1952 Rodeo – Australia – Vintage Photo’s

These photo’s were taken by Papa during country town rodeo’s in NSW in 1952.

Back in the days when men were men and cows were, well, cows. Cranky cows.

I’m guessing they were at the showground even though it looks like they’re out in the paddock. Not a fence in sight in the second one.

I’m not a fan of the rodeo myself. There’s one on here every year and I always tell Daz he should go and protest but he’s always worried he’ll get the crap beaten out of him. It’s kind of a big event and the perfect excuse for all the idiots in town to get really pissed and out of control.

But, I love these photo’s. My new favourites.


Dubbo Rodeo.


Dubbo Rodeo 1952


Peak Hill Rodeo.


Peak Hill Rodeo


10 thoughts on “1952 Rodeo – Australia – Vintage Photo’s

  1. Haha! But why send Daz out to protest? The cowboys might be less inclined to beat up on you if you go out there and wave a sign.

    Also, why are they riding cows? In the U.S. they ride huge bulls and broncos, half-wild horses. Cow or steer riding is usually reserved for kids, and the rides are pretty short. But I won’t even go to the youth rodeos thrown by the 4-H out here. They’re teaching the kids to treat the animals like objects, not living creatures.

    • Oh I don’t think so. Not here.

      lol, I don’t know why they’re riding cows. It’s 1952, maybe they just jumped on whatever was around. These were the days before even the rodeo bulls were famous.

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