the functional fork

I was just looking at lunchboxes at the supermarket and noticed that one said it came with a functional fork which made me laugh.

What, are there decorative forks out there?

You send your kid to school with a packed lunch and say – but you can’t use the fork, it’s not functional.


17 thoughts on “the functional fork

      • Hey, don’t laugh! I once bought one of those takeout sushi trays, which came with those wrapped disposable chopsticks. When I opened the packet however, the chopsticks were broken, so that there was only one chopstick. Try eating anything with that—definitely not functional.

        Happily my daughter brought back from Japan a chopsticks set in a handy travel case, so if that ever happens again, I’m ready to go. I could also use a functional fork, however. 😀

        • Haha – well at least with sushi you can kind of stab it with one. If it was a rice or noodle dish, well much trickier.

          I can’t use chopsticks. When we were kids my parents bought us all a set back from Hong Kong and I remember a few very slow unsuccessful attempts with them. I need to get a set and google some instructions. It’s shameful when we go out to a restaurant where they have chopsticks and I have to ask for a fork. It can be my years resolution.

  1. I don’t know how it is in Oz but here the plastic utensils that are usually given out with take out food are hardly functional, especially the knives. The forks are pretty flimsy too. So maybe they are just boasting their “high quality” crappy fork!

    • Lol – and they’re made for people with very small fingers. I got one of those little spoons that come in the mcdonald’s sundae’s stuck in the roof of my mouth once. Because I like to put the spoon in the right way then turn it upside down and drag it out – but it got stuck up there between my teeth. It was on a school excursion, caused a bit of excitement for the bus.

  2. Maybe that industry sees a lot of people trying to eat silica gel and submerge their blowdriers… so they needed to tell you it’s OKAY to eat with the fork.

    How are you doing with the floods?

    • Lol – yeah maybe. Like the bread I just bought that has Fresh Tasting written on the front. As opposed to ???? Oh no thanks, I prefer the stale tasting one myself.

      No floods where we are. The river came high just before christmas but we have a huge levy bank. It’s poor old Queensland that have had all the rain. Yet in South Australia they are having severe fire warnings. They have a new category for fire warnings but I can’t remember it. Catastrophic, that’s it.

      • having to make a new category? eegads!!

        i’m sure everyone wishes they could exchange a little weather… “we’ll give you some rain if you give us some dry heat”

        glad you’re okay.

        and the bread? “fresh tasting” implies that it IS stale… but flavored to still taste fresh.

        • I think it was after the Black Saturday bushfires there a few years ago when about 200 people died that they changed the category. So people knew that they should really consider getting out of there if one started.

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