30 Days of Blogging….Day 2

A photo of something you ate today.

That would be my lunch.


Mediterranean Roll. Lunch Day 2.


A mediterranean roll.

I made some olive tapenade, then topped it with baby spinach leaves, red capsicum (I roasted myself), cucumber, tomato, a twist of pepper and a good spread of avocado. On a sesame seed bun.


13 thoughts on “30 Days of Blogging….Day 2

  1. This looks like the muffuletta sandwiches we used to get at an Italian/Creole restaurant in St. Paul. When I was pregnant with Daughter #2, I would get these insane cravings for those sandwiches and eat more than was probably good for me. When she was born, she was such a little mite that we joked it was on account of all those olives I ate—she was about the size of one.

    (In case you were wondering, I craved fried chicken when I had Daughter #1, and she was huge. When I had my son, I craved sweets, and he was the mammoth, the one I couldn’t cram into newborn-sized clothing. We had to put him in his sisters’ 12-month-sized pink baby gowns.)

    • Lol – my first daughter I lived on Milo, My son was Pizza and my third must have been anything I could put my hands on because I put on 23 kilos. Oh it was cereal. Nutri Grains.

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