even more great aussie music

There are lots of great things about Australia and one of my favourite things about Australia would have to be our songwriters. We have great musicians and songwriters. We don’t have big stadium bands and even though we do own The Princess of Pop (Kylie), we don’t produce much great pop music (in my opinion anyway) and Hip Hop is slowly becoming more popular but there are really only two bands here that are any good at it. But we have fantastic singer/songwriters.

Now I only ever listen to one radio station. I haven’t listened to another radio station in thirty years. I have it on in the house and I have it on in the car and no one changes it. And one of my favourite segments is on Friday mornings when they do Like A Version. An artist comes in and sings an acoustic version of one of their songs then a song of their choice. And there have been some fantastic performances. The Bellrays version of Highway to Hell really sticks in my memory. And Sia doing I Go to Sleep was awesome and I’m not even a Sia fan, so if you are a fan go check it out. Too many to talk about though. You can go to the site and check some of the archives yourself if you’re interested.

But yesterday on my way to the library I heard them playing last weeks song which was Sarah Blasko. Amazing. She did Hey Ya. You’d hardly recognise it.

Oh, I can’t embed it, you’ll have to go look.


Oh and if there are any Darren Hanlon freaks out there you might enjoy this. He’s such a nice guy. It goes for a bit but just leave it running in the background while you do whatever it is you do. Thats what I do, just have the radio playing on my computer while I’m working.


But really you should all just be listening to JJJ live all the time because it’s the best radio station out there.

I did manage to convert Lloyd to JJJ from commercial radio. He liked it so much that when it was time to paint his bedroom I painted their drum logo on his wall. With a bit of help from my friends. We did a good job I reckon.


beat the drum


6 thoughts on “even more great aussie music

  1. …if there are any Darren Hanlon freaks out there…

    you rang? 🙂

    I actually had just put on my last.fm on ‘Ed Kuepper radio’ before I came to WP to read my subs. So between him, Nick Cave and Darren Hanlon I get a pretty big dose of Aussie music every week since they play artists similar to the ones you choose and basically that means it’s only Australian (they aren’t very creative when it comes to that because when I play Darren Hanlon radio they just add anything Australian that has been out since the mid-90s, and some of it is crap that sounds nothing like DH or that type of music)

    ANYway. I’ll check your links in a little bit when I get tired of last.fm. thanks!

  2. You mentioned our lack of singer/songwriters.
    I suspect it may not be your preferred musical style (I enjoy tripleJ too) but last Sunday I attended my 4th Graeme Connors concert. In my book our best musical storyteller. Fabulous concert.

    • No, no, we have great singer/songwriters I think. The best. And no, I can’t say Graeme Connors would be in my top ten, but hey, I’m open to new experiences.

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