Cleaning out the house

Wondering if my spring roll pastry is still in date.

I’m going through the freezer trying to eat anything I like the look of before we move.

Any idea’s?


18 thoughts on “Cleaning out the house

    • Hmmm, to me it looks like it says – I climbed a ladder and played in a childrens playground before I visited a tiny house that has an outdoor toilet and a lattice garden.

  1. Use your senses. Sight: is it blue, or purple or some other color it shouldn’t be? Smell: has its fragrance turned into an odor? Touch: is this in any way slimy? Hear: umm…can’t think of anything.

    If you have answered ‘no’ to all of these questions, only then may you taste.

    • Lol – well I hope it’s not blue or purple because that would be some nasty old pastry. I haven’t opened it yet but will do so when I get home and play the senses game with it.

  2. Ha, that’s not a date, it’s more like “Best eaten before….” I guess there is no numerical date on the package then. None of the east Asian countries requires food manufacturers to put an expiration date on their packages, but in the US they are: every once in a while however, I come across a package that managed to get through customs without the date.

    If it was in the freezer, it probably isn’t rotten. It’s usually the quality of the dough that’s compromised, like it’ll turn to mush when you steam it. If I really, really wanted spring rolls, I’d try it, but otherwise you’re better off tossing them.

    • No, no date just this little puzzle. I know what you mean though about compromised dough. It happens all the time with my puff pastry. Sort of goes hard and dark yellow around the edges. This is because I usually only need one or two slices for a recipe but here you have to buy packets of six. And it’s impossible to wrap in cling so it sits there and goes hard and yellow.

  3. I just asked a friend who is an excellent cook if she thought the chunk of turkey I had leftover from Thanksgiving was still good. She thought for a moment and said, “When I’m not sure about leftover stuff, I put it in something and give it to Greg.”

    Greg is her husband. You can probably do the same thing with Daz, right?

    • Haha – well funny you should mention that because I bought some fish once and when I got it home I thought it had a strange smell so I cooked it and gave it to him but I didn’t have any. And he did survive so it seems like a good test.

      I was wondering the other day how many people end up with food poisoning after christmas. People seem to hang on to all that chicken and ham for a long long time.

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