Medicinal Wine and Bad Book Choices.

Hang on, they didn’t mean wine did they? In the buy nothing new this month campaign I mean. It did say medicines and essentials were on the okay list after all. Anyway if you bought six bottles you got 10% off, so you can’t go wrong there.

And I went to the library to borrow some magazines instead of buying them. Because magazines are a huge waste of money. They are here anyway. You pay about $8 for a magazine. Mind you the ones at the library are old and crap but I just like to flick through something while I’m having lunch.

Anyway, I was waiting to use the self checkout thing at the  library. Why oh why do I always get stuck behind the woman with three kids who lets all of them scan in their own books while they all slowly count how many they have. Oh that’s right, that was me. Well let me tell you I have received payback for that many many times over. So I’m standing there, waiting, waiting and this little girl comes and stands beside me with her books, she was about ten. And when the people in front of me in line moved on this little girl said to me – oh, you can go first. And I’m like, really?, thanks, that’s great, seeing as how I was actually here before you and all.

But I fear I’ve made bad choices. You’d find that hard to believe if you saw how long I spend at the library choosing books. I wander around looking at them all, I read the Title, the back cover, the inside cover and the the first paragraph. (If its about dogs or horses I read the last paragraph just to make sure they’re not dead.) I check out the new releases, the young adult new releases and all my favourite authors in case they have released something new. I ask the librarian if she’s read anything good. Sometimes that’s not a great idea because once she gave me this enormous old book about the history of London starting from day dot until now. And then I felt like I had to read it in case she quizzed me about it later.

So I’m really going to start doing what I said I was going to start doing months and months ago. I’m just going to go in, not look, just grab. I’m just going to pull out ten books and take them, no matter what. I’ve said I’d do that before but I’ve never actually been able to bring myself to do it.  Because I could end up with ten crap ones. But then again I could end up with ten great ones. The only thing I’ll check is if I’ve read them before because I mark all the library books I’ve read. Just a little pen mark on page 20. That’s my birthday. And the librarian told me to do it, which I found quite shocking really.

Oh look, it’s 5pm. Time for my medicine.


16 thoughts on “Medicinal Wine and Bad Book Choices.

  1. According to The Messiah’s Handbook, inside the book Illusions, random picking will bring you the books that have messages for you. (technically, it says that if you open a book at random, that page will have a message for you… but same difference)

    Hey… it’s worth a shot.

    • Really, well that sounds promising. Maybe I’ll just randomly pick the book then pick a random page for my message before I start the actual reading. Otherwise I’ll be worrying about what the message is instead of concentrating on the story.

  2. I have a “thing” for books and tend to frequent the local secondhand shops – if I use the library and find a book I love I HATE having to take it back…so I pick up lots of secondhand ones.
    Have tried so many new authors – figure the cost worth it just in case I find one I love…and so often have ended up falling in love but then find it impossible to get hold of more than a couple of their works….
    I now need another bookshelf – or more boxes – to accommodate the additions….

    • Our local second hand book shop is just terrible. I think the newest release they have would be 1974. I’ve got way too many books and the thought of sorting them next year when we move just about brings on a panic attack. If I was still buying new stuff I’d seriously consider buying a kindall. I thought they were evil for a long time but now I see the attraction. Saving space and trees. Might put it on my birthday list next year.

  3. Do you continue reading a book that you start and find that you’re not liking or do you just give up on it and move on to another? With so many books on my want to read list I’ve found that if I start a book and don’t get into it I’ll abandon it. I’d rather not waste time when there’s something else I’d rather read. But I do give a book at least 100 pages before making the decision to cast it aside. And thankfully I haven’t kicked many books to the curb.

    • I used to feel as if I had to finish every book I started but now I’m quite reckless about giving them the toss if they’re no good. If I’ve bought it I try a bit harder to get through it. It took me three goes to get through The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Still not sure if it was worth the effort. I’ve finished The Hunger Games series. Loved that. Didn’t love the second two as much as the first – it was just fantastic.

      • It took me a while to get into The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and I actually didn’t like it until I read the second book.

        Have you read Maze Runner? It’s another YA book that I read this year and liked. It’s the first in a trilogy. The second book comes out later this month.

        • Maze Runner – will write that down. Girl with The Dragon Tattoo was the first time that I’ve liked a movie better than the book. I read the second one and liked it better than the first but it still went on a bit.

          • Awesome! I didn’t like it as much as the Hunger Games’ first book but still a decent read. I’m on the hold list at the library for the second book.

  4. heh…you crack me up. I was utilizing my library last year a bit but so far this year I only went to the book sale I posted about. Oh and I made a donation, so that’s something. There just have been new books coming out that I want to have, so I order them. Oh and I have another coming in the mail this week, but that’s from one of Redscylla’s author friends so that’s okay because I’m supporting a friend of a friend. But before I order stuff off of Amazon I should really check the listings in my library, since I can check online now, the ultimate in lazy. Of course I’d just have to check on their computer if I walked in anyway.
    and yeah, magazines are a huge waste of $$. I rarely buy any. Unless Nick Cave is on the cover.

    • As soon as I decided to do this nothing new thing I immediately had a long list of things I wanted.I guess we’ll see how much I still want them in a months time. But books are definitely my weakness. And all my favourite authors always seem to release new books at the same time.

  5. You didn’t buy new wine. You bought old grapes.

    I’d suggest Eoin Colfer’s Artemis Fowl series if you haven’t already read them. I might be quite the dork but I loved them. I find myself really enjoying young adult books a whole lot more than alleged adult books. Maybe I’m just tired of everyone being “so serious” or “so deep” or “so meaningful” or “so fluffy I want to puke.”

    • I like the way you think. Old grapes.

      I haven’t read those books but I have seen them at the library so I’ll check them out. Most of my favourite books this year have been young adults – The Forest of Hands and Teeth is one of my all all all time favourites, and I’ve just finished The Hunger Games series which I loved.

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