Your Dream Wedding. 30 Days of blogging, day 7.

My dream wedding would probably be no wedding. If Daz and I were to split up for some reason I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t bother marrying again. And if I could go back in time I wouldn’t even bother getting married to him. I once suggested to him that we could get divorced and have a divorce party then just live together but he couldn’t get his head around the concept.

We had a very small wedding. It was in the nursery of the local garden shop. Daz got really pissed and then when we got home he threw up in the driveway because he was leaning too far out of the car trying to talk to the cat.

And I was heavily drugged. My back seized up that morning and I had to go see the doctor and get him to give me heavy enough painkillers to get me through the day and night. And I had my period. And everyone knows how paranoid you are when you have to wear white when you have your period,

I spent most of our honeymoon at the chiropractor. And our daughter and Daz’s twin sisters came with us on the honeymoon. So it was pretty strange now I think about it.

Probably not everyone’s idea of a dream wedding but it was the one I got and it didn’t cost a fortune and we’re not divorced so I guess it did just fine.

But we did get the most beautiful set of sheets as a present. They were gorgeous, white with pink sort of lace at the top. They lasted for years and years. They were those sheets that always feel nice when you get in them. You get in and rub around on them. Well I used to anyway.

This is a photo I took at Emjay’s son’s wedding, was it last year I guess. I wish I could remember how I gave it that painted look. And I’m fairly certain this bride had her dream wedding. It was wonderful.


16 thoughts on “Your Dream Wedding. 30 Days of blogging, day 7.

  1. I am of the opinion that if you could survive all that you can survive anything. Our Wedding was more the wedding my sister and mother thought we should have, rather than the wedding I really wanted, but it was a nice day. Bit of a blur now though – the day goes so quickly.

    I would never marry again either. Been there done that!

    • I think that happens a lot. Mother having her dream wedding on her daughters wedding day. People seem to take it all so seriously – they should put all that energy and money into their marriage instead of that one day.

  2. My dream wedding is one where I get to spend a month on an island somewhere with fruity umbrella drinks, food on demand, and clean sheets every day.

    And I’m alone. Did I mention that part?

    • Haha. That was my dream date – to be alone so I guess that leads to me having a fairly quiet wedding. Actually your dream wedding sounds like my dream life.

  3. This is horrible of me to say, but I’m of the mentality that the bigger the wedding, the quicker the divorce. I’m sure there are a bazillion cases where that is not true, thus it’s horrible of me to say. I still believe it tho. I am not a fan of weddings at ALL.

    As for marriage: I will not be getting married again. I think I’ll probably find someone to settle down with and spend my life with, but that’s about it.

    • Considering the rate of divorce I’d say you’re not far wrong. A couple from here married recently and all the guests had to fly to Thailand which seemed a bit inconsiderate. Even though it’s a cheap holiday destination and a beautiful place it still seems like a big ask. Another girl I know had to fly to Vegas for a friends wedding with her husband (I mean she didn’t have to but she was in the bridal party). So two years later they’re still paying off the holiday and the couple have separated.

  4. My husband and I got married in a really small ceremony: it was in a courtroom before a judge; our guests sat in the jury box, all 12 of them. I hated the traditional white wedding dress, so I bought a metallic gold blouse and a long black velvet skirt. I was told later I was the inspiration for a number of “black weddings,” and I’m not sure if I should be proud of that….

    But I don’t regret it, not after watching my poor daughter dragged through that huge Hindu wedding. It was fun but she was so exhausted afterwards she just went home to NY and slept for two days. She didn’t even want to think of a honeymoon after that.

    • Lol the jury box. I know what you mean about those big weddings for the poor bride though. They must wake up the next day and wonder what the hell happened.

  5. Ah, I had the “Indian” wedding like the one Gozen’s daughter probably had (what with being an Indian and all…), I think I was constipated for two days after that !
    Your wedding was a scream, really.

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