Valvular Gate

The text auto corrector on my phone makes me send messages to people who must think I have some sort of texting tourrette’s.

Yesterday I sent Lizzie a message saying – Bunnies are shit. Which is a pretty random message to get from someone. And not true either because bunnies are quite nice. What I meant to say was that Vinnie’s were shit. I was there looking for some secondhand wardrobes and they had nothing.

I sent Kimba a text telling her not to call me because I’m at the Doc’s (doctors) and the message she received said not to call me because I’m at the Soca. She thought I’d taken up some sort of aquatic sport. And when I was cleaning out the box of old computer games I sent Lloyd a message asking him did he want to keep Valvular’s Gate instead of Baldur’s Gate.

But the funniest one this week is the one I sent to a friend of mine. She had a fight with her boyfriend and she has a potty mouth and (LANGUAGE WARNING) she had called him a paranoid cunt and some other things. And then five minutes later she wants me to go up and have dinner with them. And I sent her a text saying that I thought I’d give it a miss because I’d feel a little bit awkward seeing as how she’d just called him a paranoid Cynthia. Which sounds much nicer anyway.


22 thoughts on “Valvular Gate

    • Lol. I know, I’ve been tempted to use the phrase myself ever since. The trouble with the auto text is that when it’s good, it’s really helpful. But I don’t even know what a Soca is.

  1. iphone4? There are websites devoted to it’s insane auto-corrects.

    My fav was on that said “your mother and I are going to divorce next month” and freaked the recipient out. “Divorce”was actually supposed to be the name of some city they were traveling to visit.

    • Lol, it’s my new favourite word, Cynthia

      I don’t think Baldur’s gate will work. Probably not but he wants to keep it so he can have it. It comes with a LOT of books and maps.

  2. Ha! “Valvular’s Gate” reminds me of when a friend texted me, saying she would be late for our lunch date because her car was getting its vulva fixed. She meant “valve,” but I was stunned. I didn’t know that cars had female parts, or male parts for that matter.

    • I’m thinking that there could be a range of Cynthia dolls. You know, different situations. Sort of like the Little Miss series. Happy Cynthia, Sad Cynthia and so on.

  3. My favorite predictive texting was to my mom. I was traveling to her house for dinner and she wanted me to make a pie. I sent her a text that said, “Do you have a she slave?” My mom was new to texting at that point and came back with “What?” I died laughing. It was supposed to read, “Do you have a pie plate?”

  4. Not fair! I can’t use the Cynthia thingy because my sister, Cynthia Dianne (we call her Dianne but still) she would have a coronary if she knew what it was replacing. So not fair!

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