top secret

When you’re waiting for a tradesman to turn up, why does the time he’s going to turn up have to be such top secret information. Only to be shared at the very final moment.

Chicken Little and I could be out walking at this very moment but instead I have to sit around the house and wait all day for the carpet man. When I rang the shop yesterday afternoon they said they didn’t know what time he’d be coming but that they’d be ringing this morning to tell me. Well I don’t imagine they’re sitting around through the night planning the great arrival so they must have already had a clue. No doubt it will be – sometime between 10am and 4pm. That’s what they usually say.

Anyway here are some photos of my little back yard.

We are right near a main road as you can see. I like that actually. I like sitting out there in the afternoon watching everyone go by. There’s some dodgy business goes on across the road. You can’t see the place but it’s closed up all day but the front door is open all night. Further investigation required. I can hide behind my palm tree and spy.

And we go down the steps.

Into the little garden. No lawn to mow! We’ve stained that fence that covers the garage so it looks nicer today.

There are a lot of kookaburra’s here which is nice. For a short while. Then they become really annoying. The other morning I woke up thinking someone was warming up for a spot of early morning opera singing in the yard next to us. No photo’s of them yet.

Oh, got to go. Carpet man just rang and said he’s on his way.


16 thoughts on “top secret

  1. I LOVE that garden! It reminds me of those medieval “knot” gardens that you still see in those old castles and chateaus in Europe. No grass to mow is a bonus, as cranky said: mowing the lawn is my least favorite outdoor chore, next to shoveling snow off of sidewalks. (Which I don’t have to do anymore. Yay!)

    But “dodgy business across the road?” You’re going to have to report back on that one. But be careful: in my parents’ neighborhood, people who are considered nosy have their houses vandalized or worst. 😦

    • Yikes – I don’t think we’re that hard core here. We’ll be super secret nosy people. Not like my sister – out there taking photo’s of drug busts and whatever goes on in the hood.

      There’s a small patch of grass out the front yard but I’ll rarely see that because I come in and out the back so it doesn’t bother me what it looks like. It’s nice to just always have a clean back yard. You have to mow here every weekend through summer or it just looks a mess.

    • It is ideal for us. The yard we have at the moment is massive. It’s too big to be able to do anything with. Too expensive for one thing, we aren’t allowed to water gardens where we live and we are not gardeners. This one looks like we will be able to maintain it.

  2. Perfect garden with perfect neighborly observation post! I hope they’ve done a good job with your carpet, too. Ours has moguls because it was laid so badly. If we were skiers, that wouldn’t be a bad thing but the vacuum cleaner finds them an aggravation.

    Keep your eyes peeled and report back.

    • Oh I don’t know. Nothing ever seems to turn our exactly as I imagine it. One of the downfalls of being a perfectionist. I was wondering if it was even the colour I’d picked or not. It’s like paint. Always looks different on a large scale than it did on that little sample. But he seems to have done the job itself ok.

  3. nice yard!
    verizon’s time estimate, to restore phone & dsl service, 18 days away, was “8am to 8pm”… and they don’t call. you have to sit and wait all day. really? can’t estimate, 18 days in advance, to a time windows smaller than 12 hours?!

    • I’d call it a deck. There is room for a table and chair setting down there but we like to sit up on the deck. When I’ve got some spare cash I’d like to buy a little four seater to put down the steps though.

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