Pants That Fit

Do they really exist?  Apparently not for me. For one thing I am not tall. I never thought I was exactly short, but it seems that I am. Because the first problem I encounter when buying pants is the length. I always have to have length taken off pants. And there’s usually enough fabric taken off that I could make a matching vest with it.

Then we have the rise of the waist. Before I even try on a pair of pants I look at the length of the fly zip. Some of them are barley a few centimetres long and I know not to even bother with them. Because I like to be able to bend over or squat down knowing that my crack is safely out of sight.

But then you don’t want to go for the really high rise waist. Because then you look like you have an enormously long arse.

And I don’t have a waist. Or I don’t have hips. And I’m not big. I just have a sort of cylinder body. And they always seem to make pants that cut in at the waist then round out over the hips. So by the time I get them to fit my hips they’re digging into my waist and giving me a massive muffin top. But if I get them to fit my waist, they’re floating around my hips. And it doesn’t matter if I put on weight or lose weight because I keep the same proportions.

And I know I’m not the only one because I see some young girls out there in terrible fitting pants. But they don’t seem to care. Tight jeans with tight singlets and great big bellies hanging over the top. I mean self confidence is a wonderful thing but I think the problem really is that they can’t find a pair of bloody pants that fit.


20 thoughts on “Pants That Fit

  1. I understand the problem with finding pants that fit. Though I admit, after it has become more fashionable with long trouser legs (or you are able to chose between 3 different lengths) I do no longer have that issue. Have you ever tried ordering pants from Victoria’s Secret? They have pants that are made to fit women and not starved clothes hangers.

    Though when it comes to girls that wear clothes that let you see, well to put it in the world of Bridget Jones: all the wobbly bits, I don’t think they even try to find pants that fit. They have to be part of today’s fashion whether it suits them or not.
    I mean skinny jeans? How many of the population can actually wear those?!

    • Nah, man the postage from Victoria’s Secret to Australia is a killer. One bra the postage is $30. And its not really my size – I’m only a 10 which is US size 6 I think. Its the shape thats the problem.

      Lol, skinny jeans. Once you hit 12 years old, I think you have to give them up.

  2. Clothes are made to fit mannequins, not real people. There are so many body types that clothes, and pants especially, have to be made so generically that they don’t fit anybody well. Maybe you should stop running and try to grow an arse? (Just kidding.) Does anybody sew these days? Maybe one or the other of your hideous options is an easy alteration? How do you feel about skirts?

    • LOLOLolol – Stop Running and Grow an Arse – there’s a T shirt slogan in that.

      Well, how do I feel about skirts. I don’t mind them I guess. But I have these skinny feet and I can’t wear sandals, and skirts with joggers is not always a good look.

  3. Oh I am hearing you!!!
    Found an awesome pair of jeans that fit perfectly a while back – if I find a pair I buy 3 the same because I can guarantee that I will never get the same ones ever again – except they were made for someone who obviously had to be at least 7ft tall!!! Seriously, there aren’t that many super tall people out there who wouldn’t have had to have them altered!!

    As for the young un’s wearing pants that obviously are far too small….no no no no no no no no no!!!!!!!!!!

    • Yes, manufacturers must think there is a world of amazons out there buying jeans. I do the same as you with bras. If I find one that fits really well, I buy a couple because they always stop making them.

  4. I was bitching about low rise pants for a long time, now it seems that manufacturers have gotten the hint that there are people with butts out there who don’t want it falling out every time they bend over. Or who just don’t want their crack showing. And don’t want mom jeans with the waistband up around their armpits. One year I could not find khaki pants. Just regular old khakis, everything was low rise AND draw-string, two things which do not work for me at all. (drawstring pants are for jammies and scrubs and exercise pants…maybe). But once I find a decent fit in something I will also buy a couple pair and make sure I know the style number or name. I know you don’t wear jeans, but I live in them, I pretty much stick with Levi’s and Eddie Bauer. But for years I was buying men’s Levi’s jeans because they weren’t mom jeans. Now they call them “boyfriend” jeans. I guess they have less material in the ‘package’ area. I never noticed any issue with that I guess because I used to be thinner and they’d be baggy enough that they’d lay flat enough…
    And don’t get me started on skinny jeans. People see them on models who are built like Audrey Hepburn and think that’s how they’ll look too and they couldn’t be further from the truth. I am a straight leg/boot cut girl. My BFF lives in NYC and thinks she can get away with skinny jeans. Um, no, she’s built kind of like me. Hips, thighs. oy vey.

    • I once thought boys jeans might be good for me because they have slimmer hips but when I went into the shop and asked the girl about it she thought I was such a freak it put me off.

  5. I finally found a brand that I love. I am 5′ tall so of course, pants are too long on me. The petite or short lengths are made for people up through 5’4″. Anyway, I saw an add for a brand called, “Not My Daughters Jeans.” I was having a tough time with the muffin top ever since the medication I was on put weight on around my waist. I bought capris and jeans in the brand I mentioned. They are high waisted because they “hold it in,” but not in a suffocating way. The saleswoman told me to buy a size smaller than I usually wear. I LOVE them. Since then, I have seen other brands coming out with the same idea. I ordered mine online. You can look up the brand on line.

    Also, in my magazine called, “Real Simple,” they will do articles on things like jeans and show which brand and style words the best on which figure type. That is helpful as well.

    • I haven’t heard of that brand before, I’ll have to google them. Thanks. I never find those magazine articles very helpful. They do them every year on swimmers as well. Best swimmers for a big bust or long legs or fat tummy etc but all the models always look the same to me.

  6. I’m 5 ft 1 and a half (the half is important) so I can sympathise. The only jeans I can buy are Gap short fitting but even some of their styles sit so low on my hips that if I wear flattish shoes (which is most of mine) the bottoms drag.

    • I usually buy 3/4 pants because I refuse to pay a fortune for a pair of pants then pay more to have them taken up. I bought a pair of jeans once that had a nice pattern around the bottom then had to have it all cut off anyway. In winter I just wear tights with long tops or dresses.

  7. send me the extra length on those pants and I will add them to pants so they might fit me. I dont think that pants are made to fit, are they supposed to fit? I thought it was like finding the holy grail if you found some that fit. 🙂

  8. I have issues with the length of pants as well. Pretty much every time I have to take new pants to my grandmother so she can hem them (she’s a master sewer). I recently found a pair of jeans that I can wear with sneakers and not boots because they don’t drag on the ground, which is a rare treat. If they had two pairs of them, I would have bought them!

    • I don’t have any handy sewers around me. If they’re cotton or light I can do a dodgy job myself but I wouldn’t try denim. They only have the short length here at Target. Of course I don’t have one near me and sometimes they still drag on the ground. I never thought I was short but obviously I’m shorter than short. Soon I’ll disappear.

  9. I feel your pain. Finding clothes that fit off the rack is very difficult. I have always envied those who seem to fit into whatever they try on. Finding a bra, is the worst.

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