Please Sir May I have Some More

Damned Doctor won’t give me another cortisone injection until I have a xray done. The one I had in the elbow is still just holding up but I went back to see if he’d give me a needle in the shoulder. Same arm.  I don’t think the elbow will hold for much longer anyway. I was mad for some olives the other day and had to put a fair effort into getting the lid off and the elbow has been sore since. Do the elderly ever eat olives I wonder. I believe the lid was even harder to remove than the old el paso salsa lid.

And after I have the xray I have to have the cortisone injection done by ultrasound. My Doc did the elbow in the surgery but he tells me there’s a tendon in the shoulder that you musn’t hit or you can weaken it which leads to it snapping. Which sounds fairly bad I guess. He said when he was at Bathurst he did them all the time but when he moved here none of the other doctors would do it in the rooms because of the snapping tendon problem.. He ummed and ahhed about it and I said – go on Caesar, don’t doubt yourself. But he said xray first to make sure there’s no bone problem then we’ll talk. And I don’t really mean damned doctor. I really like my doctor. And he bulk billed me which is always good. And the receptionist had just told me a consultation had gone up to $ 66.00. He used to have a little raffle ticket book and he’d tear of a ticket and give it to you to give to the receptionist if he was going to bulk bill you but they took it off him because he was doing it for everyone.

So anyway there’s my day gone. You have to put aside a fair slab of your day to deal with medical appointments. First the obligatory wait at the surgery, then I was driving past the hospital on the way home so dropped in to make an xray appointment and I have to go back at 3.30. So by the time I did the grocery shopping and a couple of bank reconciliations the day is gone.

Oh and I squeezed my 10km run in this morning. And damn that as well because I didn’t make it in 57 minutes. Still under 60 minutes though so still okay. Just had no juice in the tank. On longer run days I need to get up earlier and have something to eat beforehand. Anything I’ve tried though just seems to sit like a big heavy lump in my stomach. Maybe I should just have a glass of milk. Or half a glass. Someone told me that they get up at 5am and have breakfast then go back to bed and sleep for another couple of hours. But I’d never get back to sleep.

Ok – off to put the soup on before I head back to the hospital.


19 thoughts on “Please Sir May I have Some More

  1. I had a friend who used to get injections for his back. he’d have much rather not had them at all, but the relief they gave, which wasn’t immediate either, was too great. He had lots of spinal problems. Too many motorcycle wrecks will do that to you. Hope they figure out something to help. There must be a better way to opening jars and such. I’ll keep an eye out on the internets for something… LOL

    • Yeah, they hurt like a mofo when you get them. They’re huge. But the pain relief afterwards is wonderful. He said before he gives me another shot in the elbow I’ll have to see an orthopedic surgeon (which sounds expensive and a long wait as well I’d say). A woman today is the waiting room told me she’d had about 30 in her shoulder!! I think you’re only supposed to have six. I think she’s been seeing different doctors.

    • Oh that one looks good. I’ve tried two other kinds and they were both useless. I’ve been meaning to go to the chemist and have a look, they have a section of handy things like that. But that one looks sturdy. I also need something for turning on taps.

  2. I used to get cortisone shots for my shoulder after I tore a rotator cuff and it never quite healed. Sometimes they worked, sometimes they didn’t. What always worked was physical therapy, even though it sometimes hurt like the blazes. My health insurance didn’t want to pay for it after six visits, however, so I had to go with the shots.

    Now I get nothing, but oddly, I rarely hurt that much either. Maybe it was my job that was causing the pain, lol.

    • I’ve tried physiotherapy, massage, osteopathy – none of them have helped at all. I don’t have health insurance so I’ve forked out a bit over the last couple of years.
      I’m not sure what has caused this. I thought it might have been my work station set up and using the computer mouse yadda yadda but the doctor said he thought that would have been more of a gradual thing than a sudden chronic pain. Maybe you’re right – maybe it’s time to retire. They won’t give you a lot of shots here. Six at the most I think is the rule.

  3. I use a plastic thingy that just breaks the seal on the olive jar cap. Not such a good description, is it, and I don’t think “plastic thingy” will bring up much on Google. It’s red, if that’s any help…

    • Okay – I’ll describe it to the girl at the chemist tomorrow. I’m sure she’ll know just what I’m talking about. Thanks Snowy. And I don’t think I really want to see what a google search of – red plastic thingy – brings up.

  4. I sure can relate to how a doctor’s appointment can eat up most of your day!! The drive, the waiting….uggg. I am sorry you have to have an x-ray. I know you want relief now.

    I have a special gadget that I use on the tops of jars to open them. Sure helps. I hope you get some relief soon!

  5. As soon as I saw the word cortisone I thought of my dad…
    He played footy as a lad and then, when he was in his 40’s he started having cortisone injections in the shoulders – his doctor thought it was gout – dad trusted their judgment.
    Fast forward to 1989 and he was on holidays in Queensland. Got dumped in the surf and dislocated a shoulder. Months of physio didn’t do anything but cause more pain – the suprospinatus (sp?) tendon had just fallen apart…shoulder reconstruction number 1.
    Months later he returned to work (ambulance officer so a lot of lifting etc) and a stretcher collapsed – he tried to catch it and the other shoulder went. Same thing, the tendon had just snapped. Shoulder reconstruction number 2 – and retirement from work.
    Yep, the cortisone he’d been given over the years the reason.
    Is a very good thing treatments have changed since the 70’s when he started having it.

    • Ouch. Yes they must have had a few shoulder tendon snaps because not many doctors do it now without the ultrasound guide. Makes it more expensive but better in the long run I guess.

      Hey – whats the weather like out your way? My husband is thinking about going out there for a sprintcar race on the weekend. Has to be a dry track.

      • Far better in the long run the way they do it now – dad had so much trouble for years that only the surgeries fixed them..and he could only get those because of the accidents.

        Weather good – chance of a possible shower on weekend but doubt if it will come to anything much…what has fallen in last week or so has been minimal and really patchy.
        Is he going to Morris Park? It’s just around the corner lol

  6. Girl at work had a cortisone shot in her foot and that’s exactly what it did – ruined the tendon. Bet she wished she’d had it done with ultrasound!

    I have a funky mat thing that I use to open lids – it’s just a square of rubber with little bumps all over it – works wonders.

    • The funky mat doesn’t work for me. The lady at the chemist is going to order me one of the lever things Kalita suggested.
      I have to take a three week course of mobic now before I have the injection. Xray shows arthritis in the shoulder, nothing in the elbow. Yet it’s the elbow thats more annoying.

  7. Great that you have a doctor who you like… who bulk bills too. When medicare first started most doctors up this way bulk billed, but now we have to travel a long way to find any….so we just go to the local place and fork out the $30 extra.

    Hope you find a permanent solution for your elbow and shoulder pain.

    • I’ve been lucky. We’ve lived here almost 20 years now and I’ve had three doctors that I’ve really liked and trusted. We’re moving after christmas and I’m dreading having to find a new one. Thinking it might be worth the hour drive back here to see Caesar when I need to.

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