A TV show you’re currently addicted to.

Last night I made Daz a neti pot. Seriously, you’d think I was trying to waterboard him by the way he was carrying on. I said to him, man, you wouldn’t last a day in Guantanamo Bay. You’d see them coming towards you with a teaspoon of salty water and spill your guts.

If you’re not up on the neti, then here’s an explanation of said neti – neti pot. Otherwise you can do it like I do. Which is a more rustic way and basically involves mixing up the salt and water in your measuring jug, putting a beach towel over the front of the patient and tipping the solution up his nose. My patient found this a little traumatic so I had to get a teaspoon and use it instead. I kept saying you have to tilt your head so it goes up one nostril and comes out the other. Don’t let it go down your throat. And he said – it’s not going down my throat, it’s just disappearing. It’s probably going to my brain and burning holes in it. Oh yes, probably.

But I got a bit up there and there was a lot of nose blowing and choking and general carrying on but I don’t think it did much good. He’ll just have to wait until his appointment with the ENT and hopefully they’ll burn out his passages again. He had it done once when he was twelve and he said he could breath through his nose for a couple of years but then it all grew back.

Anyway the neti fun all had to come to a sudden end because Celebrity Rehab started. Which answers today’s question of A TV Show You’re Currently Addicted To. So I don’t know how many seasons we are behind you but we’re currently watching the one with Mackenzie Phillip’s in it. And I’d just like to say Dr Drew that I am now traumatised by the death of her little diabetic blind pug dog. And when he had his little ice cream before they put him to sleep, well as the son said, that was intense. I almost needed a neti pot myself after that. My nose was blocked from crying so much.

Anyway it was good to see Amber and Rodney again and see they were doing well because they were my favourites from last time. Wonder what happened to Amber’s mum.

And I realised this morning that I look very similar to Shelley. I’m skinny and I have that same wild blonde hair and thick black glasses. Except I don’t start every sentence with My name is Jane and I’m an alcoholic.

So thats a show I like to watch. I’m also watching Bear Grylls Joins the French Foreign Legion. And one that Stephen Fry did called Last Chance to See. He travels around with a naturalist and they find endangered species. He cracks me up.


12 thoughts on “A TV show you’re currently addicted to.

  1. haha, I would have loved to see you and your husband doing the neti pot thing. that is too funny. I do the neti pot but I can’t imagine someone else doing it TO me. I don’t think I’d like that.

    I don’t know if the next season of CR is on here yet, I had forgotten about it, I guess I’ll have to check the listings. I was crying about the dog too, him eating his ice cream, oh my god, I’m welling up just thinking about it. The part that really killed me though was when Mike meets up with Layne Staley’s mom. I think that might be coming up but prepare yourself.

    • I don’t think he’s ready for an audience yet. He’s such a baby about the whole thing. Okay I’ll psyche up for the Mike and Mom meeting. I don’t even know half these people. Like all the Top Model’s and American Idol’s we don’t know. I didn’t know who Tom Sizemore was either. But I still like it. It runs straight after True Blood so I can’t miss it.

  2. My husband is EXACTLY the same way. I use the neti pot all the time and he asks like I am trying to kill him. I try to get him to use it after he mows, to get all that dirt and grass out of his nose. He’d rather just be stopped up. My TV addiction is The Office and this new show called Raising Hope. I am also very excited about a new one coming on on Halloween called The Walking Dead. Zombies Rule!

    • Lol, they’re such babies. Daz was at the Doctor the other day because we’re in Spring here at the moment so he’s super blocked. Doctor said he has to mow as fast as he can and not touch his face AT ALL not matter what, then come straight in and have a shower and tilt his head back so no water runs down his face. Either that or pay someone to mow the lawn.

  3. I am really fond of Burn Notice, Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice. On the cartoon side, I watch Venture Brothers and Metalocalypse. Yeah, I’m goofy like that. =)

    Also, never used a neti pot, I guess like the spice, my snot must flow. Never had a bad sinus problem, so never had need of one.

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