taking the cat

So what are the rules of etiquette when it involves me moving to a different town and taking my neighbours cat with me.

Because this is another thing I have to take into consideration with the moving process.

Casey Carter.

We call her Little Pussy Cat. You have to say it sort of like Sylvester would.

She’s been living with us, on and off, for about three years now. Mostly on. There was the incident that made her run away to the next neighbour for about five months but she came back after that. What happened was that I gave her a flea treatment, one of those ones where you squeeze a little tube of toxic liquid between their shoulder blades. I felt the need to do this because at the time her nickname was The Scabby Princess, because whenever you rubbed your hands over her, all you could feel were these little scabs and bumps.

So anyway I gave her the treatment and she cracked it and went and lived next door. We’d look over the fence and see her sitting in their yard and we’d say – hello Little Pussy Cat – and she’d hiss and snarl at us like a crazy feral. Then one day I walked out the front and she was sitting on our verandah like there’d never been a problem.

So, anyway, the reason she originally moved in with us was because her owners, Shirley and Ian, bought a new yippety yappety dog called Waverley, and he’s an annoying little pain in the bum and basically ran her out of home. He chased and harassed her until she decided our place looked much more peaceful. In the beginning they used to pay for her food but that all stopped pretty quickly. So we just started feeding her all the time. But every morning when I feed her I tell her that you’re not my Little Pussy Cat just to make sure she doesn’t  get any funny ideas about the situation.

When she ran away from us to our neighbours we had a talk to them and explained the situation and they were happy to feed her because she’s a nice little girl and they’re cat lovers but they made it clear that if any medical issues came up they wouldn’t be taking her to the vet or paying for it. Which I can totally understand. Because not only is she like a third hand cat to them, but they also have another cat with leukemia and paying for those vet bills probably keeps them just below the poverty line as it is.

And I know the owners don’t want her back. Because the other day I was out getting the mail and she was rolling around on the driveway like she does and her old owner was walking past and stopped to talk to me and didn’t even say – hello Little Pussy Cat – or touch her or say how’s she going or who’s the cat or whatever.

So, that leads us to the upcoming move. I said to Daz the other day – you know we’re going to have to take her with us don’t you. We can’t just leave her here to starve to death. I can’t believe I have to lug the neighbours cat around now.

Not the end of the story.

She has a brother.

Charlie Carter.

The other day my daughter said – are you bringing Charlie as well? Well god no! Surely. I can’t can I? Can you take two of your neighbours cat’s? I saw this coming. Which is why I refuse to feed him. Well I just throw him a few in case e’s starving to death. It’s hard to tell under all that fur..

Sometimes I wish I wasn’t such a bloody marshmallow.

20 thoughts on “taking the cat

  1. What darling pictures! Oh, my, what will you do about the brother? I hope that it all works out. Casey has such a cute nose 😀

  2. oh my god, you and the animals, just keep cracking me up more every day. and they are orange cats so of course you have to take them both. We had 2 at my last office, and one was huge and fat and one was normal size. not unlike your last picture, only Big Guy was really huge. Like 3 times the size of my dog. I love the pics of Casey, they made me giggle.

    • There’s like some sign outside the house saying – Sucker lives here – all ginger cats welcome. We had this other ginger stray for a while, we called him Roger, but he went away after a few months and then I noticed that he’s moved down about five houses and lives there. He pretends he doesn’t know me.

      I think most of Charlie is hair. He has a shave every summer and he looks really skinny.

  3. Well, as a Fanatic Feline Femme, you know what my answer is gonna be.

    If you find MeowMeow (my neighborhood kitty who is, once again, MIA), you can send him to me. The rest are yours!

    • I’m feeling the pressure now. Charlie and Casey Carter, lol I know – when we go outside we always say – how are the Carters today. Casey hates Charlie though. I don’t think she likes how he’s started coming up here to her place and hanging out.

  4. Umm, I’m going to say take Casey but leave Charlie, as long as your neighbors are really okay with it. We used to have a mad piano teacher who went after a neighbor who fed her cats. She let them wander all over the neighborhood and never seemed to care what happened to them, but then she found out her next door neighbor was giving her two cats tuna and treats so that they never went back home. She called the police on the neighbor and threatened him with mayhem, though she continued to let her cats out. Finally she had to move to a new place after she pissed off her landlord—and she left the cats there, with the same neighbor she threatened.

    I know musicians can be somewhat neurotic, but she was borderline psycho. I finally had to tell her the kids were quitting lessons because they wanted to take violin, when in fact, I was worried she’d explode and end up killing us someday.

    • Lol – no our neighbours aren’t in that league. They wouldn’t even realise Casey was gone. Thats why I worry about Charlie. The owners are both old and Shirley had a stroke recently and is now disabled and Ian spends all his time looking after her. As it is Charlie needs shaving and I told Daz if they don’t do it soon he’ll have to go and talk to them about it because it’s going to start pulling on his skin soon. But I will have to leave him. The place we are moving to is tiny with a very small yard and we already have Betty and Chicken Little and Casey in there.

  5. I’m another sucker.
    Take them both.
    Just do it.
    They’ll sort it out between themselves later.
    And otherwise you’ll just always worry.
    (Sounds as if your neighbors are over-petted at the moment, with the dog and the sick kitty.)

    • Lolol. Maybe I can ship him over to you. He’s very sweet. My neighbours are over- everything at the moment – they really need to get some help in – they’re old and sick and can’t keep everything in control. They have three dogs and three cats and they all just get fed together so if you’re not the type to get in there and fight for it I think you go hungry.

  6. The humane society here will help older folks who need it with taking care of their pet(s) although it sounds like Casey has long since been discounted as “their cat.” Maybe there’s someone/some group who can help out with Charlie to make sure he gets his shave and food and everything?

    The law here is that if you feed it for three days, it’s yours and you are fully responsible for it. I tried not to feed my kids but apparently there’s also a law about that. They get you coming and going.

    • LOL.

      Is there really such a law. I don’t think we have that here. I’d be needing a farm if we did.

      No humane society here. They have a daughter but I don’t think she’s big on it herself. They had some big falling out years ago and didn’t talk anymore. I think once Shirley had the stroke she started coming around again but not often. They won’t take much help. Stubborn old people.

  7. Oh wow, I am out of touch – you are moving? Casey’s a lucky girl to be going with you, and a cutey. If Casey hates Charlie, it seems like it would be better not to take Charlie. Difficult choice, though.

    • Oh Hi there. I lost you for a while but then I found you yesterday. You don’t show up in my reader. Maybe it’s because you have a private setiing. But I’ve bookmarked you now. Yes, we’re just moving an hour down the road. Away from the coal dust. Closer to the beach and fresh air.

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