Outside My Window

Outside my window…. I just saw the giant glossy magpie take the two baby doves from the nest and eat them. The dove parents are pretty shaken up about it.

I am thinking…. that the doves always build their nests in dangerous, precarious positions that would test the survival skills of a crocodile let alone a baby bird. (I know crocodiles don’t live in nests)

I am thankful for…. the fact that I gave up trying to save baby doves a long long time ago. For a while there I spent a lot of time trying to but it was a pointless battle and more than a little heart breaking. Storms, magpies, cats, the world was fraught with danger for them before they even made it out of the nest. I just accepted that that was the way nature worked and that sometimes it could be a nasty bitch.

I am wearing…. Black t shirt, black leggings, thongs. Tasteful. Typical don’t have to leave the house today clothes.

I am creating…. wonderful new records in Monster Dash on my phone. Oh ok then, one. One new record.

I am going…. to work harder at creating new Monster Dash records.

From the kitchen… there will be very little happening because I already prepared the ratatouille this morning. I’m cooking from Michelle Bridges Crunch Time Cookbook. She’s a good little chef, went off in Celebrity Masterchef even though they kept saying she wasn’t using enough salt. She’s one of the trainers in our Biggest Loser.

I am reading…. Faithful Place by Tana French. It’s not great. Her other one I read was much better. I find it hard to read Irish books because I do the accents and its hard work. Mind you scottish is worse.

I am hoping…. that I get the hang of daylight savings soon because it’s doing my head in. We started on Sunday and today I’m delirious with tiredness.

I am hearing…. Ian and Shirley’s little dogs yapping away in one ear and irritating chirpy birds in the other. With the dulcet (not) undertones of tinnitus ringing as background music.

Around the house…. it’s a bloody disaster as usual. And how does the washing breed in the basket like that anyway.

One of my favourite things…. is my first mango of the season each year. It’s waiting on the kitchen bench for me. Not favourite is the price they charge. $ 4.00 for one mango.

A few plans for the rest of the week…….go out for a long lunch tomorrow with Cath, eat and drink too much and spend Saturday recovering. 10km run on Sunday. It’s the end of an era actually, hope we go out with a bang not a fizzle. See Cath is a school teacher and every school holidays we go out one day and have a massive lunch. They usually go for about seven hours and involve a lot of wine and laughs. But I’m moving after christmas so tomorrow will be our last one. Well our last one here. I’m only going an hour down the road so we’ll have them there instead next year.We’ll be able to have them on the harbour which will be less than awful.

Here’s a baby that did make it out of the nest.



So thats it. My daybook for yesterday. Now I’m going to go and pretty it up for my diary. I don’t actually have a diary but I have a sketch pad that I stick things in every now and then. The idea came from this website I found via someone on wordpress and you’re supposed to title it The Simple Woman’s Daybook. But I don’t like that because I’m not simple. It should be the Woman’s Simple Daybook I think. Or just A Simple Daybook because men might want to do it as well. But I didn’t organise it so really she can call it whatever the hell she wants.






26 thoughts on “Outside My Window

  1. Yeah, nature can be a bitch. Like when you see baby animals bite the big one. Hard to tell that to little kids too. they learn, but it’s still tough. Ratatouille? Yummers. Need to a nice vegetable something or other. Been eating a lot of meat lately. I just got some nice green peppers and there’s a pound or two of green beans in there. They don’t go together well, but one of them needs to get eaten. LOL.

    • I hardly ever eat meat – a bit of seafood – and I must say I’m pretty glad about that after watching Food Inc the other day! The Ratatooie (as my husband spells it) was delicious.

  2. completely random thoughts:
    I had 3 Reese’s tonight… pumpkin shaped.
    We currently have a commercial airing, quite regularly, for South Africa (tourism). All well and good except the narrator in the commercial is Irish, which is insanely distracting. I don’t care how good some Irish guy’s trip was!
    Poor birds
    Yeah, I had to accept “circle of life” too.. since Moshi was eating all of them.
    10k run… impressive!
    living by the bay = more impressive!
    i like the simple daybook idea.. though I could never do it. i’m a list person… new list every day.

    • Now thats sick and wrong – pumpkin flavoured as well?
      One of our local car yards has an ad on tv and they have a guy with an american accent doing it. I mean we are this small country town and I don’t understand why our toyota yard has a booming american voice for it.
      I won’t be living right near the bay. But the Pub will be. I’ll be about a six minute drive away. And if I go another two minutes I’ll be at the beach. SO looking forward to it after spending 20 years in a coal mining town it’ll be a very nice change.

      • lol – noooo… just pumpkin SHAPED. They do eggs at Easter, pumpkins for Halloween, and tree shapes for Xmas.

        I think I’m about 8 min from the water, if there were no traffic lights.. it’s about 20+ min with them. sounds like a great change for you. living “near” the water is awesome!

        • Haha – well you crazy americans have some weird flavours going on over there so I wouldn’t be surprised.
          I’m really looking forward to the move. It’s always so hot and dusty where I live. I think we have the highest rate of asthmatic kids in Australia. Daz will still travel back here for work but he’s hanging for a change so thats no big deal and I can do what I do from anywhere. God bless the internet.

  3. I have Tana French’s “The Likeness” on my bookshelf….enjoyed it very much!
    Mother Nature – she’s a right bitch at times!!
    As for washing breeding….there are times I wished we lived in a nudist colony….

    • Is that the one where the boys went into the forest? I think I didn’t mind that one.
      I don’t want to think about nudist teenagers. Especially in my house.

      • The Likeness is the one about the group of students who live in the old house. The girl found murdered the spitting image of the cop investigating – and she’d also assumed the identity that cop had used in undercover work a few years previously.

  4. I didn’t like Faithful Place as much as the other two books I read by Tana French.

    I love the daybook idea. Something to help you remember the simple things and do some writing. I’ll have to think about participating in this too.

    It is sad seeing baby animals (or any animal) suffering or dead. I keep reminding myself of the whole circle of life thing. If an animal is killed for food for another animal the death doesn’t seem quite as bad.

    • Yes thats what I say – old Magpie has to eat as well. But he’s so evil and nasty looking and they attack you in spring time so its hard to muster up any love towards him.
      Nearly finished Faithful Place – they’re all so awful its hard to like anyone. I did pick up one good thing though. He said to Kevin – Every time you don’t do what your big brother says God kills a kitten. So now I say that to my daughter about lies. Every time you lie to your mother God kills a kitten. lol.

  5. Yeah the thing about doves is, like trashy people, they are dumb but they just keep breeding. I had some nesting on my porch overhang, a pretty safe place but there are cats who live next door. Someone I knew online a while ago said he had some nesting in one of his potted plants on his deck, and his cat got them. I mean, come on. how stupid are you? Cats can get birds who are a lot faster moving than a dove so you’d better build your nest in a little higher spot than that. I mean, you can run them over with your car without even trying, they are so slow. (not that I ever have) But I definitely don’t like seeing anything get killed (except maybe, maybe, but not even then, but maybe a raccoon, they are evil)

    • LOL – they are stupid on the road. They don’t get up and fly out of the way they just run. Toddle away.
      Really, Raccoons are evil? I didn’t know that. We don’t have them.

  6. I laugh at the mourning doves that toddle around my yard. They always seem vaguely confused.

    So now I’ll get to hang out with you at the pub by the beach? Sounds good to me!

    Other than that, I got nothin’

    • You laugh at the mourning doves !! Harsh. I know what you mean though. But they get back to business pretty quickly, they’re already building a new nest.

    • I think the daybook idea is going to be a weekly thing. I’m going to print them all out. Poor little baby doves, they’re just so defenceless out there.

  7. We once had a robin that built its nest in a ridiculous spot, above the light fixture by our back door. The nest was barely able to stay upright because it was in too narrow a space. When the mamma bird finally laid a clutch of eggs, they all fell out onto the concrete steps. My husband was horrified and babbled about baby birds dying and how he loved robins; I said if the robin had been smarter she never would have built the nest there, and sometimes nature is a harsh teacher. Which led to him screaming, “How could you be so callous?” and another argument altogether.

    Anyway, I think my comment was supposed to be, “Birds aren’t very smart.”

  8. Ms. Dove made (a very messy) home in Boyfriend’s garage for most of this year and the previous one. She finally moved out – the heat in the San Fernando Valley was too stupidly much for her.

    Anyway, during the course of that time, we’d see empty eggshells, empty nests – with the babies suddenly gone. We had to accept this, but it was hard – and we felt bad for the mother. Dad was probably out playing pool.

    • These ones are always in pairs. I’ve never seen one one their own. They’re out there now kissing on the path. Oh, lol, he just jumped on her back, close your eyes.

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