Your favourite place to eat. Day 10 – 30 Days of blogging

My favourite place to eat would probably be my kitchen. Because I know what’s gone into the food I’m eating, that the cook washes her hands after going to the toilet, she doesn’t cut up fruit on the meat chopping board and when she makes sushi she takes the poo tube out of the prawns.

Because those are important things and you can never really be sure that other people who are preparing your food think they’re important as well.

I’m also easily offended by the price of food served at restaurants. Probably because I’ve been cooking family dinners for twenty years and know that I could feed five people for the price I’m paying for one meal.

Or maybe I’m just turning into a scrooge.

Oh and salt. I don’t salt our food so when we go out I have to chug down gallons of wine because food always seems so salty.

12 thoughts on “Your favourite place to eat. Day 10 – 30 Days of blogging

  1. I agree with you! Home is the best but it is especially good if you do not have to fix it yourself. Great picture! How did you get it to look like that around the edges. That is a neat affect.

    • Well if I had to rely on anyone else to cook for me I’d starve to death.

      I always write things like this in Windows Live Writer. You can save it and just publish it later. Anyway it has this feature where you can give your photo’s a polaroid effect.

  2. i think my fav place would be anywhere EXCEPT my home, cause I know what my kitchen looks like. lol.

    agree with you on the salt. my family went salt free when I was a kid and I rarely use it now. i’ve had nights, after dining out, where I woke up completely dehydrated and took forever to realize why.

    • Oh, reminds me. We had a celebrity Masterchef here not long ago (not sure if you have Masterchef there but anyway), and the trainer from our Biggest Loser was on it. She made it to the final three even though the judges were always saying to her – not enough salt, use more salt etc etc.

      • From Biggest Loser AU, I assume. Our Biggest Loser trainer would have just been yelling at everyone.

        I did see a series call MasterChef – but it was amateurs only and I only saw a few episodes (last 2 or something). The “Hell’s Kitchen” guy hosts ours.

  3. haha! the poo tube! I worked at a seafood takeout joint a couple of summers in high school and peeled trays and trays and trays of shrimp. And the poo tube is gross. I always tried to clean it out as best I could.
    Anyway, ditto what Leenda said about anywhere but my kitchen and the salt thing.
    Your kitchen looks very nice, I’d cook more if I had a decent looking (or functioning) kitchen.

    • That would not be a job I’d like. I hardly ever eat prawns because of all the effort you have to go through to get to it. The poo tube and that yukky stuff that comes flying out of the head when you snap them off (cats love that stuff). Then your hands smell for hours after. I usually just buy the frozen green prawns that have already been dealt with.

  4. Hey, I’d enjoy eating at home more if we had a kitchen like that! I love the black and white tile floor with the bright-colored chairs.

    I stopped eating shrimp after we went to some Italian restaurant and I noticed the shrimp in my Alfredo had suspicious-looking lines in them. I cut them open, even though they were kind of small, and yuck! Nobody bothered to remove the poo tubes. I guess they figured the shrimp were small enough that nobody would notice.

    Anyway, I’ve sworn off shrimp now, at least the stuff in restaurants.

    • Yeah it’s not bad the kitchen. You should have seen it before. I don’t think anything had been done to it for 100 years. Still had the old wood stove, which believe me did not have character like everyone says they do. Poo tubes are bad!

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