You’re Invited

Today, by mail, I was cordially invited to attend a seminar titled – Legal Aspects of Indoor Air Quality. That’s going to be hard to pass up, since it sounds so thrilling. I had to laugh when it said there would be no cost involved because, seriously, people would pay to go to something like that? When GST first came in here we had to go to a seminar on that and at one point I really thought it could be possible to die of boredom. And light refreshments will be provided. That usually means you’re going to need to stop at KFC afterwards on the way home.

No thanks. I think I’ll put that one in Daz’s tray.

I found this little doll while I was cleaning. She’d been tossed up on a shelf in the office. At first I thought she wasn’t really being very ladylike. Sitting there with her legs open, exposing herself. But then I realised she doesn’t have a neck and that they are actually her arms. Her legs are under the skirt. Poor thing is in the rubbish now.


And I found this when I went to get the washing off the line. $ 40.00. I love finding money when I wash but it’s usually only coins. I found a tenner as well but Lizzie claimed that as hers. Next time I’ll keep my mouth shut.



16 thoughts on “You’re Invited

    • Lol – I guess so. These are new. Well sort of new. Well they’re not new at all really – I think it was the 80’s that they came out. Not paper. Funny stuff that you can’t crinkle up into your purse.

      • It doesn’t disintegrate in the wash either, that makes up for non-crinkling 🙂

        I think the polymer notes came out in the 90s? I thought it was around the time we got rid of 1 and 2 cents. That’s still 20 years ago, either way!

        • Well yes that is a positive that you can wash them. But I just shove my notes and coins and dockets in my purse and these polymer ones just spring back out. I’d be happy to see the 5 cent coin go though. They’re useless.

    • I love it when you put your hand in your pocket and find a note. it’s usually only a five but It’s still good.

      What rabbit? Are you talking about the fairy doll.

    • Yeah, me and my big mouth. As soon as I said – I found fifty bucks in the wash, lizzie said, was one of them a ten, because I lost a ten? Damn, one of them was a ten so I had to trust her and give it back. Next time I’ll be keeping to to myself.

  1. The rule in my house was that if I found money while I was doing the laundry, it was mine. Didn’t matter if it was a quarter or $50—if you weren’t smart enough to empty your pockets before you threw your clothes in the hamper, then you weren’t smart enough to hang on to your money.

    But all I ever find in my parents’ laundry is change, if that. Dad is too much of a tightwad to leave money in his pockets.

    Too bad about the dolly. It was really strange-looking, though. The torso is all out of proportion—who would put arms in the middle of the body, like they were coming out of her waist?

    • Well I wish people would be smart enough to empty tissues and paper out of their pockets before I wash. I never check pockets I just take what I find lying in the machine. I had a bit of cardboard go through my black wash the other day. Not happy. I think what happened here was that Daz did some washing then when he put in on the line the money must have fallen out and he didn’t notice. When I went to go get the washing off the line – jackpot.

      The dolly is very very strange. I can’t even imagine her looking pretty when she was brand new.

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