Mad dogs and crocodiles go out in the mid day sun

An afternoon at the pub is good when you have babies or dogs who are happy to snooze in the sun.

I can't put my arms down, my cardigan is too tight


dog day afternoon

And it’s handy if just a few doors down you can get some of the best pizza and salad you’re likely to ever find.

crispy fatty salty goodness


marco's seriously good salad

And then you can go for a walk on the beach to walk it all off. But watch out for crocodiles.



18 thoughts on “Mad dogs and crocodiles go out in the mid day sun

  1. Love the pizza and salad photos! YUMMY!!!

    Ok, I have to ask what is different about your blog now? I don’t know if it’s me being non techie or what but I have a hard time scrolling thru?! : (

  2. Alas, summer has left here and gone down to Australia. No more fresh greens, tomatoes—and are those figs in the salad? The purple things?

    No crocodiles up here either, but that’s a good thing.

    (crush-monkey, the problem would be with your browser or your internet speed, not with WP or Jane’s blog.)

    • Can’t wait for summer. We will be moving half way through summer and will only be about 5 minutes drive from the beach and lots of good cafes and restaurants. I’ve been stuck in this dust bowl I’m in for twenty years and can’t wait to get out.

      Do you mean the dolmades? I don’t really like them but Daz does. Or maybe the olives. They still had little stem bits on them. Yum. love olives.

      • Yes! I love dolmades and anything Greek/Mediterranean. One thing I hate about living in my old hometown is that there are no good Greek restaurants here. The closest equivalent is a Moroccan restaurant, but I can’t get dolmades or olives there.

        There is a place north of my town in the middle of nowhere, called the Olive Pit. They have a market with olives of all sorts, plus a restaurant where you can get muffaletta sandwiches. It’s really good, but I have to make a long detour from the freeway to get there, and I’m usually in a hurry to get somewhere else. The olives, though! They make it worth the drive.

        • You wouldn’t find a dolmade or an olive in this town. Every country town in Australia has a dodgy chinese restaurant so we have one of them and there are a couple of very basic cafes. Seriously one day the special for the day at one of them was rissoles and gravy.

          • Oh I had to laugh at this!!!
            Had lunch with friends today at one of the local Taverns – lunch specials menu always the same…right at the top – rissoles and gravy!!!
            Gotta love country towns…..

          • Ha, try being a non meat eater. I was sitting at the Pub last week having lunch with a friend, looking at the board and I said – I really don’t think I can face another piece of battered fish and chips. Thats the only thing they offer that isn’t meaty or schnitzel-y.

  3. I love the whole post….from the precious sleeping baby and dog, to the delicious pizza and salad, to the crocodile in the sand!! My children would love to make something like that in the sand. Your title for the post was perfect. The pictures are terrific! I am hungry now and I want to hold a sleeping baby. Great job, Jane!

    • Thanks Freedom. That little baby was so cute. And he didn’t make a noise all afternoon. His name is Phoenix. He’s in foster care with my mother in law. And the crocodile was pretty cool. Such a big effort for some kids.

  4. Hello,
    Sorry! Scrolling down on your page, using the mouse to slide/scroll the page up or down. It does it but very slowly.

    It isn’t wordpress because other blogs are fine.

    maybe the past few days?
    Maybe because i am on a mac?

    Don’t worry! i will always come to peek!

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