Your Idea of the Perfect First Date…. Day 3, Thirty Days of Blogging

My idea of the perfect first date.

Hmm, well it’s been so long since I’ve been on a first date I really can’t remember what my expectations of them even were. And unless something awful happens to Daz I can’t see myself going on one again. In fact we didn’t really have a first date anyway. We’ve been together since we were twenty and before that we worked together and were friends for two years. We used to hang out with three other guys we also worked with. One of them was Paul my boyfriend of the time. And we didn’t have a first date either because when we started going out together he already had a girlfriend so we were sort of sneaking around for the start. And before that I was seventeen and living in a town with a population of five thousand people with the nearest big town over an hours drive away so there wasn’t anything too spectacular to do on a date.

In fact a night out back then usually involved being picked up by your boyfriend (every young teenage country girl knows the first thing you need is an older boyfriend with a car), going to the one Pub in town where he went and sat in the front bar with the guys and you sat out the back bar with the girls. Everyone got pissed then met up again when the pub closed. Which was 10pm back then. Until Tom bought the pub then he used to cover the windows with black fabric and if he liked you he’d let you stay and we’d all sit in the dark. Mind you I was only fifteen then. This was before anyone gave a toss about asking you for ID.

But to answer the question I guess my idea of a perfect date would be to spend the night in a small bookstore that had a wine bar and a sushi train in it with someone who didn’t particularly want to talk to me.

We are going out in a couple of weeks. A night out anywhere nice for us means an hours drive both ways so we usually stay in town so it doesn’t happen very often. I wouldn’t call it a date though because I’m sure the two older kids will show up. Now that they’ve left home and moved away they have developed a very good radar for picking up a free meal.  We shall go and sit on the harbour here for for a few drinks then go to the Japanese restaurant where I think I’ll have the  Kaki Fry (crumbed deep fried oysters with Japanese Tonkatsu Sauce), followed by probably, but not definitely, the Japanese Sashimi Salad.

Drinks on the foreshore



4 thoughts on “Your Idea of the Perfect First Date…. Day 3, Thirty Days of Blogging

  1. well, i’m not married and i still can’t answer this question with any similarity to reality.

    mine: a sexy latino younger man, muscular & strong willed (but not more so than me), sends a limo to take me to meet him at his lear jet. we fly to tahati for the week, alternately filling our time with sightseeing & sex romps (or a combo of the two?). the sex & the conversations are both awesome. upon our return home, he gives me that $38M pink diamond ring that I posted last week and I tell him I’ll call him sometime.

  2. Hmm. First date. I think the Missus and I had our official first date in bed. LOL. We’d met online, talked on the phone for several weeks, she came out to visit and ended up staying. She lived in Los Angeles and I lived in Chicago at the time. She arrived while I was at work. I had left the door open for her and she ended up taking a nap while waiting for me. When I got home, she was still lying in bed. One thing led to another and… =)

    I don’t think I’d change a thing. Except maybe cleaning the house a bit more. LOL

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