to kindle or not to kindle….

Look what turned up on Friday. Another bloody book. I’d forgotten I’d even ordered it, it must have had a little detour on it’s way here from the USA.

This book has made me realise two things.

a – that I am not ready to get a kindle

b – that I really need to get a kindle

The reason I’m not ready to get a kindle.

the gargoyle

Well the colour for one thing. And those little gold dashes, they’re raised. And sort of rubbery. So is the title. I’m very fond of a textured cover.

And then this.


The page edges are black. I was pretty excited when I saw that.

And the reason why I need a kindle. Well I’ve come to the realisation that I can’t keep accumulating books. I already have at least a thousand of them. If I had a kindle I could keep a thousand with me all the time. And they wouldn’t gather dust and they’re possibly cheaper.

Maybe I could just get my favourite authors as real books and others as e books. I’ve had a kindle sitting in my shopping basket at Amazon for about a month now but I just haven’t been willing to push the checkout button. But I think the time has come.

So does anyone have a kindle or ebook reader of some kind. Do you love it? Is it the best thing you ever bought? Or does it sit in the drawer and never get used?  Or are you just  going to fight the fight against ebooks for as long as you can?

LOL – oh I give up. I’m a lost cause. A parcel just arrived for me from snoringKatZ. Three more books. She sure does have a love of packing tape.


47 thoughts on “to kindle or not to kindle….

  1. I’m thinking of asking Santa for an e-reader, so will be interested to read what replies you get, Jane. At the moment I’m leaning towards Kindle, but Sony book reader is also under consideration.

    • And you can buy one through Borders – the Kobo but it had mixed reviews. I thought the kindle because Amazon would probably have a large range of books and their prices seem pretty reasonable. Some of the borders e books were over $20. I haven’t looked at the Sony. Will go research.

      • There seems to be some problem that all books aren’t available in Australia. There’s quite a discussion here.

        I’m not sure if you can download ebooks from Book Depository, and in any case they don’t seem to be set up for it yet, although there’s a few freebies than can be downloaded.

        I don’t think I’d bother with the 3G enabled Kindle. Downloading either by wifi or USB would do all I want.

        • No the Depository doesn’t have kindle ebooks. I didn’t think I’d bother with the 3G either. I mean I wait for over a week for a book to arrive at the moment so I’m sure I could wait until I got to my computer. Although, I just know I’m going to be somewhere one day and need a book right then. Going to read that forum, thanks for the link.

          • I’ve read in a few places that you have to return your Kindle to Amazon to have the battery replaced. Bugger that.

          • Don’t know. About the same as a mobile phone battery, I’m guessing. Kindle seems to have one big advantage over the others, and that is the number of books available to choose from, even allowing for the restriction on some books in Australia.

  2. I’m having a similar dilemma about getting a Kindle. My pro’s are:

    1. It’s light to carry around which is a major benefit as I always have a book in bag and anything too chunky just gets left for holidays.
    2. Storage – I’m running out and I don’t even keep all the books I buy, just the ones I want to read again

    1. I like browsing in book shops, particularly when they have those buy two get one free offers and I usually end up getting six
    2. The feel and smell of holding a new book.

    So I’m also really interested to hear what people have to say about them. Thanks for posting this!

    • All the same reasons for me. When I go away for a weekend half my bag is full of books so I can see the advantage when travelling. I never read a book twice but I just love to keep my books. I still have my Nancy Drew and Trixie Beldon books, The Magic Faraway Tree – one of my favourites.

      • Wow – half the fun of a good book is reading it again. I find I miss stuff first time round! And (luckily for me) I tend to forget the endings, due to a tendency to race through to FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENED, so that helps.

        • But there are so many new ones out there to read. I’ve had to start marking the library ones I’ve read because a few times I’ve borrowed one I’ve already read. I get about halfway through it and think, this seems really familiar.
          I’m very good at taking my time with books these days. I used to race through the good ones then wish I’d taken more time. One book I read recently that I will read again is Room. I loved that book.

  3. I really enjoyed The Gargoyle! I hope you do too.

    I’m not ready for a Kindle. I like having a book in my hand and feeling the pages. I guess I’m like those “old folks” who can’t give up reading an actual newspaper, although I’d much rather read news online. I feel like when I’m reading I’m taking a break from technology and computer (or computer like) screens.

    • I can’t imagine lying in bed reading a kindle. But I don’t want to be stubborn about it. I think I can do a mixture of paper an e books.

      I am enjoying The Gargoyle very much. Have you read The Scorch Trials yet?

  4. Lying in bed – or the sofa – is easy with the kindle! lol I got one of those faux leather covers for it so it feels good in my hand and so it is protected too. But that said, even though I read most of my books on the kindle and always have it with me (on the train, the drs office, anywhere there is a slight possibility I might have a long wait) I still get the odd physical book. On occasion. Sometimes. But fewer and fewer with every passing month, because I look it and think I want a larger font (my kindle is set to a fairly large font).

    • Yes, that’s a good point, being able to change the font size. That would definitely be handy. And the thought of being able to carry around hundreds of books in my handbag all the time is kind of thrilling. I saw some kindle covers for sale on Etsy and they were Nancy Drew book covers which I’d really like. I’ve already marked one in my favourites. I know as soon as I got a kindle I’d just love it.

  5. Love my Kindle but I also have a huge to-read pile of dead tree books which I read in bed. I love being able to travel back to Australia with 30 books in one. I think a cover is a must – I wouldn’t like to read mine without the cover – I see people bending their covers back too but I prefer to hold mine over like the cover of a book.

    I think it is 6 months before the color version comes out so you might want to wait until then. I do miss not having colourful covers.

        • Ok, so all the books aren’t available in the australian store which puts me off a bit, although apparently there is some elaborate way to go about getting them by having a US address set up, but people seem to get caught a lot. So just say there is a book I want thats not available in the australian store, can you buy it for me then email it to me then I put it on my kindle. Or would the file size be too massive? Can we share books? The colour thing wouldn’t really bother me.

          • eBooks are actually quite small in size – I just went and checked a Alastair Reynolds’ Revelation Space, which is 576 pages long, and it is 508 kb. So your average book, at somewhere between 180 and 250 pages long, is going to be under 250kb.

          • Well I haven’t heard back from her yet so maybe she doesn’t want to share 🙂 But would it work? Or is it like Itunes where they’re protected and you can only play songs on authorised computers. Or is it just a file that you drag onto your e reader.

          • I lot of ebooks – from amazon or barns and nobels and most other sites too – are DRMed, so yeah, that means you can read only on registered devices.

  6. A former coworker had a Kindle the moment they came out. She loved it dearly. Now the new ones are better so she has that and loves it even dearlier.

    Barnes & Noble has the Nook reader which was very highly praised when it came out last year and I believe they have a new version now. It has had color from the start and still seems to be pretty wildly popular. You can get most B&N books on it from what I understand.

    We have one of those ridiculous iPads floating around here. Mr. uses it but I think it’s heavy, clunky and I’d rather use a laptop if I need to tote around something that big.

    As for me, I just don’t think I can give up pages yet. Or tape. 😀

    • I don’t think we can get the Nook here. I read that on a forum but it was late last year. I think I’m just going to go crazy and buy a Kindle. It can be my christmas present. I never saw the appeal of an ipad. Most people have a mobile phone and a computer, why would you really need one. Although I do love a new gadget.

  7. I see your dilemma. Like Emjay I love the idea of having many books in one, and not having to drag around a library when travelling.
    But – every time the computer doesn’t work, the internet falls out, etc I notice how damn dependent we are on electronic devices today. I have this resistance in me to make myself even further dependent on it. Never mind that heart hurts at the thought of contributing to inundate our world with one more plastic/electronic piece that nature can’t decay and the producing of which takes up valuable energy, oil etc.
    And I love the feeling of sitting with a cup of tea being able to turn pages. So I guess no Kindle for me in the near future.

    • True about it being another piece of stuff out there in the world. But paper books, or dead tree books as my sister calls them, must take a bit of producing and involve some environmental impact.
      And what about those huge heavy books that are just about impossible to read when you’re lying in bed. You need a pillow to prop them up on. And sometimes when you go to turn the page you drop them and lose your page. They’d be good on a Kindle.
      I can’t imagine giving up paper books forever but I think once I got the Kindle, I’d love it. It’s only this moving house business that has made me seriously consider one. Having to give away books. It’s tearing me up!

  8. I got an iRiver for Christmas, and I love it.

    1. It’s light and easy to use
    2. It reads more formats than any other reader out there.
    3. It handles DRMed and DRM free books
    4. Has a nifty comic reader.
    5. If it matters to you that friends and strangers do not judge you by what you are reading, get a cover.

    1. Don’t read it in the bath! Otherwise, treat it as carefully as you would a mobile, and you should be OK.
    2. Really needs a cover to protect that screen / prevent accident damage generally.
    3. Needs more charging than the specifications say. I suspect that is true of other eBooks. And the Story does not come with a mains charger, so I had to buy one.

    But whatever you decide, don’t think that you can only have Dead Tree Books or Books on Plastic. Really, I still get both.

    I’m liking this post in my blogs, see if I can send more opinions your way – I know Kelly loves her Kindle!

    • I’ll have a look into the iRiver. Although I just had a quick look and they’re over $300.00 here which is a lot more expensive than the Kindle or the Sony. Where do you buy books for them?

      • It’s more expensive here too. It’s the iRiver name, I suspect – although to you and me it’s just a name, to Americans it is well respected in audio – mp3 and mp4 players, plus, I think, a notebook thingy.

        What it does well is allow you to buy any epub format book, which is (Amazon aside) fast becoming the industry standard. It comes with Adobe Digital Editions installed, and you have to register with them, but after that – any epub.

        That is a real bonus.

        Plus I am looking into getting the free Kindle app. It’s a download and if you can buy from Amazon, then copy to the Story, I will let you know.

        So if you are willing to be pretty much stuck with one source for books (admittedly a very good source) get a Kindle.

        Otherwise, get a Story.

        Me, biased? Not a bit.

        OK – look into other readers.

        And, on an aside, I have no idea why I have ping-backed you twice – oh, yes, actually, sorry

        Two blogs, two pingbacks.

        • I haven’t had a good look at the amazon ebook store but we don’t get all the books here that are available in the US. Of course the first book I searched for that I’d like wasn’t available for Australian buyers. So that’s annoying.

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  11. I’ve been intrigued by a Kindle, but have resisted because I enjoy sharing books. On the Kindle, it’s just your book, I don’t know of a mechanism to share. It would be great if you could “transfer” the e-book to someone else (just like a real book) — it could disappear from my Kindle and go to theirs.

    I could even share books with someone in Australia! Except our covers would be boring…

  12. I’m with ironyonhighheels: you don’t need batteries to operate a book. You don’t have to worry about an internet connection going bad while you’re downloading the text, or discovering the damn thing doesn’t work when you’re in the middle of nowhere. Granted, carrying books around can be a pain in the arse when you’re traveling: I think my left shoulder has been ruined by hauling a tote bag filled with 400-page tomes back in grad school.

    But—the other night we had a power outage, and everything we normally entertain ourselves with in the evenings—computer, TV, radio (Dad didn’t buy batteries for it, lol)—went dead. We ate Chinese takeout by the light of a kerosene lantern, and afterwards I read my book with my nerdy-looking battery-operated headlamp. I got a lot of reading done that night and didn’t miss the internet—much. And I didn’t worry about running out of juice while reading. I also had a suitably gothic looking set of candles sitting by just in case.

    • Lol – I don’t think my eye sight would manage in torch or candle light. Definitely not candles. I’ve tried that once in a storm. The batteries on these e readers are supposed to last a couple of weeks which seems good. I’m just thinking of next time I move. I’ll be able to just pack all my books into my handbag and not go through all the sorting and packing I am at the moment.

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