Hair Affairs

How is it, that your hair can go from – ah, that’ll do – in the morning, to full on greasy, lank, no way I can leave the house looking like this, in the afternoon?

Because that often happens to me. You’re about to get in the shower so you look at your hair in the mirror and think, she’ll be right, then that afternoon it’s disgusting.

My hair is that strange combination of oily roots with dry ends. Twenty years of bleach will do that to your hair. It makes buying shampoo difficult, although I do wonder if there is any difference between the for oily or for dry hair shampoos. I always imagine there’s just one big vat in a factory and they pipe it into different coloured bottles and label them. Not that it really matters to me because I use purple shampoo. It stops blonde hair from becoming yellow hair.

Anyway I was reading an article in my Green Living Made Easy magazine – I borrowed it from the library. It’s not really that easy living green though is it, that’s why more people don’t do it. I try, but I know I skip a lot of corners and I could try much harder.

And one way I could do it would be by donating my hair. Not all of it mind you.

Because it turns out that hair is excellent for using to clean up oil spills. And Matter of Trust (a US based non government organisation) has been running a campaign to collect hair from people and fur and feathers from their pets and turning it into nets to clean up oil spills. Since the Gulf Oil disaster they’ve had 100,00 donations.

It was a clever hairdresser who came up with the idea. He was shampooing a greasy noggin one day and watching otters on television after an oil spill with their fur covered in oil and he had one of those light bulb moments that people are always raving on about. And he said, Ye gads (or possibly not), we have to shampoo hair because it collects oil, so lets go out and collect some god damn oil with the stuff.

Anyway it’s pretty amazing and a good example of people doing a good job and a good thing. And thumbs up to all the hairy people as well. Keep growing.


27 thoughts on “Hair Affairs

  1. I looked at their website and they said their warehouse is full up right now, you’d have to get on a waiting list. I’ve got a ponytail that needs to go to Locks of Love.

    I found it rather alarming that this organization says you have to package dreadlocks separately b/c they tend to have fungus growing inside the locks. Ew!!! Much worse than anything that ever happened in my hair, which is like yours; oily scalp, dry ends, with no dye or bleach.

    • Had to google Locks of Love, hadn’t heard of it either (although they have a branch here in Australia). What a great idea, although I’m out due to bleaching.

      Lol, I can believe that about the dreadlocks. My son had dreadlocks for a couple of years and when he decided to get rid of them I got to cut them off. They were awful smelly things. You can imagine, a sixteen year old sporty boy. Wouldn’t be surprised what you’d find in there. Shudder.

  2. I found them when I did St. Baldrick’s and then there’s Wigs for Kids where Jr’s hair went when he grew his to donate. I liked them better than Locks of Love because LoL only supplies wigs for kids with permanent alopecia. They take in a tremendous amount of hair and money every year and make about four wigs.

    Wigs for Kids makes hair prosthetics for kids regardless of why their hair is lost or for how long it will be gone (e.g., kids having radiation or chemo where it will likely grow back eventually). So they’re on my good list.

    My hair is thin, porous and curly. I have a general Brillo pad look about me at all times. I use two kinds of conditioner – one in shower and one leave-in – and it still manages to end up looking Brillo pad-ish. meh. Whatev. It’s just hair.

    And I’m lazy.

    • I have the whole Brillo thing happening as well. But in vast quantities. If I go out in wet weather with it on the loose I can hardly fit through doorways.

      When I had my long hair cut off when I was about 15 the hairdresser kept it and said it would be good for a wig. I often wonder who it ended up on and why.

  3. I have the same hair issue(s), for the same reasons. So imagine my reaction when watching a show about how to style your hair for FOUR consecutive days without shampooing! My only day 2.5-4 options would be “greasy ponytail”.

    I have some high-end combo hair shampoo and HATE it. My hair is really icky after I use the stuff and I’m lucky to get 1 day before it becomes a grease slick. Of course, I can’t quite get myself to just throw the crap away. I keep thinking, “well, maybe if I use less/more/differently… it will all be good.”

    • Lol, day four would be really nasty. My daughter lets her hair get really dirty and you don’t even notice. Maybe because it’s so dark. She tells me you can do more with it. And it does always look nice. Mine just looks dirty yellow. Lol, remember that old baby powder trick. They said to put powder in your hair and it’d absorb the oil? That never really worked for me.

      • totally remember that… and the oily powder that resulted.

        the same 4-day hair show was promoting the newer spray in “dry shampoos” (powder) and I got a good laugh from that too.

        darker hair can get away with some oil but blondes can’t!

  4. Two of my girls grew out their hair so that it could be cut for locks of love. That was a wonderful experience!

    We have all kinds of hair types in this family. The bath tub rim is laden with so many different types of shampoo and conditioner that it is quite a sight.

  5. I had my once-long hair cut at a salon that was offering free haircuts to anyone who donated her/his hair to Locks of Love. (Minimum length had to be 14 inches, and my hair exceeded that by four.) As the stylist was cutting my hair however, she began raving about how thick it was and how it would make a perfect wig. And then she began cutting it shorter and shorter and shorter…. By the time she was done, my hair was so short you could see the skin underneath. I was horrified—while I’m always glad to give to a good cause, I didn’t want to give THAT much.

    Now I routinely wear my hair short. I don’t want to worry about oily or dry hair or whether some mad hairdresser covets my hair.

    • Thats long hair you had. And she wanted it all by the sound of it. No wonder it feels so nice having it short now. I love my hair short but I just want it long for a while now. I always say I’m growing my hair but then it gets around my neck and drives me insane and I go and get it all cut again. So this time I just want to get it long before I cut.
      It took me years to find a hairdresser I could trust. They just never understood the word trim.

      • I keep it longer in the back. Nothing close to a mullet… it’s long in front and longer in back.

        I used to have hair to my waist. Couldn’t do a damn thing with it, other than ponytails, but I loved it!

  6. I can totally relate to the problem you are having. After years of going through an endless row of shampoos etc I have finally found some that work for me.
    Big from Lush

    it doesn’t really make your hair shiny as they rave on about – but at least I can go 2 days without my hair being all greasy in no time.

    If my budget is low and I need to look closely how much I spent this shampoo from Boots pharmacy is perfect

    And then I drop the whole conditioner pain and use instead Moroccan oil:

    this makes hair actually soft and shiny. And even though it’s oil – no greasy hair (unless too much is used of course 😛 )

    • I love Lush. I have their christmas catalogue sitting on the kitchen table at the moment. I have a browse though while I’m having lunch. I was going to try the Marilyn shampoo for blondes. It’s expensive though and postage adds on. We don’t have a shop close. And I don’t think we get Boots here either. But I have been reading a lot about the Moroccan oil. Seems to be very popular. I try to only condition the ends and stay away from the scalp. I’d be lucky to get a comb through my hair without some conditioner.

      I was wondering why I had to moderate your comment because I don’t have that setting checked but I think it’s because of the links.

      • Shame on me for sending links 😛 lol

        Probably no Boots in AU, no. I tried to find you guys on their webpage for international sites but there was nothing. Though I thought I might as well send the link to show what I am talking about 😀

        Yes Lush isn’t exactly cheap. But what I love about them is that they use no preservatives or just as little as absolutely necessary. No parabenes etc. Also they refrain from using the (in)famous palm oil.

        • Whenever we go to Sydney I love going into the Lush shop and looking at the big slabs of soap. My husband can’t go anywhere near the place, as soon as he gets close his nose blocks up and his eyes start watering.

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