Packing Up

I decided that I should start taking this moving business seriously, so I packed my first box yesterday.

It wasn’t a big box.

the box

And I know it’s full of breakables because I’ve already broken something in it.

Donny Shatz’s bobble head came off. (I’m pretty sure I’m one of very few people in Australia who knows who Donny is.) Anyway I was lowering him into the box by his bobble head and it came right off in my hand. So I decided to just pack him up in separates and then I’ll pretend it must have happened during the move. In fact I’ll get Daz to unpack that box then when he pulls out the broken Donny I can say – oh dear, now look what you’ve done.

Anyway a bit of superglue will fix him up.

This box is also full of little china rabbits and mice. In dresses and suits and collecting fruit and all sorts of other things mice and rabbits obviously do.

Years ago, for no reason that had anything to do with me, Daz decided that I’d like to collect these little ornaments and started buying me one a week. And I didn’t really want them but he was being nice so there they are. Now if I mention the possibility of giving them away he looks as if I’d just suggested giving away my wedding ring.

I don’t think I’m a hoarder, but I’m starting to think I’m something very close. And it’s going to make this a massive job. Because I’ve kept all sorts of things that obviously were never going to have any use.

Like this little basket of goodies.

a small collection of totally useless things

I have no idea when I thought I might need any of this stuff so I managed to throw it all away without any regrets. Of course someone will come and ask me if I have a nappy pin tomorrow.

So back to it. I’m quite enjoying throwing things away. Well, other people’s things anyway.


32 thoughts on “Packing Up

  1. I love the arm! Do you know where the rest of the body is? Good luck packing. And then unpacking. We still have a few boxes that we have not unpacked since moving here. And that was almost 7.5 years ago!

  2. I really needed that left arm!! Darn. Too bad you threw it away, lol. Great idea about the bobble head “cover-up.” Moving is never fun and I think we all end up feeling like pack-rats.

    • We’ve been in this house for almost twenty years so have had plenty of time to collect things. I haven’t even started on the toys yet! But its a good opportunity to have a good hard clean out.

  3. I call myself a “beginning hoarder”. I definitely have the gene – but I can also see & acknowledge the problem and haven’t over-filled my house. Filled it? yes! Overfilled? Not yet.

    i love the baby doll arm. never know when you’re gonna need that!

  4. You threw out the doll arm? Uh-oh…

    You’ve inspired me, though. Maybe I can pretend I’m moving and start packing boxes. Then I’ll put the boxes out on the driveway and wait for them to disappear.

  5. If you really, really don’t want the china animals, drop the box. Accidentally, of course. Then, should Daz want to replace them, you can, quite truthfully, say “Nothing will EVER replace them” and – No More Animals.

    • Lol, I don’t know if I really, really don’t want them. I don’t ever look at them, but they’ve been sitting around harmlessly for the past fifteen years. I never look at ornaments. Tell you what though, it’ll take a good drop to damage them, I gave them a good layer of newspaper wrapping. Oh, I can’t anyway I have a few things I actually like in there and that’d be the way wouldn’t it – everything else would smash but the little bloody mice would still be safe and sound.

  6. Moving helps to clear things out but what a chore. We sorted things when we left the UK…or thought we did. Six months later and I still have 15 boxes in the garage I haven’t touched and many more to sort.

    By the way, Sailor Babo is coming around the world with our family and when we return to Sydney around the 19th of January I will get in touch to send him off to you.

    Happy packing. I do not envy you!

    • Yeah I can’t even imagine that sort of massive move. I’d probably just walk away from it all and leave it. I have one box that I carry around with me (I’ve had 15 moves now) and I never unpack it, it just sits in the office or on a shelf somewhere. If I put Pink Teddy and Lulu in it it’d probably be the thing I’d grab in a fire.

      Lucky Babo. And you. How exciting, have a great time.

  7. Oh, those itty bitty things that accumulate at the bottom of drawers and inside those “organizer baskets” (which I think is just another invitation to keep stuff you don’t really need). With kids especially, you’re always collecting all those stray parts of toys and games.

    I finally had to just shut my eyes and dump everything into a wastebasket. You can spend a whole day sorting through those tiny bits and not get anything else accomplished, which is just maddening when you’re packing.

    • Oh aren’t they what. If you don’t know what to do with something just shove it into one of those for a year or ten. And I’m not sure if I have ADD or something but I’m really easily distracted when I’m cleaning and sorting. Once I find something I spend hours looking at it or through it.

    • My entire back room is full of boxes of lord knows what. I keep asking people to come over and toss them for me – because if I try to do it, I’ll look in them and remember why I’m keeping all that crap in the first place.

      • You should just sell them on ebay as mystery boxes. Don’t look in them and they have to buy a box not knowing whats in it. My mum did that when we sold our farm. Just put together boxes of stuff then they were auctioned off.

  8. LOL. I have a rack in a wall-size cupboard for my art and craft supplies. I has been a couple of years (if not longer) since I cleaned it. Now I am afraid to – there may be a dinosaur or something living inside.
    Your small collection would fit in nicely in that rack which anyway has empty glue tubes, dried glitter pens, disintegrating paints, knotted threads and the like. Want to send them over? They’d feel quite at home.

    • Haha – I have the dried up paint as well. I see it every time I look in the laundry cupboard but I never do anything about it. We borrowed them from the school once. Well a teacher who is my friend borrowed them from the school for us and they never went back. I think you’d be very lucky to get anything out of them anymore. Actually she also borrowed a cake tin for us to make my sons 1st birthday cake and we still have that as well. He’s 21 soon.

        • Lol. Well, I don’t know if I should be inspiring people to take things and never return them. Because then you end up like me – moving and having to deal not only with your own crap but everyone else’s as well.

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