A letter to someone who has hurt you recently.

Sticky beaks. As if I’d be broadcasting that all over the internet.

I am a prolific letter writer though. I’m always blasting them off about one thing or another. Lets see. I wrote a letter to Taronga Zoo a few years back after a visit regarding the appalling conditions the orangutans lived in. I wrote to a tv show once, I think it was a travel show, about the way they depicted tattooed people. It must have been a while ago as well because every man and his dog have tattoo’s now and we’re not really considered freaks anymore. I wrote to the council because the playgroup I attended with my children was nothing better than a dust bowl and told them that we needed some grass and some shade and I wrote a letter to the principal of the kids school letting him know what I thought about them not supplying soap in the school toilets. He wrote one back to me and said that maybe my business could supply the soap for them. Cheap bastard. Then they brought in this plan where every lunch time all the kids had to pick up five pieces of rubbish and put them in a bin. So I wrote another letter saying that my kids would not be picking up any rubbish while there was no soap for them to wash their hands with when they were finished. So there. Lizzie used to love that. The teacher would tell them to pick up the rubbish and she’d say – my mum said I’m not allowed to pick up rubbish unless you supply me with a pair of gloves. God you can imagine it can’t you. They must have thought she was a little smartarse and I was much bigger one. Well you don’t see them picking up the bloody rubbish. They used to say to her – well just pretend you’re picking it up.

I do tend to write letters to people when I’m cranky or upset with them. For one thing you can get your whole perspective across to them without them butting in but also I tend to get all flustered and teary and end up a babbling mess. So if I write it down I feel like less of a fool. So the last letter I wrote to someone who has hurt me was to a friend who I felt really let me down. Over the years I’ve always ran off to her whenever she had a drama (and believe me there have been plenty) but when I had one drama, just one, earlier this year and could have used someone to talk to about it, she didn’t really want to know about it. But I’m not going to show you it or anything. But she kind of blew it as far as I’m concerned.


10 thoughts on “A letter to someone who has hurt you recently.

  1. That’s one of the problems with people. Hard to tell when they will be there for you. I too tend to get very emotional when talking about certain things. If I write it out or email it, so much the better. The writing gives me a chance to throw out those emotional things and get to the root of the matter without all the rambling and baggage that talking incurs.

    • I used to get all teary even at parent/teacher interviews. I just can’t control it when I’m feeling emotional and yes letter writing lets you take a step back. I have a school matter that needs dealing with at the moment but I’m going to have to leave it for a while until I know I can go up there and not act like an idiot.

  2. I have an easier time communicating in writing and some of my children do as well. I have learned, though, to be careful about writing when I am upset because I might get a letter back and I don’t enjoy that very much.

    • Lol – well I guess if you’re willing to dish it out you have to be willing to take it back.

      I’ve even written letters to my daughter a few times. Thought it would be better than me screaming my head off at her and us getting into a huge fight and saying hurtful things.

  3. I’m a long-time fury writer. Blast it out, store it and probably never send it. I’m better than I used to be about going straight to nuclear but I don’t trust my temper that much without long rehearsal before a performance.

    It sounds like the schools you’ve had to deal with are very similar to the ones here – with czarist principals with delusions of grandeur. I wonder if they start out that way or if they become Stalinettes as time progresses.

    • It definitely helps to get it out. One downside of email though – once you hit that send button it’s gone. At least with snail mail you have a day at least before you find a stamp and get to the post office and you may have cooled down a bit by then and have second thoughts. I’m always leaving little notes in my husbands work in tray. Things like – the cat said thanks for the water – NOT. or Are you stupid??? why do you keep using this supplier. Things like that. I stopped ringing him up and saying them because sometimes he’d be on speaker phone and everyone was getting scared of me.

  4. do you write letters of commendation too? I try to keep the two balanced.

    i had a similar friend experience. but i didn’t write a letter, i just dropped them like a bad habit. 15+ years of listening to them bitch and/or have drama about EVERYTHING and never doing a thing to change it but then couldn’t be there for me when i was devastated. F that!

    • No I don’t actually because if I’m happy about something I just say so there and then. I can do it without bursting into tears. Although sometimes people think you’re a weirdo if you tell them something positive about themselves.

      Sucks about your friend. Some people just have to have it be ALL about them. I knew this friend was like that but I always thought when it came down to it she’d come through. But she didn’t.

      • if i get exceptional service, in addition to saying something, I try to write a letter because there’s a good chance the person will get a bonus or at least some recognition from mgmt. a good letter in your file goes a looong way at review time!

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