I am an Original

We had a little family reunion last weekend. I always think we’re a strange family because we all seem to like each other and get on well. Most of my friends spend a lot of their time bitching and moaning about their families. There always seems to be fights and drama’s and gossiping going on.

We only get together once a year so maybe that’s the secret. But when we get together it’s as if we were together just the week before. Everyone just gets on with having a good time.

So it started with my mother and father, my two sisters (Emjay being the oldest), my brother, then me.  We are The Originals. And this year we decided we needed a photo of The Originals. And although I’m pretty sure about five thousand photo’s were taken there were only a few good ones. Mainly because we’re all such a bunch of control freaks. Most of the photos have us pointing or yelling at the person taking the photo’s instructing them on how to do it properly. Oh ok then, not all of us. Just Emjay. Ok, ok, and me and my mother.

So we have Emjay, then myself, my sister and my brother with the oldies in front.

The Originals

And here we are as kids. My mother obviously had an obsession with hair ribbons.

The Baby Originals

And on a family holiday. I’m taking the photo and Emjay is trying hard to look like the surly teenager who thinks her family are a bunch of idiots.

Originals in the Seventies

And then we all grew up and bred. Between the four of us we have eleven kids. Here’s a few of them, they used to look like this. They are the originals of the originals.

Originals of the Originals

And then somehow, in the blink of an eye they ended up like this.

Originals of the Originals Got Big

And now two of the boys have married. And the family just keeps growing and growing.

And it’s all good. I love them all.


26 thoughts on “I am an Original

  1. Nice, Cat. A family that all gets on is rare these days, as you say. Good for you. It certainly looks as though you’re all having a lovely time.

  2. It’s strange isn’t it. I’m always amazed when I hear someone saying that they haven’t spoken to their mother, sister, daughter, son, whatever, for years because of some trivial thing. As far as I’m concerned family is it. They’re the ones who know you and they’re the ones you can always count on. Where I come from your family has your back covered. I find it really sad that others don’t have that.

  3. Some truly wonderful photos. Lots of love in there. It’s true how the kids just go from little to teenager overnight. That’s why it’s important to take time out and enjoy them, because before you know it, they are gone out on their own and you only get to see them once a year.

    My family, we’re a bunch of loonies who usually only get together for funerals and even then only long enough to say our respects and move on. Or so it seems. I think there was a law requiring us to live at least 200 miles apart or something. Not sure. Mom lives in Minnesota, dad lives on one side of Illinois, brother lives on the other. Sister lives in Oregon and I live in the middle of the country. Hmmm…

    • It’s hard to make people understand that though isn’t it. I have friends who have small children and they always seem to be complaining about what hard work they are and they don’t realise that one day those little trouble makers will be big and left home and that they’ll actually miss them and wish they could do some of those years again. (lol, or maybe thats just me).

  4. I love the photo of you originals because, except for size, loss of hair ribbons and colorization, you all look just the same. I can’t say the same for the Spawn of Originals but maybe there has to be a certain gap in years before you start to be who you were.

    I do have a certain amount of envy for folks who get along but it’s just safer for me to stay away from the psychos who are my brothers and sister. I have three children already and don’t need any more. But my kids are awesome. 😀

      • Emjays boys haven’t changed one bit. Two little boys with no shirts on grew into Quicksilver tshirt and blue tshirt in the front row. Same smiles.

    • Lol, I know, forty years on and we still look very much the same. We have enormous smiles and teeth. (My mother was big on dental hygiene). A lot of the spawn are still growing so I guess they’re still in that growing and fitting stage. There are a couple of addies in there though. The two girls on the end of the back row (can I call them bookends) are wives. Sunglasses and grey cardigan.

  5. Aw, I love all these pictures, I love family photos, whether they are mine, someone I only know online, or someone I don’t know at all. It’s endlessly fascinating to me for so many reasons. It’s crazy how time flies. There are only 3 “originals of originals” in my family and I can’t believe the youngest is already 11 tomorrow, in a blink of an eye they’ll be starting with college and weddings and kids.

  6. RE: “Originals of the Originals”

    The boy wearing the red tank-top looks exactly like the you when you were little. It’s kind of spooky. Is he one of yours?

    • Yes – he’s mine. And those are his sisters either side of him. Then he’s all grown up with the sunglasses on in the bottom photo. No one ever says he looks like me. Everyone always says they all look like Daz. So thanks.

  7. I always enjoy seeing photos of people when they were kids. You can see how some things don’t change—eyes, cheekbones, a particular way of smiling—even though they’re in cute little dresses, have their hair in ribbons or pigtails or bowl haircuts, or have a little baby fat around the face.

    I haven’t heard much of Sister #2. Does she blog on WP? Do you guys live close together, or is all of your family thrown to the four corners of the world?

    • No Min doesn’t blog here, I keep in contact with her and her kids through facebook. Besides Emjay, we all live about two hours drive from each other in various directions. So not too far but far enough to put you off going there that often. Well too far for a one day trip for me anyway, I hate car trips.

  8. Lovely family!

    My family always gets along, too, even though we all get together only once in awhile. I agree: sometimes I feel like the minority amongst friends because I really look forward to these family gatherings!

    • Even if a spent two weeks thinking really hard about it, I don’t think I could find one bad thing to say about my mother, yet I only have one other friend who’d be the same. Everyone else seems to waste a lot of energy on perceived family problems.

    • Thanks. I was thinking on the weekend that I really need to go through the albums and scan them all in. Some of them are really starting to fade and yellow. Would be a shmae if they just disappeared on day.

  9. What fantastic pictures!! So fun to see what you and Emjay look like now 🙂 I love the next picture, the black and white. I think hair ribbons were the rage then, because I had them too. That is a precious picture. I like the names you have given yourselves as well. The originals and the the Originals of the Originals.

    You have a lovely family and it is so nice that you enjoy getting together, all ages included. What wonderful memories you all will and do have of your times together. Thank you for sharing your pictures!

    • When I was about 5 I always seemed to have a huge bow on top of my head. I almost drowned once and I think the only reason they found me was because my bow was still bobbing about on top of the water.

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