One, Two, Three

Three items or less. It’s not that hard people. Use your fingers if you must. Most people have at least three fingers. And wimpy checkout person, why don’t you grow some and tell the moron with a trolley full, that it is in fact a trolly full and not THREE ITEMS OR LESS!!


29 thoughts on “One, Two, Three

  1. I wish someone would have told the lady in front of me that 40 baby food jars DO NOT count as “one item”. Especially if you have a whole buggy full of crap. I hate that!

    • I usually stand behind them and glare at their trolley and then at the sign. Sometimes I feel like saying something but I’m sick of being a bitch. The person I call The Very Important Person, or The Holder of the Key, whose job seems to be to stand around and watch the checkout people but not do anything herself, she should tell The People With Too Many Things to rack off to another checkout.

  2. It wasn’t an old person who got in the three-item-only lane, was it? At the grocery where my parents shop, there’s always this very frail old lady who pushes her cart filled with stuff into the express lane. I don’t know if she has dementia or she’s just sneaky; but the cashier is too polite and kind to tell her to go to a regular checkout lane and just checks her through, much to the annoyance of the people with one loaf of bread or a quart of milk.

    What I think is funny is that it’s usually the other old people behind her who are a lot less patient and more vocal about telling this woman she’s in the wrong lane. Us younger people might be fooled, I guess, but not the other seniors.

    • Hahah – yes well they know she’s just a sneaky old cow. Man, I hate it how we have to be nice to old people. They always think they can push in at the bread shop as well.

  3. old people can be super obnoxious – and they get away with it because no one will say anything (including me) – years ago at the Wellington premiere of the last LOTR movie, we had waited half a day at the front of the fence for a look at the Red Carpet and this old lady shoved herself in-between me and Steven and literally pressed her whole body up against me – for two hours – i’m 4’9 – i wasn’t moving – but this was so far beyond obnoxious – Steven said something – i said something – she stayed put – she smelled like pee – and was unkempt – i would have felt bad, because goodness knows, i do not want to end up like that when i’m 100 – but she was such a b@#$% – no one else said anything, because Kiwis are nothing if not anti-confrontation – of any kind – except where rugby is concerned

  4. hi this is CC .. cryin for the dyin’s other side.. i was just cruising and happened upon your blog.. have to tell ya.. i love the blk and wht. and the set up.. looks great..loved the old photos.. papas slidebox.. will stop by again. best to you and betty.. oh how well i know.. how hard it is …

    ya i know- most people don’t give a crap until they’re in a hurry

    • Thanks CC. Yes I’ve been stumbling across heaps of people during this whole vox exodus as well. I just keep whacking people onto my subscriptions list in case I know them and they’ve had a name change or in case I might want to know them.

      Betty says thanks.

    • lol – but it doesn’t seem to matter. Even if it was one item or less people would still take through a basket. One of the lanes is basket only but wow, people can fit some stuff in a basket when they try.

    • You can’t pay by check at the checkouts here. If you want to you have to tell them before hand then go to another desk where you spend about an hour waiting for them to organise it.

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