pink and puke

The house we’re moving into has a colour scheme throughout that I call pink and puke. These are the colours in every room. Even the kitchen.

This room will be an office/playstation room with a sofa bed for anyone who sleeps over.

It was the room where The Futon From Hell lived. Now it lives in the room on the right. You can see one of it’s sneaky bastard corners. So you can see I had to get it around that corner. And even pulling it up the hallway first then back into the new room wasn’t as easy as it looks because that opening is small and has a funny S bend to it.

So the office/playstation/sleepover room had to be painted first because I have to be set up for work as soon as we get there and so I spent a couple of days there during the past week painting.

So now it looks like this. It still needs another coat but you get the idea. The colour is called Roasted Capsicum although I was a little concerned after only one coat because at that stage it looked more like One Thousand Oranges Exploded Here.

Finish painting on Tuesday, carpet in on Wednesday then some new blinds, and not those horizontal ones either. They’re all through the house as well and I can’t stand them. I don’t know why this room didn’t get floorboards like the rest of the house.

Then I’ll start on the room The Futon From Hell is now in, which will be our bedroom. It’s all happening.


16 thoughts on “pink and puke

    • Lol – it’s YUKKO. And I love purple usually. This one is dirty looking.

      Stingy etsy woman. I thought she would have at least wrapped some christmas paper around it. I told her it was a christmas gift.

  1. I love the new color. The old looks like an odd shade. We have a room in our house that we call the flower chaos room. We’ve never redone it but hate the look. It’s a spare bedroom. The only people who sleep over are Andrew’s parents and I hope that the ugly room keeps them from staying too long or too often. 😉

    • Lol – thats one way of doing it. Make it so awful no one wants to stay there.

      The colour in this house is so drab. And all that brown on the frames and skirting board. Shudder.

  2. The new color is very nice. I HATE vertical blinds, they are so 1983. I also hate wallpaper borders, that is so early 90s (on a rare occasion or in a kids’ room it may work). I agree, that color (is that 2 differnt colors or one, looking different in the 2 pictures?) looks dusty and blah. There are certain colors that you can get really wrong really easily. Red is the main one. I always see pictures of houses with red rooms (or, actually, I’m thinking of my mom’s ex-neighbor’s dining room I could see into from the driveway) where the red just looks cheap. It’s just slightly off. But the right red, like a Chinese red, looks beautiful. Anyway, I think it’s the same with purples. Especially the paler shades.
    You’re definitely on the right track! and you have some nice wood floors, too, that’s a major plus.

    • That’s very specific, 1983. I don’t want to say too much about them in case I offend someone who has them but they are ugly ugly things. Especially those ones that run full wall, top to bottom.
      There’s the colour on the wall, the colour above the border and another colour on the ceiling then the brown trim. And it goes all through the house. And those borders do not come off easily either.
      With the red or orange paints I think you have to give them a lot of coats to get the depth otherwise they don’t look so good.

    • Haha. Well I must say I’ve been a bit annoyed with the wordpress christmas snow flakes. I mean it’s not snowing everywhere is it. Why not great rays of sunlight for those of us sweltering on the other side of the world. So I decided to summer my page up a bit.

    • It was more of a massacre. And more orange skins will need to be sacrificed to achieve the desired result. I pity the person who actually has to ever sleep in there. It won’t be easy.

  3. I’ll swear that whoever designed houses with bastard corners didn’t think anyone was actually going to live in them. Our old house had a staircase with a right-angle turn in it: it was impossible to move furniture up it without having to take the item apart. We sawed the spring box of our queen-sized mattress set in half just to get it up the stairs, then nailed it back together again.

    My younger daughter has vertical blinds in her apartment in front of the door that opens onto her terrace. I hate them because they jangle like wind chimes when you open or close them, and because they never quite close tight. If I’m sleeping in the living room, I know when it’s morning because the sun shines through, right into my face.

    • LOLol, that’s too funny. lol. The other day when I was painting and dealing with the verticals I said to my daughter – are these things supposed to be joined at the bottom somehow or do they just flap about like that! I thought they were defective in some way.

      I’m a little concerned that we will even get our king size bed into that room. I can see windows being torn apart to complete the mission.

    • It was a bit of an unusual choice considering we bought the house from a forty-ish year old man who lived in it with his elderly father and painted the whole house that colour.

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