I never get tired of killing baby zombies.

My name is Jane and I am a Monster Dash addict. See, thats how bad I am, I just wrote expert instead of addict and had to change it.

I blame it all on the Angry Birds mob really. If they’d kept the updates coming more often I wouldn’t have felt the need to look elsewhere for fun.

But now Barry Steakfries, my heart belongs to you. And no spell check, I do not mean Steak Fries.

So in case you don’t know what I’m talking about, Monster Dash is a game I downloaded on my Iphone. Basically Barry runs through different worlds shooting baby zombies, mini vampires and little dummies. And while he’s at it he has to jump over spikes and cliff edges and grab as many hearts and weapons as he can. And the further he goes the faster he gets and when you’ve gone about 5000 metres, he’s really got the pace cranked up and zombies and spikes are flying at you at a great rate.

And I always say to myself – this is the really, really, final, last game for today. But then one of two things happens. You either get a really low score and you just know you can’t finish on a bad score. Or you get a really high score thats so close to your personal best that you just know that if you have one more go you’ll beat it.

I realised I’d been playing it too much when my dreams started happening in fast forward. It was like the whole dream played out on a conveyor belt that kept getting faster.

And not only am I an addict, I’m a pusher as well. I’ve turned my three kids and my niece onto it as well. It wasn’t enough that I had to get them hooked on Angry Birds, now I’ve turned them into Barry Steakfries freaks as well.

Honestly it must be the best $ 1.19 I’ve ever spent in my life.

Jane plays too much Monster Dash


12 thoughts on “I never get tired of killing baby zombies.

  1. I’ve been a Playstation addict for years, so I can relate. The “advantage” of the PS is that you can’t take it with you wherever you go, so you do get breaks from playing—if you leave the house at all, that is.

    But just as long as you aren’t playing while you’re driving, you should be okay. You don’t, right?

    • Lol – no, no playing when I drive. Would be impossible unless I used my knees to steer. Which I’m sure people do. I never got into the playstation, but the Wii looks interesting.

    • Hmmm, zombie farm. Sounds interesting. See this is what happens, someone mentions a game and I think I’m not going to look at it but then it floats around in my brain until I think I’ll go crazy if I don’t at least look at it and then of course I buy it. Fruit Ninja was the latest one, but its got nothing.

  2. I couldn’t stop laughing at this post. I am a zombie fanatic. Sounds like it is a game I could handle. I am no good at the “first person shooter” games. I can’t walk and move my head in the first place. I just end up stuck in a corner. Dead.

    • I love all things zombie. Much more so than vampires. This game is perfect for you because Barry doesn’t move his head. He just runs. FAST. I’m terrible at fighting/punching games, I never even know who I am and usually realise at the end that I’m the one standing in the corner throwing punches at nobody.

  3. Not you, too??! My clan (except me of course) are expert/addicts at this iphone game thingy. But be careful though. The Queen and the young Ninjette have had to replace/repair their iphones twice now because the screen kept freezing. I reckon it’s because of the games and the constant tapping on the screen. The phone is not built as a gaming device and can’t handle the tactile trashing these games require. Don’t you have a business to run??

    • Lol – well now you just sound like an old fart. I do get a (long) lunch break you know. Anf my thrashing is very gently. My brother in law has a freezer as well and I’m sure he wouldn’t even know how to download a game.

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