Shit in the Bottom Drawer…..part 2

So we’ll start with the bottom drawer of my wardrobe. Because it sums up what is problematic about myself and every storage area I have.

So here is the drawer. As you can see everything is folded neatly and I can easily find what I want. This is meant to be my socks and singlet drawer. And they are in there somewhere. See there’s a singlet right on top.

Along with my christening dress. So the question is. Do I really need or want my christening dress. I’m not talking a family heirloom here. Just a grubby yellowing little dress with a bit of nice lace on it. Do I need to take this with me to the new house? Or do I toss it in the bin? Hard decisions people.

Well I’m not throwing this away yet. I’ll hang on to it for a few more years then give it to Lizzie so she can cart it around herself. When Lizzie was about four she decided that her name would be Smokie Mama. I can’t remember why. It went on to become Hokie and now her father just calls her Ho. He has to remember not to call her that in public or in front of friends. Anyway I made her this t shirt and she used to wear it all the time with this enormous pink headpiece.

And then I have what I’m guessing is one of my first camera’s. I don’t know if I want to keep this or not. And if not what to do with it. Do you just toss it in the bin? Seems a shame.

And then we have this funny little drawstring bag that I think Lloyd made for me about 18 years ago. It makes me feel itchy just looking at it. You just know that as soon as you throw something one of your kids made you away that they’re going to ask you if you still have it.

So this is the sort of stuff I keep. You don’t even want to see my office shelves. I’m not kidding, my christening cards are in there somewhere.

So what stays and what goes?

28 thoughts on “Shit in the Bottom Drawer…..part 2

  1. Oh, I feel for you. I went through the same thing with my stuff when I sold our old house a few years ago. I tossed out the old flower girl dress I wore when I was six years old for my older cousin’s wedding—it had turned yellow and didn’t bring back any happy memories. I actually hated that dress, but never mind…. I did keep the really cute handmade outfits my grandmother and aunts made for the kids when they were babies, because the creators of those outfits were either gone or on their way out. And I sold my old Nikon, because I knew I would never take another picture on film again. (Didn’t get much: $20 I think, from a guy who collected old film cameras. Which seemed like a shame since it was once considered a top of the line camera for photojournalists.)

    I dunno if that helped you: it’s so hard to get rid of things with mostly sentimental value.

    • I have this one box of old letters and cards and crap that I’ve carted around a dozen houses. I never unpack it, I just keep taking it with me. I’m really going to have to deal with it this time. Maybe I can just box it all up and put it the garage and someone will find it interesting in fifty years and then it won’t be my problem. I could make a time capsule and bury it all for some lucky sod to find.

  2. Hmmm… Lately I’m in a give-absolutely-everything-away kind of mood. BUT…

    If there is something that hurts you to think of getting rid of it, then don’t. Trust your snap reaction to it. Sentiment shouldn’t rule, but it certainly is important.

    Someone suggested to me recently that if you have things you’re on the fence about, give it to a friend or family member to keep for an extended amount of time. If you think about that object often, you need to have it. If not, then it isn’t important enough to have in your home. I’ve never done this, but it seems like it might be useful.

    • Well giving all my crap to someone else certainly sounds like a good idea. Its like getting rid of it without really getting rid of it. Sigh. I always seem to regret giving things away even if I never look at them or use them. I just like to have them. The bookcases are going to be a killer.

  3. …and there is nothing wrong with keeping precious momentoes….I know, I have plenty….after all, one day you might just REALLY need them….

    Yeah, no help….

  4. Before we left England and came here to Australia I didn’t have much time to sort through our stuff. Now I wish I would have made time. I have boxes and boxes and boxes of stuff that I will never use again/don’t want/don’t need/etc. I have very little time to go through it all now. I found that letting go of loads of things turned out to be much easier than I thought moving from a big house to a much smaller one. It actually feels quite freeing to be using less stuff. Letting go can be good for a person. I say be ruthless. That is just me after I see what sort of disaster I have sitting here. Need any furniture? How about some oil paintings? I can go on and on 🙂

    • Ruthless. I almost have a panick attack just thinking the word. I’m going to have to be a bit though because when I look around me every surface is covered with “stuff”.

  5. Oooh – it’s hard to dump kid-generated junk. I try really hard to limit myself. Sometimes I just get vicious and throw things away. I read somewhere about taking photos of things you love/don’t want but feel guilty pitching. Then you have the memory without all the bulk. I’m trying to do that now.

    Maybe you can put that lovely old camera to good use! I would have a terrible time getting rid of that, too. I love that sort of stuff.

    • My daughter has a memory like Horton. I’m sure she remembers every thing she ever made me or gave me over the past 18 years and where it should be. A few years ago I tried to gradually get rid of things – one thing a week – but she caught me taking down the christmas wreath she made me when she was five that had been on my bedroom door for 10 years (and I mean every day, not just christmas time) and she had a fit.

      Maybe I’ll get some film and see if the camera still works and then decide.

  6. the christening dress, I have collected other peoples little lace dresses like this and I put then on curtain rods and use them as curtains, cute sweet little curtains 🙂
    and that is a pretty little camera there dont you dare toss it! (Oh I am not helping am I)

    • Thats a nice idea. So you’re telling me that instead of getting rid of my christening dress I should actually be collecting more of them. I was thinking I could put it on one of my dolls. Yes, I still have my dolls. I think I’m a lost cause.

  7. I work with the sort-it system.

    Make a thrift shop pile.
    Make a pile of stuff that is definitely getting packed, clothing.
    Make a pile of stuff that is definitely getting packed, mementos.

    Make a for-now pile of things that you might keep, that you haven’t decided on.
    So that you can decide all of them at once, which can really make clear to you what kind of stuff you want to have.

    If you think the kids might care about the bag or the shirt, ask them if they want it., and if they don’t, if they would care if it went away.
    Or, if they are local, have then come round and look through the thrift shop pile before you send it off.

    • I’m afraid I’ve bred a trio of keepers. I told my son (he’s 20) he was going to have to come back and go through his wardrobe because its full of leggo and toy cars and trophies. He said he wants it all but not until he’s settled somewhere and can’t I just keep it until that day. My daughter is the same with her barbies.

      I have been good with the clothes though. I’ve packed up five bags so far.

  8. Keep the christending dress. That has family sentimental value!! I think lauowolf summed up nicely the best route to take! Good luck. This is such a difficult chore to take on!

    • I think I’ll wash it – hope it doesn’t fall apart – then decide. I also have my first pillow case and some other little cloth thing I have no idea what it is.

    • See now you’re telling me the opposite. And how long do I keep the christening dress. It seems that I’ll keep these things in storage until I drop dead and then someone will throw them away anyway.

  9. OMG – I just blogged about having too much stuff this morning before surfing everyone else’s blogs! My problem, though, is all the toys and the minimal closet space we have.

    I have 3 young kids who all come home with handmade stuff. There’s no way I can keep all of it, but I want some record that it once existed. So here’s what I do: when they make something, it goes on display somewhere in the house. The next time they make me something, the previous one goes into a large plastic tub. This continues through the school year. At the end of the school year, we go through the bin together agreeing on what can be tossed, what should be kept, and what can be photographed. I take a picture of each item that is too large for the scrapbook, or something they want to remember but without keeping the original. We usually end up with about 5 originals from each school year that we must keep. The rest are digital pics, which I make prints of at about 2×3 inches and they are scattered throughout their scrapbook pages.

    I still have my christening dress and flower girl dresses from various weddings. They’re wrapped in acid free tissue in a box somewhere in my attic. You just never know when one of your kids will want your brand-new grandbaby christened in YOUR dress! 🙂

    • Thats a good idea. Very organised as well. My kids are all big now but I still have so much of their stuff.
      Okay – I’ll keep the dress for a bit longer. It hasn’t been looked after very well though. And it looks kind of itchy!

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