30 Days of Blogging…..Day 1

Day One.  A photo of yourself and describe how you day was.

Well I always change the rules a bit on these things so no need to do any differently now. This is a photo of me from Friday. But I haven’t changed much since then. And I’m home alone anyway so there’s nobody to take a photo of me.

Now I know it looks like my legs are about two feet long but they’re not really. But I am considered short.


Jane and Betty say good morning


Describe how my day was. Well it was a beautiful spring day. My favourite temperature, when it’s warm enough to wear short sleeves but still cool enough that you can wear boots. I really don’t like having my feet out. They always feel safer enclosed. I feel better in boots.

That was the day of the long lunch. So basically I sat in the beer garden at the pub for six hours drinking wine. And even though we were told when we ordered lunch that there was absolutely no salad on the premises, Caths BLT was in fact a BLT and not just a B like we feared it might be.


local beer garden


And then I came home and watched Triangle which was an absolute load of rubbish and I can’t believe I looked forward to watching it as much as I did. WTF.


9 thoughts on “30 Days of Blogging…..Day 1

    • Very good point. Definitely need some sturdy walking home shoes on when it’s time to head home. On the front of my dress? Its a little girl under a tree with a road leading away and then the rainbow and sun.Some little birds. I really love it. It’s very comfy. My sister asked me if it was a little girls dress but it’s not. I’m not that little.

  1. Fantastic picture of you!! Wow. I love the special effects with the colors on the photograph. You are beautiful 😀 The dress is so much fun and the boots too. You look quite stylish. I see that Betty enjoys being in pictures with you!

    The beer garden sounds interesting. I do hope there was a ladies room nearby. Would not want you to have to walk too far after 6 hours.

    • Thanks Freedom. Just open a photo in whatever photo software programme you use then make a copy of it on a new layer on top of the original then make the top copy black and white. Then use your eraser to rub out bits and you’ll see the colour showing through from the original photo.

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