A song to match your mood. 30 days of blogging day 8.

Well this is awkward. Because when I first saw this question I knew exactly what I was going to play. It was going to be T-Shirt Weather, by The Lucksmiths.

Hey Mike, you busy?
All this sunshine’s making me dizzy.

and so on

Because I always feel like singing that song when spring arrives. I love spring, I love t-shirt weather.

However for the past three days we’ve had this awful cold snap. Gale force winds, snow on Mt Sugarloaf, freezing conditions. I’ve had to pull out my long socks and my River’s coat. Definitely not t-shirt weather anymore.

So I’ll give you some Angus and Julia Stone instead. I’m not a mad fan. I like them but I don’t go mental over them or anything. Although he is pretty cute in a hairy unwashed way. But anyway I’ve been hearing this song a lot in the mornings when I’m on the treadmill. And when I’m running my mind just wanders. And when I hear this song it always wanders away to the idea of me leaving the drudge of the day to day and flying off on a big jet plane to The Cook Islands for about ten days. Because that’s what I’m saving up for at the moment. That’s the plan for next year.



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