deck the halls with boughs of holly

Fa la la la la, la la la

I’ve seen my first christmas decorations of the year.

Tis the season to be jolly.

I don’t like to start thinking about christmas until December 1st.

I always used to think –IT’S CHRISTMAS TIME – when I saw the first cherries of the season. It’s not really the same anymore because I can just about buy cherries year round. We fly them in from all over the place.

Like garlic. And oranges. And grapes.

Fa la la la la, la la la la.

And asparagus.

Of course last year we were in Thailand for christmas. And they don’t celebrate christmas. So it was just like any other day. Well, any other day when you’re on a beautiful warm island surrounded by crystal clear water, beautiful friendly people, wonderful food and the best apple mohito’s in the world.

Don we now our gay apparel.

But, back to the christmas decorations at Woolworths.

I understand the Santa concept. But the Christmas Thriller Wolf?? I’m finding it hard to find a place for him.


the thriller christmas wolf

Fa la la, la la la, la la la.


30 thoughts on “deck the halls with boughs of holly

  1. Haha! the Thriller wolf! that’s great. I guess he’s leftover from Halloween.

    I saw my first Christmas decs in the first week of October. I wanted to rip it down and smash it to bits. It was one of those electronic countdown to Christmas things with penguins and an igloo painted on it. I think when I saw it it was turned off but it’s been on since at least 60 days to go. for the love of dog, can’t we enjoy the fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving before we are inundated with Christmas nonsense?
    I wish Thailand was closer.

    • No, he was always with the christmas things. I saw him there a couple of weeks ago. Yesterday they were all gone. I hope I don’t go to someones place and see one of them. At least we don’t have Thanksgining here. And its so close to christmas. You must be sick of family by new year. And I wish Thailand was closer as well. I wish anywhere was closer. Australia is just so far from anywhere.

        • It’s impossible for me imagine a cold snowy christmas. Although some people here persist with the traditional English dinner. Hot turkey, gravy, christmas pudding. But it’s always so bloody hot here. We usually do a ham on the bbq then have cold chicken and salads.

    • I thought maybe he was supposed to be halloween but whoever was packing the shelves thought he was christmas. He was a little out of place definitely.

    • He sings and dances as well. Which I guess some people would see as a bonus. I didn’t try him though so I don’t know if he sings christmas carols or Michael Jackson songs.

  2. We had Christmas stuffies and ornaments out in the middle of the aisle in June this year. You Aussies are so behind the retail curve…


    Actually, I keep hoping they’ll push it back more and more until Christmas merchandise comes out in December again.

  3. Walgreen’s had Christmas items up about 3 weeks ago. I didn’t even think about how early it was.

    My neighbor still has his inflatable halloween decor up so I guess that balances things out.

    Thriller Wolf is odd!

  4. Thriller wolf? How odd. I love Christmas. Of course, Thanksgiving come first and it is a wonderful family time. But I still have Christmas on my mind, getting things ordered and hidden away. Since I do most of my shopping online, so I don’t usually see things like the Thriller Wolf. I did see some Christmas candy at Walgreens before Halloween.

    Great post. I love the way you worked the Christmas Carol in there.

    • I love christmas as well. Love, love, love it. But it starts for me on 1st December, not a day before. Thats the day we put the tree up. You guys are busy having to squeeze in Thanksgiving as well. I think if we had to do that over here no one would bother with christmas.

  5. Cherries at Christmas time? The world is truly turned upside down in Australia. 😉

    Of course, we have oranges on the trees here in California, and I still can’t get used to seeing Christmas decorations next to palm trees and cactus. Or fake snow in department stores. I can hardly wait.

    • Lol, yes upside down and in the future. My christmas will be over before you start yours. Weird.

      I guess soon the supermarket will crack out their Mariah Carey christmas carols cd. 😦

  6. That Thriller Wolf is something else! We have stores here, on inparticular that puts Xmas stuff out about September. It’s ridiculous. Can’t we just make it through Halloween and Thanksgiving first?

  7. I’m not so fond of xmas bling, and screw samta decor, but i saw Thriller Wolf at woolworths tonight and fell in love… , i set about 6 of them off and watched the horror grow on my boyfriends face. The wolf kinda reminds me of the crack fox from mighty boosh and the suit looks a bit like the joan jett jumpsuit, and the screams are definately boosh like. The song sung by someone other than michael jackson lets it down but of course even at $30 a pop i still bought one home and love his kitchy booshy weirdness. i love my odd thriller wolfie……

    • You own the Thriller Wolf!! I’m jealous. So he doesn’t sing Christmas Carols then, which would be really weird. Maybe Santa’s been caught up in all the vamp/wolf action thats been going on lately and is giving up the reindeer to travel by wolf instead. Now that’d be something.

      • Yes i couldnt help but take one home, im a stucker for things that light up and make sounds. Yes he plays michael Jackson’s “Thriller” but its not MJ singing. I think if reindeer were replaced by wolves i dont think santa would get too far hehehe he would be dinner. I put a video of Thriller wolf on youtube if youre interested. Quality is a bit dodgy but its the best i have at the moment..damm camera!

        • OMG. He rocks. Love the head groove. And the eyes. He looks much more impressive in the dark. Although he looks like he needs a drum set. Gotta say the lava lamp is a nice touch as well. I have a couple of them myself.

          • Haha yer he rocks, the eyes are even better in person , the video doesnt do him justice, ahh yeah the pink lava lamp, must say not intentional putting it in, its just always on my desk, i have a thing for retro lamps.
            I must say im almost tempted to get another Thriller wolf and store it away for a decade and see if he goes cult.

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