That was random

One of my dearest friends is Brad. We met in Sydney almost thirty years ago when we worked for the same company. We shared an office and we hit it off straight away and spent a lot of time together over the next few years. He’s just a lovely funny guy. After about five years we both left Sydney and moved away in different directions. He went coastal, we went dustbowl. But we still usually see each other once a year. Never a planned thing but he works for the forestry department so he usually heads up our way about this time of the year because it’s bushfire season. And he’s one of those friends that when you see him, it’s like you saw him yesterday. We just pick up from the last time. He turns up at the door and there’s no big deal, it’s just – you want a coffee? And last week when it was really hot I thought to myself, must be about time to see Brad again.

Anyway, on Monday I finally got to go to the dermatologist after my nine month wait. We had to go to Toronto which is a one hour, thirty minute drive away. And while I was in there Daz sent me a text message saying – Brad waiting, how long will you be. And I was like, well that doesn’t sound like Daz, because he’s usually very patient. I thought he’d made a typo and had meant to say – Bored waiting, how long will you be?

So I ignored him. And of course when I left the building, there he was with Brad. Daz said he was standing on the footpath and this ute pulled up and he heard someone yell out – Hey Daz, what are you doing standing on the footpath in Toronto? And it’s funny because Brad lives about two hours drive away in the opposite direction to us. He was just there that morning for work reasons.

Love random moments like that.


12 thoughts on “That was random

  1. That’s cool! I wish I could have that with my best friend. Unfortunately the distance is too much, that we could just run into each other somewhere in between. North of Copenhagen on the water would be halfway for both of us LOL

  2. Heh, I’m waiting for one of my Minnesota friends to show up at my door, as they’re having miserable weather out there and it’s not even officially winter. But it’s wonderful to have a friend you know so well, the both of you can just pick up where you left off the last time you saw each other—whether it was last week or last decade. My kids are going through that awful stage where they discover they have nothing in common with their BFFs from high school, but the friends insist on coming to see them since they all live in “tourist destination” cities. Then I get to hear the stories about the awkward moments or the arguments over politics, religion, or “they just don’t get it!” So an old friend who’s still a good friend is a rare gem. Hope you all had a good time!

    • It’s funny isn’t it how some friendships last and others just fizzle out. I’ve had a very good friend here for the past twenty years and we’ve been starting to have some awkward moments. I don’t know what will happen, maybe when we move we’ll just stop seeing each other.

  3. Hi Jane,
    It’s wonderful to have such a friend, and also knowing that you will see him eventually is great.
    Hope everything worked out for you with the dermatologist, it’s a long time to wait to see a specialist.

    • Long long waits here to see any sort of specialist. My problem is all sun related. Too much sunbaking as a teenager. So wear your sunscreen or you’ll end up all red and wrinkly!

    • It was good because I was pretty cranky that morning. My arm was sore and we had this huge drive ahead of us for a ten minute appointment. So it made me happy again.

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