Pink and puke part two

Can someone please come over here and kick me and remind me of the time two years ago when I said I’d never paint the interior of a house again. Then can you give me a neck massage because it’s all crinked up from painting a bastard angled ceiling.

I’m back in the house of pink and puke painting what will be our bedroom. I’m really wishing that Wayne, who owned the house previously, did not have such a love of the wallpaper freize. I’m sick of scraping them off. And I was alarmed the other day when an architect friend of ours told me that wallpaper is making a comeback. Must make a note to myself to never buy a wallpapered house.

So as you can see he carried on the pink and puke colour scheme but added a nice brown feature wall. If I had to name the colour I’d call it – Baby needs to get to a doctor soon diarrhea colour.

And there’s just so much to paint. Two doors, a window, beams, sloping ceiling. And it’s busy on the ceiling with lights, fan, alarm. Mind you I wouldn’t turn the fan on, it has about twenty years of dust attached to the blades.

Lol at the red feature strip. That was under the freize. It was nicely done wasn’t it.

And then there was a section of the wall that was covered in mirror tiles and when I pulled them off I found this little disaster.

I don’t think any amount of spakfiller and sandpaper will make that pretty again. Actually do you know whats harder to get off than a freize? Those little double sided tape things that he stuck the tiles on with. Luckily most of that will be covered by a built in robe.

Back to work. Photo’s to come soon.


16 thoughts on “Pink and puke part two

  1. Oh man. What a nightmare. This is a room where in retrospect you’d have been happier shelling out mucho dinero to hear a contractor cussing from the safety and comfort of another room, preferably while you were reading or eating bonbons and watching tv.

    • Yeah, pity they charge an arm and a leg to do the job. And I wouldn’t be sitting on the lounge, I’d be standing watching making sure they were doing the right thing. I don’t know what a bonbon is – over here they’re christmas crackers that have a stupid paper hat and a lame joke inside. Going to google it. No, still not sure.

  2. When we started peeling off the wallpaper in our old farmhouse, we were surprised to discover not just one, but five layers of old wallpaper. One layer was almost like paint—it wouldn’t scrape off and solvent couldn’t get it to peel. We finally just covered the damn thing with new sheetrock and started with a fresh new surface.

    But I’m getting ready to paint my parents’ bathroom, which is just a nightmare of mold and badly applied paint. A contractor did that one, which is what really makes me mad. My folks paid money to some guy who actually painted worst than my kids.

    • Lol, what a nightmare! Thankful I only have one layer then.

      Yeah, I’ve seen some really shoddy paint jobs done by so called professionals as well. Being a control freak I find it hard to trust anyone else to do the job exactly how I want it. Lots of people think they can paint, but not many can.

  3. I remember tearing wallpaper off a wall at W. Ryde and then having to strip a few layers of paint off and then finding one of those huge half wall poster mural things of an outdoor scene!

    • Lol – nice. The lounge room kitchen is the area I’m least looking forward to. He’s used in a few places that paint with lumps of grit in it. I think they spray it on. Like BelleVue used to be outside. If you brush across it you graze yourself. This has big clumps in it through and in the kitchen all the dirt and grease has sort of stuck to them. And it’s impossible to wipe down.

  4. Our previous house was an ode to bad 70s wallpaper – shit stuff to get off, but we did. We also had carpet – in the kitchen! That came up fairly fast!
    I cringe every time I hear of people using wallpaper too. Not even a good idea at the time.

    • Lol – we had pink carpet in the bathroom of a house we rented in Parramatta. (Oh for gods sake don’t tell me spell check doesn’t know Parramatta!!). But in the kitchen is too much. Obviously they didn’t actually cook in it. lol, isn’t that a fire hazard?

  5. Texture paint! Sprayed on! Even on the lights.

    You are a better woman than I. You actually do this stuff. I just bitch about the prospect of doing this stuff.

    I don’t mind wallpaper in other people’s houses.

    • Lol – no not on the lights. Thank god, that’s one thing I do like. But he wasn’t very neat about it. More than a touch of overspray lets say. I am a doer KatZ.

  6. LOL some people just don’t own a taste.
    Wallpapers might be having a come back – but not to such a degree as it was used before. Usually it’s only used on one wall as an accent, an eye catcher. But not a whole room with busy patterns.
    Are those beams natural wood or are they stained?
    Please – pretty please – no painting them when natural? That would be almost a crime 😉

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