Jumping Through Hoops

Government run departments really like to waste your time.

On the weekend, the glands in Lizzie’s throat had become so enlarged that I thought they might actually suffocate her to death. You know that thing, I don’t know the medical term for it but we call it your ding – a – ling, it hangs from the top of your mouth, down the throat. I’m sure it has a purpose. Anyway the sides of her throat were actually touching that. So I thought I’d ring the hospital and just talk to the nurse.

So I pulled out the phone book and looked up the hospital and there it was but under it there was no phone number, just a line of text saying – please look under Hunter New England Health. But why? Why couldn’t they just put the number there. So I went to Hunter New England Health and under it was written – Please see listing on this page. Sigh. Well where on this page. Why can’t it just be here on this page.

It reminded me of an instance last week when I had to renew a refrigeration license through the Dept. of Fair Trading. I filled out the form, wrote out the cheque then turned the form over to see where I had to send it. And it said please send this form to your nearest Fair Trading Office. Please check our website for your closest office. Sigh. Why not just put it on the form. So I went to the website expecting a great long list of office’s and do you know how many there were? One. Just one office for everyone.

Which then reminded me of the time I rang the Dept. Industrial Affairs. I sat on hold for over an hour and then at four o clock a recorded voice told me that the office was now closed and to please ring back in the morning.

Let me tell you, not happy.


19 thoughts on “Jumping Through Hoops

  1. Hi Jane,
    I know exactly what you mean with the Government red tape, it can drive a person crazy. I also have to fill out a whole heap of forms, a total waste of time, as I have already given all this information before to the local Councils. I think they do this just to drive us nuts. 🙂

    I also wonder why information can’t be put on the form your reading, it really doesn’t make much sense to send a person all over the place looking for an address or phone number.

    • I had this nightmare the other night. I was helping my daughter fill out a Youth Allowance form for Centrelink. Now there’s a department who really know how to make you fill in some forms! I think there must be a group of people employed by the government and their job is purely to find as many ways as possible to produce as much paperwork as possible and to make things as difficult as possible for the customer.

    • I think it’s meant to teach you patience. I did get through to the hospital, where I spoke to a very helpful nurse which then lead to another trip to the doctor, the pathology unit and the chemist. Where I got to spend a lot of money.

  2. it’s so ridiculous. I had a hell of a time just finding the regular number for the police station, in case I had a complaint about a neighbor or something that wasn’t 9-1-1 worthy. And I hate the yellow pages, trying to figure out what category to look under for something, and then it says “look under”… and you can’t find what you want there anyway. I think the proper name for the ding-a-ling (which is something quite different here, though similarly shaped) is “hangy thing in the back of your throat”. Or, oh now I remember, uvula. 🙂 (I knew I’d remember it if I tried to be funny about it)

    • Lol – uvula. For gods sake who gets to decide these words. Who first looked at the ding a ling/hangy down thing and decided it should be a uvula.
      Oh I’d never find the police station number.

    • Ha. It’s a bit like that here as well with the license. I felt really stupid last time I renewed mine. There was some confusing questions about the wearing of eye glasses that I didn’t know how to answer so I left them blank but then when I got to the window I started rambling and went into way too much information with the girl who wasn’t interested at all.

  3. What a mess! I am irritated on your behalf! I work in a pharmacy and one thing that I hate… you look on the side of the vial of a drug for how to mix something. Usually its like “reconstitute with 10ml NS.” But some times you get an even longer message that doesn’t help in any way. “For reconstitution information, please refer to the package insert.” Why not just put it there? Clearly they had room! So we’ve got to dig out this HUGE piece of paper folded up a million times into one square inch and scour the fine print to see what the hell we are supposed to be doing. Come on! 🙂

  4. Oh my, the last one about being put on hold and then told the office was closed tipped me over the edge. I wondered if such things happened… and sadly they do!

    I do hope your daughter feels better soon.

    • Lol, tipped me over the edge as well at the time. Very rude.
      Miss Lizzie seems to have turned the corner. Had seven very bad days. She still has another week off work. Gets tired easily.

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