Pill Popper

This is how Betty takes her pills morning and night.


As you can see you don’t have to hide them very well. I usually give them to her in a bit of frankfurt. The other day one of the pills fell out of the frankfurt and she picked it up off the ground and ate it anyway. So I could probably just throw them out the back and she’d think they were some delicacy.

sun baking

Chicken Little and Betty continue to battle over who gets to sit on the pink fairy blanket. Chicken won this time even though she doesn’t look that comfortable. She might not be comfy, but she’s there damn it. With her silly toy she loves.

battle of the pink fairy blanket

Not as comfortable as she looked when I found her snoozing on my boomerang pillow on my bed. Cheeky bugger.

chicken gets comfy



9 thoughts on “Pill Popper

  1. Awwwww, they are so sweet. Sleeping animals are always cute. I wish Elvis would take pill-taking lessons from Betty, he will find the pill, chew everything around it and ptoo! the pill on the floor. I broke down and bought some pill pockets which have worked nicely 2 times in a row. No ptoo. They are just some smoky meat scented things you put a pill in and mush it closed. I don’t kow if you have them over there.

    • Lol, I haven’t seen them but I haven’t needed to look. Betty just eats anything. I found her crunching away on a crispy old dead rat in the yard last week. Cats are really difficult to get pills into. You have to squeeze their mouths open then throw the pill in, hold their mouth shut, stroke under their throats to make them swallow. And of course their not just sitting calmly while you’re doing all this. Although Pumpy would sit for ages while you did all that then just calmly walk away and spit it out when he was out of reach.

  2. I envy people who have laid-back dogs like Betty—no muss, no fuss, they do what you ask them to do and no problems. My fussy pomerpoo would always find the pill, no matter how well we wrapped it in his favorite meat, and would yak it up on the floor before giving us this look of absolute disgust. ‘Do you really think I’m that stupid?’

    Chicken Little probably knows that she can get away with murder in your house. Most dogs do, and I guess that’s a good thing.

    • Lol. And Betty looks so funny when she eats a pill. It’s not that easy for a dog to pick a capsule up off the ground and eat it. Delicate front teeth work involved.
      Chicken Little has a very strange view of the world and her place in it. She is my daughters dog and my son once said – it’s like the worlds most stupid person went and bought the worlds most stupid dog. Which is not entirely true. But Chicken spent almost a year in a dog pound so she developed some interesting survival skills.

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