When I first saw Lizzie yesterday I was slightly alarmed, because I thought someone must have broken into the house during the night and smacked her between the eyes with a cricket bat. I said to her – your peripheral vision must be pretty good at the moment.

Turns out she has glandular fever. She’s happy about having a few days off work. Not so happy about the two week alcohol ban.

She first found three little lumps on her neck last friday. Why do kids always get sick on a friday. Any other week day and you can give them a panadol and say – we’ll see how you feel in the morning. But friday could either mean a long wait until monday when the doctor opens again or a possible visit to casualty over the weekend.

But we waited because she wanted to and she’s 18 now so can decide things like that.

And on Monday morning I said to her – your eyes look funny. They’re swollen. And she said – no they’re not, they’re just tired. And I said – no, have you got conjunctivitis or something and she gave me her cranky voice and told me to shut up and there was nothing wrong with her eyes. So when we got to the doctor I said – and there’s something wrong with her eyes and Lizzie said – no there’s not. Anyway the doctor sent her for blood tests and we had to wait until Tuesday to do them because she had to have been fasting overnight. And when we were walking into the hospital I said to Lizzie – there’s definitely something wrong with your eyes. And she said – Jane, if you say one more thing about my eyes I’m going to punch you in the face. Well, I said, I’m just concerned.

So then she comes out the next day with this massive swollen face and a gland on her neck the size of a tennis ball. You know at the top of your nose how you have the little indent curve bit that goes to your inner eye corner? Well hers was gone. She was just flat from her eyebrow to her cheek.

And I said – So I guess now’s not a good time to say – I told you there was something wrong with your eyes.


22 thoughts on “Glandular

    • It looked like it did when she had her four wisdom teeth removed. I hardly even recognised her that day. I think the face looks a bit better today, she just feels crappy now.

  1. Poor Lizzie! Hope she’s better. But if she’s like my kids, she doesn’t want her mother to show the slightest bit of concern about her (though if you didn’t she’d get all huffy and upset). I’ve learned to ask just once, “Are you all right? Do you need anything?” Then, after they’ve grunted and snapped at me, I quietly swoop in and fix soup and tea and set it before them without saying anything. Maybe later I’ll suggest going to the doctor, after I’ve touched their foreheads. But looking after a sick child of a certain age is a thankless task. They have all these issues about being dependent on you, so when they do need you, they have to put up a fight just to let you know they don’t. But maybe, just this one time….

    • Well I certainly knew to keep my mouth shut this morning. She had to have an ultrasound and had the whole full bladder thing happening and she was very terse about it. I just kept my mouth zipped right up.

  2. Glandular fever is called “mono” here and conjunctivitis is called “pink eye” – I thought I’d discovered all new diseases when I came here 🙂 It can take a while to fully recover from glandular fever – Sam was super tired for months. Hope Lizzie’s swelling goes down quickly.

  3. Poor Lizzie – just when things were going so right! Except for the part about punching you in the head. Or face. Or wherever she was going to aim. I’ll cut her some slack because I’m sure she felt just as bad as she looked.

    I think if you drink enough wine, you won’t get any of her germs. Or you won’t care if you do.

    • She’s feisty.

      I can drink plenty of wine but I don’t think it’ll save my toothbrush. I read that this disease is spread by saliva and when I walked into the bathroom yesterday she was standing at the sink holding MY TOOTHBRUSH. (we have the same colour, always problematic). I did give it a very very good run under hot water but I still feel soiled.

  4. ugh, I hope she’s feeling better soon. we use conjunctivitis or pinkeye over here, but thanks to Emjay for clearing up what glandular fever translates to! I’d heard of it but didn’t know what it was.

    Your description made me imagine her turning into a pug or something.

  5. Oh dear. I looked up the diagnosis because I have never heard it called that. We generally call it “Mono.” Ugg. That takes quite awhile to get over. I hope that she can bounce back quickly. Will she be missing work or school while she recovers?

    I love the part about the eyes. Teens, sometimes, are so sure that we are wrong, that they cannot see what is starring at them from the mirror. I am not sure how you held back from saying it…..about the eyes and all 😀 Hope she feels better soon!

    • She seems to be getting worse actually. Very sore throat and ears but there isn’t anything you can take for it because its a virus. Just rest, so yes she’s missing work. Not that she’s missing it, she’ll miss the pay though.

  6. Take care – Daughter2 had gland. fev. and it went into chronic fatigue and took over her life for years. Make sure she rests and takes care of her diet for the next couple of months. It can really come back and hit you hard.

    • Yes, it’s a worry. She’ll have bed sores soon, she hasn’t been out of bed for days. But it’s her throat and ears that are bothering her. Very sore, she can hardly swallow. And her diet is terrible. She won’t eat anything healthy. Lives on KFC and pizza. But she won’t listen to anything I say or that her doctor says.

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