carpark, I saw a man do the exact same thing that I always do but vowed that very morning to never do again.

He got out of his car, walked away from the car and pushed the remote locking button. But then he wasn’t really sure if he’d locked the car, so he pushed the button again. But damn it!! now what if it had been locked but he’s just unlocked it again with his obsessive compulsive button pushing. So then of course he walked back to the car and tried opening the door just to check if it was locked or not.

Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn’t.

I decided that from now on it’s just one push and I’m walking away.


24 thoughts on “is it? or isn’t it?

  1. Tell me how you go with that.

    My beautican told me about how she got home from her shop on Christmas Eve and wondered if she had locked the store. It was an hour long trip but she decided not to go back as she always locks the store. She was off until Jan4th and often thought about going in and checking the door but was too lazy. Comes Monday 4th and yep, the door had been unlocked the whole time! Anyone could have just pushed the door open and selected from a large range of cosmetics etc.

    • Lol. I can’t even imagine that weekend. Seriously, some nights I hear a noise through the night and I think, I should check what time it is in case something has happened and I need to report to the police what time it was that it happened. But then I think, no, that’s stupid, I’m going to ignore that noise and not take note of the time because it just feeds my……umm, weirdness. But then I think, but imagine if someone died and I tried to explain this to the police.

      So you can see how hard it is for me to walk away from a locked/unlocked car. I won’t even go into the trip home I had the other day when I thought the boot of my car was undone. I wanted to stop and check it about one thousand times but I refused to because I thought it would just reinforce my – boot in not shut – insecurity. But all I could think of the whole way was my lap top flying out of the boot onto the highway.

  2. We recently borrowed a car that had a remote lock and it took me ages to work out that if I heard the ‘clunk’ with the following ‘BEEPBEEPBEEPBEEP’ then it was probably locked and I could continue my day. (The annoying beeps were because sometimes the driver’s door would pop open after the others were closed, so you wouldn’t notice it was open if you were on the other side of the car and hit the lock)

    I much more paranoid about making sure my keys are firmly in my hands as I lock the door than walking away from an unlocked car though, remote locks are good for my OCD there!

    • Lololol. Good lord we are a bunch of weirdo’s. Things were much easier when you had to put the key in the lock and actually lock the bloody door. I have the same problem with our garage remote. The neighbours must think I’m autistic the amount of times I stand there opening and shutting the garage door making sure it’s shut before I leave.

    • You trust the blinking lights!!!! I can never remember if that means – locked, or unlocked. Walk away or stay. Seriously sometimes I lock myself in the car before I’ve even got out.

  3. We will not discuss the number of times that I drive down the street and turn around to make sure that I have closed the garage door.

    I always have — and yet….

  4. My clicky thing has a locky button and an unlocky button. If I’m not sure, I press the locky button a few times. If the car honks at me, I know it’s DEFINITELY LOCKED and the alarm is armed. Then I just hope I remember to click the unlocky button so I don’t set the blinkin’ thing off when I get back.

    My good old car didn’t have that but beeped once for goodbye and twice for hello. Except it quit locking the doors. Eventually, I just gave up on locking and figured whatever was in the car would just be gone when I got back. Less stuff to clean up.

    • That means you’ve made it cranky when it starts honking. I don’t get any noise or flashing light effects. All guesswork. And my locky button and unlocky button are the same thing and they’re on the side of the key so I’m always pushing it by mistake. So I’ve given up as well.

      • it’s beeps 4 times for a short-warning when locked. a sort of “step away from the car before I start screaming”. Something sets that off nearly every night. Or, it did for a long time, then stopped, then just started again this week. It’s always late at night. I’ve never caught whatever it is. My best guess is a cat jumping from the roof of my house, to the car, to the ground but I have never ever found any sort of animal footprint.

        and i always note the time of strange sounds – cause then I can put to rest in my mind instead of spending the night obsessing over whether I should have noted the time.

        • You definitely need surveillance camera’s at your place.

          I was such an obsessive nocturnal clock watcher that I ended up having to throw my clock away.

  5. Today the manservant came home many, many hours after me and walked in the door saying “why are your keys in the front door” ? I am usually so paranoid about that living here! I told him that if it’d been him that did that he’d be in “big” trouble!

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