the little things

I was going to buy a necklace that said

The best things in life aren’t things.

But then I thought well if I buy that necklace then it will just be a not good thing. So I’m not getting it.

These are the best type of  things. My girls. They started out like this.


chicken pox girls

And somehow ended up like this.


grew up

Hard to believe the years that have passed.

Daz thinks I’ve had him in a coma for about ten years and just brought him out of it.


16 thoughts on “the little things

  1. You could call them Thing 1 and Thing 2 and then the best things in life would be your things. But they are far too lovely and amazing to be things.

    Good call on not getting the necklace. You’d just have to pack it eventually.

    • Haha – they must have been almost cleared up here. Lizzie was absolutely covered. She had them in her mouth and on her eyelids. Poor little thing. Her sister hardly had any.

  2. It does creep up on you, those sneaky kids. One day you’re bawling as you say goodbye to them on that first day of kindergarten, the next you’re going nuts because it’s midnight and they still haven’t come back with your car.

    But you do have a lot to be thankful for. Lovely young women, your daughters.

    • Well, I do have some control freak issues so I find it much harder now than when they were little and they just did what I told them to. Now they’re driving and have cars and driving in cars with teenage boyfriends I hardly sleep. And now Lloyd cycles everywhere (even at night!) rather than drive which is a bloody nightmare.

      • That’s what it is. Now I finally understand why my mother was so “laid back” (if you ever could use that expression with her) and is now reacting much more stressed/hyper/worried etc. She no longer has control over me and I just don’t do what she says…..(I actually do – she just doesn’t see it)

        • Exactly. Children just grow up and want to live their own lives. And it’s very annoying and worrying. Your mum was probably never really laid back, she just knew she had control. In the end though, even if you’re an octopus you don’t have enough arms to keep control. You can only hope that you have had enough influence in the early years to keep them afloat through the rest of their lives. But then that can come back and bite you as well. One of my girls is seeing a psych at the moment and they seem to spend a LOT of time talking about me.

  3. What lovely girls you have!! The picture of when they are younger is precious as well. Was that the beginning of chicken pox because my three got it from head to toe! Not a pretty sight. (I opted the vaccinate the other two because our experience was so abismal).

    Sometimes it seems like they grow up over night and other times (like my day today with 16, it seems like each day lasts too long). Hopefully, mine will grow up to be as lovely as yours!

    • Well just because they look lovely doesn’t mean they’re not a pain in the bum sometimes!! Yes that was chicken pox. They both had it (so did Lloyd) but Lizzie was covered and Kimba hardly had a mark on her. The vaccine only became available after they’d all had it.

  4. Pssst… I have that thing, I just can’t help it. Sorry. If given two pictures that are alike or like this, of people from two different times – I study them and “compare”
    And while looking at them I wondered why the girls, seemed “puzzled” on the newer picture.
    Do they pluck their eyebrows?

    • Lol, they’re both waxers these days. Although the oldest on the right just has that cheeky look in general, but the youngest on the left has done some serious hair removal since the early days.

      Maybe they’re just puzzled as to why they actually like each other after all those years.

  5. Sigh. Thanks for the reality check. Mine is about the age yours were in the first picture. I know I will wake up tomorrow and see her like them in the second. Not that there is anything wrong with the second, but what the heck is all the hurry to grow up ? Anyway they have an entire lifetime to grow up…
    But then, that’s what my dad says about me too.

    • Even though the years have flown by, when you look back to the beginning they seem to have taken an age to pass. A lot goes on between those two photo’s. Many many dramas.

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