A photo of an animal you’d love to keep as a pet. 30 days of blogging, day 6.

This is an easy one. That would be Carl. He was my cat and I would’ve liked to have kept him for a few more years. A lot more years actually. He was only eight when he died. That was four years ago and it was very sudden and very unexpected and a big bloody shock.

He was such a character. I’ve known a lot of cats and I’ve never known two that were the same. I used to sing to him and he loved it. I used to sing this song called The Special Special Special Boy of Love. Obviously I wrote it myself. The lyrics changed from day to day but he didn’t seem to mind as long as you sang it in a fairly high pitched voice. I usually sang it to him while I was cooking dinner and he sat on the kitchen table.


Yes I know, I know, probably some hygiene issues there. But it was impossible to keep him off the kitchen table. We tried for ages but he was so pig headed about it that in the end we gave up and just let him sit there. Except when visitors came,  then we’d act like he was never allowed up there – Oh Carl, what are you doing up there we’d say as we shoved him off. That used to piss him off. But anyway I’d cook dinner and sing him the Special Boy of Love song and he’d purr and tap my arm with his paw and smooch my arm.

He used to sleep in bed with me as well. Flat on his back with arms and legs fully relaxed flat out. Sometimes I’d shut the bedroom door and lock him out but he’d just sit there and rip up the carpet until I let him in. Or he’d do what we called Commando. He’d lie on his side on the floor and use his claws to pull himself around the corner lounge until I let him in. As soon as I opened the door he’d be sitting there in the middle of the lounge room cleaning himself as if it hadn’t been him and what was my problem.

And if he didn’t like someone, he’d make it clear. When they came in and sat on the  lounge, he’d sit really really close to them but face the other direction. We called it giving them the pig, or showing them the arse. He used to sit in the bean bag as well which was pretty funny. We called him Carl Bond.


He was our Big Beautiful Boy. And then one day he was a bit off, the next day he was throwing up, the next day he was dead. We got him to the vet on the throwing up day but he had massive kidney failure. They think it might have been because he was such a good hunter. He was full of toxins. They said the hunters often have kidney failure. He used to catch bats. He brought one in through the cat flap one night and ran with it under our bed. I shut the bedroom door and said – Daz, there’s something in there you need to deal with. Maybe he ate mice or rats that had been poisoned.

Betty misses him as well. We bought them at the same time so they grew up together. They were always playing together. And oh my, he led her astray. Got her into all sorts of tricky situations.

He used to squeeze in under the steps and she’d follow him but then he’d get out but she’d be trapped. We had to pull apart the steps a few times to get her out.




He was called Carl because we bought him from Carlingford shopping centre. We already had three cats so it’s not like we needed another one but Lizzie was about eight then and she cried and carried on and wanted a kitten so we got him. It was new years day and we’d been in Sydney for 1999 new years eve. So then we had the long car trip home with him. She picked a little grey one to start with but someone else had it reserved so she went for the little ginger.

It turned out to be a good choice in the end.


24 thoughts on “A photo of an animal you’d love to keep as a pet. 30 days of blogging, day 6.

  1. Oh he is gorgeous!!!
    Cats just know how to push all the buttons to get what they want…very very smart.
    My girl was a dumpee – appeared along the road a few kms down about 18 months ago when Mr CC was fixing a gate. He called her, she came..I drove past, stopped, opened car door and she just jumped on in….she’s owned me from that point on.
    Her favourite spot during winter was sitting on coffee table in front of fire. She’d run in, take a flying leap and land on table – had to announce her arrival in a big way of course.
    Until the time she did it and landed on top of a school note that had been left there. Alas, no traction, and one cat sliding straight over the edge onto floor on other side. We laughed…and she sat with her back to everyone with a very embarassed look on face. From then on she always checked to make sure “her” coffee table was clear!
    I believe she is currently lounging on my chair on front verandah watching the wind….great life.

    • Lol, they hate being laughed at don’t they. Our neighbours cat Charlie is really fluffy and he gets shaved in summer. The first year we laughed at him and he cracked it and sat under the house for two days and wouldn’t talk to us. Now we tell him he looks beautiful and snicker in private. I’ve always had cats and I really miss not having one. They’re just nice to have around.

    • Aww yeah, they were such good buddies. Carl would always come around and hang out with us in the afternoons and he’d always give Betty a big smooch.

  2. I got a little teary reading this. I know what you mean—I miss my girl Eliza worst than I ever expected, because she was such an ornery, stubborn little thing. I still have a sweater she loved to sleep on and is covered with hair (it’s black of course), though I threw away the rug she shredded to bits when she decided it was the only thing she wanted to use as a clawing pad. It’s funny how we curse cats for their snotty attitude and independence, but when we lose them, our hearts break.

    That photo of Betty and Carl cuddling is sweet.

    • I was devastated. I still look out the backyard sometimes and think I see him. Carl decided that his comfort clothing item was going to be my wedding dress. It must have slipped off the hanger and he found it in the bottom of the walk in wardrobe. And I found him on it clawing away at it with a big bit of it in his mouth. It was just a cheap handmade thing so I let him have it. I threw it in the bin after he died. He was also fond of Kimba’s doll Larene (I have no idea who called her that). She had wool hair and he used to get as much of the hair as he could in his mouth then do a disturbing pump action on her.

  3. Awww this just melted my heart. First of all I am a huge sucker for orange cats, but then BABY BETTY! AND CARL! SNORGLING! omg. How cute. I think orange cats have a tendency to have kidney problems at a young age. Carl reminds me of Thomas, who was my apartment neighbor’s cat who liked to come and hang out with me & Elvis. He was the sweetest thing, my neighbor said he was just too sweet for this world. He’d let you scratch his head all day if you had the time and the hand strength. I think he was about 7 when he started having problems. He hung on for a bit, the last time I saw him he was just skin and bones but he still loved me and wanted to sit on my lap.
    Anyway. Carl was a sweetie, I’m sorry he isn’t still around but I’m also glad someone had reserved that little gray one, too and Carl was able to be with you guys.
    I’m still dying at baby Betty standing up by the bench!

    • Yeah, the loved a good snorgle. I didn’t know that about orange cats and kidneys. Because we kind of look after the neighbours orange cat now and she’s about that age. Lol, Betty was just too cute.

    • I love that one as well. He used to just climb up there then lay back totally relaxed. And bean bags aren’t easy for cats to get in and out of I can tell you!

  4. Absolutely darling!

    When I see posts like that I hate the fact that I didn’t take more pictures of my cat. But somehow she never really liked being taken pictures of (how much of my attitude rubbed off on her? lol) and I didn’t have the patience to wait around for a moment when she might have been willing. Somewhere I have *one* picture that says everything about the master of the house, I think I have to dig down and try to find that one sometime.

    • I nearly crapped myself last night when I couldn’t find photos of Carl, thought I’d lost them all but they were on the old hard drive. Phew. Our neighbours cat Charlie won’t have his photo taken. As soon as you point the camera at him he runs under the house.

  5. I just love everything about this post. So sweet and sad at the same time. The Carl and Betty photos are fabulous!

    I think my cats would run and hide under the couch if I tried to sing to them 🙂

    • Haha – I know what you mean about the singing. The other cat we had at the time would sit there with his ears back thinking I was a freak. But Carl would be looking at me with these silly lovey dovey eyes, purring away. Once when we went on holidays we put him in boarding and my daughter said we should make a recording of me singing so they could play it to him while he was there. Good lord, can you imagine all the other cats in the place, they’d go mental.

  6. Awwwww!!

    I lost Mocha, my “cat that thinks its a dog”, at 5.5 years. Still traumatic to this day (some 10 years later).

    I used to sing to Boo, changing “Who’s that Girl” to “Who’s that Boo, running around with you?” but we’re over it now that she’s always bitchy (due to Skritches moving in).

    • It’s really put me off getting another cat. Each death of a pet seems to get harder. Maybe I’m getting softer. I miss them all. I’ve never had a girl cat. We had this rule that we’d always have boy cats and girl dogs.

      • After several consecutive pets died in amazingly traumatic manners, I had a 10+ year break between pets. When I got Mocha & Espressa as kittens, I had been considering a small dog. But they were extremely ill, needing 24/7 care, and I’m a sucker for an underdog and was lonely and home all day on disability. And look at me now… crazy cat lady!

        • Ha. Well I think after Betty goes I’ll have a break from pets for a while. I say that now but I’ve never not had a pet. But I figure that the next ten years I want to spend travelling and whatever and thats not easy when you have pets. Then when I’m done with that I’ll get some more cats. Daz tells me he needs a dog to walk but I told him he can go and volunteer to walk the ones at the pound.

  7. Feline Renal Failure is nasty because you don’t usually notice anything is wrong until it’s too late. That’s how most of ours have died, although at 13+ years.

    I like the photo of him relaxing on his side.

    Don’t tell anyone, but our cats are on the table and the kitchen counter all the time. If folks don’t like it they don’t have to come here … the cats LIVE here, after all.

    • Well I thought I’d lost them all when I went looking. Almost cried. They were on a different computer though. It has led me on a mad photo sorting mission now. I’m scanning and sorting and printing like a demon.

  8. I have my bestest cat ever right now. He’s about 6 years old and he’s my baby. When we got him we went to a friends vet and she showed us different cats. This one was a tiny thing and he picked out my son by crawling up his arm to sit on his shoulder. “Yea, we’ll take him,” I told her. I have found the animals that pick ‘you’ are the best ones. After we got home he quickly became my cat. I figure when something happens to him, that’s it. I’ll never be able to replace him so I won’t try.

    • This was supposed to be my daughters cat as well but he just bonded with me. The kids called him Mummy’s boy. I’m sure I’ll get another cat one day because I really like having one around but not just yet.

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