two bags full

I went to the bottle shop yesterday and bought three bottles of wine. I said to the guy serving – can I have two bags please, I’m walking. So he put the three bottles in one bag, then put that bag inside another bag. Not what I was expecting really. But it’s okay because I’m as strong as an ox. I have to be. When I met Daz I was a young farm girl but he seems to forget that I’m now almost thirty years older with a bad back and a dodgy elbow.

I said to him through the week – when I go back to do more painting I’m going to need a decent ladder to reach the high ceilings. So here I am, doing more painting, no ladder. I rang him up and said – where’s the ladder? He said – around the side of the house near the switchboard. Helpful I said. Really, if he wanted to find somewhere that was further from the room I needed it, he would have had to have put it in the next door neighbours yard.

So off I went and there it was – the industrial gorilla dual purpose ladder. So I carried it up the side of the house, through the front yard, up the ten steep stairs, through the house to the bedroom. Then I had to get off it’s industrial type packaging which consisted of hard tight plastic, cardboard and cable ties. Of course there isn’t a knife or pair of scissors here that could get through it so I had to use a chisel and hammer.

The funny thing is (not hilariously so), that just the day before Daz was cleaning out The Small Cupboard of Mostly Useless Shit, that lives above the fridge and he pulled out a stanley knife and said to me – Would you ever need this little sharp knife to cut anything? And I said – nah, toss it. When not twenty four hours later there I’d be, wishing I had that little sharp knife to help me release my gorilla from it’s confines.

Sigh, men, what are you going to do though. Can’t live with them, can’t cut them into small pieces and bury them by the side of the road in a shallow grave.


31 thoughts on “two bags full

    • Lol – well I’ll make it clearer next time. What I need is a trolley but Kimba forbids me.

      Well he should have known I’d need the damn knife, he bought the ladder.
      I was looking for my rice cooker and my ice cream maker last week and realised I’d given them both away. I’m about to give away the breadmaker as well, maybe I should keep it.

  1. Agree with Emjay: the law of the universe states that if you toss something, you will need it within 24 hours; whereas if you save it, you will never need it again. It probably explains why my parents have so much junk around their house. They save everything right down to styrofoam meat trays and every rubber band that has come through the door.

    Same goes for men: when you need them, they’re never around, but when you don’t, they’re underfoot and you can hardly wait for them to get out. šŸ˜€

        • LOL – well, I’m not letting you near my rubber band *drawer* šŸ™‚ If we ever move I’ll be able to donate them to the post office.
          I love rubber bands – they are handy for so many things like sealing cling wrap around bowls to keeping my roses and tomatoes attached to stakes to attaching my plastic spoon to my yogurt so no-one steals it from the office fridge – and the best one – when you’ve eaten too much you can put it through the button hole and around the button and it works like having an elastic waist!

          • And you can reuse then again and again! I have a rubber band drawer as well. Maybe we were rubber band deprived as children.

          • I thought this as well but we do have some plates that cling wrap will not cling to. I myself am a fan of tupperware. Not the original tupperware because I’d hae to sell one or two of my children to be able to afford that. Aaaaaahhh, my v doesn’t work. Although it just did then. Feels like something is stuck under it, I hae to hit it hard.

        • Rubber bands keep longer in the freezer. I keep the thicker ones for my frozen bagged food, but yeah, some of the ones not in the freezer dry up. I don’t get a lot coming in so I can save them (they are only in a plastic sandwich baggie). I had so many at the office though for a while when we had a new mailman that I gave a bunch back to him!

          • Great rubber buggy bumpers! What if there’s no room in the freezer?

            Seriously. My parents’ freezer is so full of old food that you can’t even squeeze a fudgesicle in there. We had a fight today because they still have rice cakes (mochi) from last year in there, and they bought more for New Year’s. Argh.

          • Well, at least they’re not keeping bodies in there. Although I have no idea what a fudgesicle is (and why doesn’t spell check like it)

          • ohhh… my only regret is that i wasn’t cleaning your house when i found a freezer full of rubberbands. cause i’ve never heard that before and would have thought i’d found proof that you’re crazier than me!

    • Lol at the meat trays. I haven’t gone that far yet. My husband is a bit of a hoarder I fear. I give him boxes of things to give or throw away and later I find then stashed up in the garage. The other night he was having a fit because I wanted to give away a board game we haven’t played for at least ten years. And I was giving it to our son as well.

  2. But he told you where the ladder was, right? What else did you want? Sheesh …

    We have 800 pairs of scissors. My wife keeps ALL of them in the same damned drawer instead of distributing them around the house.

    • Lol – I must admit I was a little surprised he’d even remembered to get me a ladder at all. So I was thankful for that. After I’d got over the being pissed off part.

  3. Hi Jane,
    Will the male species ever change? It really does seem to be in their DNA. šŸ˜†
    It is frustrating when you throw something out and then all of sudden you need it, what of course happens after this , is your never game to throw anything out. šŸ™‚

    • With us moving soon I’m throwing things away like a mad woman. Mainly everyone else’s things. I’m more inclined to hang on to my own stuff. šŸ™‚

          • Problem is I’m moving into a smaller place, it’s
            like we’re moving into a unit. There is one small shed in the backyard and I think everyone is under the illusion that it is the tardis. They keep saying – can’t we put it in the shed? I said – it’s not the bloody tardis you know, we don’t open the door and find a whole new world in there.

  4. Yep, I often get rid of stuff and then start looking for it later and realize I may have given it away or thrown it out. Most of the time I don’t miss it though. I don’t throw stuff out like stanley knives, I’m more likely to buy enough to have one in every room. (and then of course I still won’t be able to find it, like the 38 staplers and 65 tape dispensers I have and can never locate when I need them in a hurry )

    • Oh yes, the tape dispenser – you can always be sure to find an empty one of them just when you don’t need it. That almost sends me into a psychotic killing rage. You go to wrap something, grab the tape and pull out………nothing.

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