something you don’t leave home without

Well it’s not my mobile phone that’s for sure. I’m the only person I know who knows the location of all the public telephones in all the major shopping centres in Sydney and Newcastle. And trust me, there’s not many. And the few that are out there will be a long walk from wherever you currently are. And everyone rolls their eyes and says – well where’s your phone? Well it’s on the kitchen bench of course. Usually with a flat battery. Playing those 3D games really drains the battery let me tell you.

And I’m always hopeful it’s not my keys. Because if I leave home without them, then getting back into home involves a tight shimmy through the dog door. That’s been done more than once. And those bruises last a long time.

If I said reading glasses I’d be getting close. But I can still get away with not having them. There’s always someone standing around waiting to read me a food label or price tag. And I don’t normally eat out alone so Daz can read me the menu. Although that’s getting painful to watch. He squints and moves it backwards and forwards and I yell at him – why don’t you wear your glasses! Then Lloyd rolls his eyes and says – you’re like two old people.

But there are two things I’d never leave home without.

Sunglasses and shoes.

I never go outside without my sunnies on. Even in winter or on cloudy days. I don’t know if I’m light sensitive or what. I do suffer from migraines so maybe. But if I was being kidnapped or something and they said I could only take one thing it’d be a pair of shoes. Preferably runners. I never ever go anywhere inside or out barefoot. As soon as I get out of bed in the morning I slip straight into my thongs. They are waiting there pointing in the right direction right level with where my feet will be when I sit up. Then I put on my runners for my run then back into the thongs to go to the shower then straight into boots or sandals for the day. I cannot stand my feet being out.

So it’s a tough choice but I’d say shoes. We’ll pretend I was already wearing my sunglasses so they don’t count.

And a hairband and a bobby pin.


16 thoughts on “something you don’t leave home without

  1. The first thing I do in the “morning” (no matter what time of day it actually is) is – after showering – put on my shoes. Well … I put on my pants first, but you get the idea.

    The last thing I do at night is take off my shoes. I am not a fan of going barefoot. I’ve stepped on too many nasty and painful things in my life.

    • Ha – I get the idea. Nothing worse than trying to put your pants on after your shoes. The other day at the shops I tried on a pair of jeans and I thought I’d be able to get them over my shoes – well I got them half way over and then it all went wrong. I’ve tried it before and it never works but I still keep thinking it will for some reason.

  2. I always do the pocket check before leaving. Wallet, keys, phone. And when I lock my truck, from habit established long ago from working at way far out remote areas, I look at the keys in my hand before locking the door.

    • I have a slight OCD problem so I try not to do too much checking. Once I start I can’t stop. Sometimes I’ve had to pull up on the side of the highway to check I put my bag in the boot and didn’t leave it in the car park. Even though I know I put it in there. I do check that I haven’t put the keys in the boot when I put the groceries in there before I shut the door.

  3. You probably don’t think it’s funny, but LOL crawling through the dog door when you’re locked out. My parents have one too, though it’s meant for a much smaller dog. I couldn’t even get my shoulders through it, much less my big fat arse.

    My son however once bet me he could go through the dog door. I said no, you’re far too big, and he promptly got on all fours and slid through the door. My poor mother apparently was expecting the dog to come through, not a young man. I heard her scream and had to run in and calm her down.

    • Yes, it was a bit of a squeeze. And it has a really rough surface along the bottom edge that scratched up my thighs. What I need to do is leave a nice soft towel outside so it’s a more gentle experience. And of course Betty is always super excited to see my down there going through her doggie door that she tries to come through at the same time.

      I often wonder if a burglar would try to come through. It’s fairly well hidden, not in plain view. My daughter came through it the other night. I don’t like to lock it anymore in case one of us needs it. Lol, probably be easier to hide a key outside somewhere really.

  4. One bobby pin? What for? Yes, I agree, sunglasses are a must. Also shoes. I also need lipgloss, water, ….my list is way too long. I could not have answered this question without a huge addendum!

    • Lol – just one bobby pin for my fringe. It hangs long and to the side and annoys the crap out of me most of the time. So I keep a bobby pin handy to pin it back when I’m cooking or running or whatever.

  5. I locked myself out of my house once… and I was barefoot. I happened to be on the way to care for cats at the home of the people who were supposed to have my spare key – but it turned out they’d lost it. $300 later (locksmith had to drill out a lock and put in a new one) and it won’t happen again… I now have a keybox outdoors, with both a house & car key in it (cause the car also has a spare housekey).

  6. I spend most of my time shoeless. I lose purses as often as I eat (and that’s a lot) so I don’t ever have a purse. That means I’m usually carrying things in my hands, especially since I’ve gained too much weight for anything to fit into my pockets anymore.

    So I never leave without my wallet. I’ve come upon the trick of keeping a spare car key in my wallet. That way, when I lock myself out of the car or lose my keys (can you tell that happens more than a little?), I can still get home. Or someplace not home if I’m pissed at those people.

    Also, I don’t leave home without a full supply of guilt. Even if I do forget my wallet, there will always be a bounty of guilt to keep me busy.

    • Don’t you get all sorts of scrud stuck on the bottom of your feet though. I can’t stand the scrud. And just then I was stuck out in heavy rain with my things on and thats as bad as bare feet. Thongs, not things.

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