Boxes of Books

Next time I’ll make sure the box fits in my car before I buy it. It was a close call.

the big box

I went looking for boxes to pack my books into. I thought I’d start out the back room.

too many books

And I’ve been very harsh. I decided that if I didn’t love it or couldn’t remember it, then it could go. So far I have one bag for my mother, one for my son, one for my friend and three boxes to take to the second hand shop to trade.I’ve given away about one hundred books so far. I must say I started out much harder than I finished. I think I can only give away books for about 45 minutes. Then I start reading the backs more carefully and reading the first page and it all gets harder.

And I filled that big box up with ones I want to keep.

Of course no one will ever be able to lift it. It’s a hefty item.

big full box

That book there – An Evil Cradling. Very very good.

Anyway that box cost me $25. It was the biggest one at the cheapest store in town. And I really haven’t made a dent in the books.

still too many books

I’m going to have to hit the streets and look for some good old cardboard boxes.


20 thoughts on “Boxes of Books

  1. My strategy for books is to use lots of small boxes, so they don’t become too heavy. Maybe half the size of that monster. I bet that thing weighs a ton! Still, you haven’t wasted any space have you? 😉

    • Lol, yeah it’s a big mother. And I have used every available bit of it. The problem is books are so big now. A paperback isn’t just a nice little size anymore, they’re huge. I thought I’d get a couple of those boxes and fit most of the books into them, but no way. Will have to revise that plan.

  2. I’m with Doug, for books and CDs, small boxes so you don’t break your back, plus the shape of those tubs sometimes end up wasting space. (I have a million of them). Good for you for getting rid of some of them but I’m the same way, it’s easy to cut your stack for a while then you start looking and it’s all over and you think, maybe I’ll re-read this. I don’t remember it but I remember I really liked it…then there are some I put aside and then I look at them and they are a really old copy of a book and they have a cool cover and a price of $.35 or something. damn you books!
    I like your purple and red shelves.

    • Thats exactly what I’ve been doing. I’ve never read a book twice in my life but as I’ve been sorting I read the blurbs and think – oh yeah that was good, I might read it again, and toss it in the keep pile. But I never will. I had those shelves built when we moved here and I’ll probably have some built in the new place. I just like having books around. I probably should get a Kindle so then I can keep them all forever, but it just doesn’t seem the same.

  3. you remind me of helping a friend move. he had a 5′ long (by 2.5′ high and 3′ wide) plastic box – but it was opaque. after 3 of us finally picked it up and moved it, i learned it was full of old TV guides?!?! Why the hell my friend had several years worth of tv guides, which are no good after a week (and often wrong during the week) is beyond me. He somehow felt they were “collectible” I thought they were trash. Not that I’m saying your books are trash… just that they are a lot of effort to move.

    • Lol. Well I won’t tell you about all the womens health, rolling stone and other magazines I found. God, hate to think of the money I’ve wasted on them over the years. I’ll take a bag of them to the library for them to sell but I’m too embarrassed to take all of them.

  4. Your local library may want some of your old books, if not for their collection, then for their annual book sale, which most libraries hold at least once a year. But I’ve discovered that you can’t be too ruthless with books. If it’s a limited edition with the author’s signature inside, then by all means, hang on to them. But a lot of the classics and popular titles can be easily replaced if you want to read them again (and I confess I rarely read a book twice these days).

    I wish now I had been more ruthless when I was moving across the country. I’m now stuck with 27 crates full of books, and every time I need to find something in storage, I have to slide them around like one of those tile puzzles just to make room to walk. I should take them to my local library—but imagine, I spent how many hundreds of dollars just to give those books to charity?

    • You’re scaring me. I don’t think I’d like you here helping me. I do give some to the library, they always have a pile of books on sale then use the money to buy new books. I never read a book twice either but I just like having them. I don’t even want to think about how much money I’ve spent on books but I never considered it wasted money because I love reading. Magazines though – now they’re a waste of money.

  5. I like to get boxes from the university library because they buy books incessantly and the boxes are the perfect size to pack just enough so you can still lift the damned things. I’ve read my Dark Tower series again. I think there may be a few other books out there that I’d read again. Overalll, our shelves are loaded with books that will never be opened again, at least not by us. But they’re good to have when the kids show up and need something to do to keep from eating everything or suffocating us in our sleep.

    I also have not embraced the electro-book technology. Pages just feel too good and I don’t enjoy reading on a screen for long periods of time.

    By the way, I think you made a very good dent in your shelfloads! Well done!

    • And I can’t imagine lying in bed and reading an electronic reader. And I like to feel the cover and turn pages. I can see how they’d be great though if you were travelling or going on holidays because when we go away for any amount of time I always have to take at least a few books with me.

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