a big hearted girl

You may remember that the vet was treating Betty for pneumonia. Well it didn’t clear up after the two week treatment so she had a few tests yesterday and she actually has an enlarged heart. She is just reaching mid range heart failure. 😦

So she is now taking medication which will reduce the fluid around her heart which has been causing the chesty cough. She will have to take them for the rest of her life which could be anything from 6 months to 2 years. I haven’t been game to ask how much they cost! I’ve done a bit of google research though and 2 years seems very optimistic. She would be 13 by then.

They said not to be surprised if she reverts to puppy hood. Apparently the meds make them feel a lot better. I’m not sure how it progresses. She has to go back in two weeks so we’ll ask then. It would be really nice if she just dropped dead in her bed one night. Over the years we’ve had three dogs and five cats and not one of them has just died. Stubborn buggers. They’ve all had to make that awful trip to the vet to face the needle because they’ve had liver cancer or sun cancer or kidney failure. If new owners ever move in here and dig up the backyard they’re going to wonder what the hell we’ve been up to. Little bodies all over the place.

Anyway we plan on giving her a blast off in her final months because she’s been a good girl. Whatever she wants she can have. Except the next door neighbours cat.



35 thoughts on “a big hearted girl

  1. Oh poor Betty, it’s so hard when one of our pets is sick, I had to have a laugh though over “If new owners ever move in here and dig up the backyard they’re going to wonder what the hell we’ve been up to. Little bodies all over the place”, I have cats, dogs and birds buried in my back yard too.

    • And each pet death seems to get harder. I don’t think I’ve got another one in me.

      Its against the council rules here to bury pets in your yard but there’s no way I’m taking them out to the pet section of the tip.

      • On Anzac day this year I had to put my cat Bubsy to sleep, he’s the last of 3 that were brought up together, Bubsy was 20 years old, my husbands cat and he didn’t really like me, but after Steve died we called a truce, it actually broke my heart to see him go. My 26 year old son cried as he dug the hole for Bubsy, but we planted an avocado tree where he lies, the council can go “suck lemons” I’ll bury my pets in my back yard.

        I didn’t think I had it in me to get another cat, but I’ve just become the proud owner of 3 cats and a dog from the local animal shelter and to top it all off I’m putting my house up for sale πŸ™‚

    • When my cat Carl died, I said to Daz, I think I’m more upset about the cat dying than I would be about my father dying. Betty has been my little sidekick for a decade now. Its going to be tough.

  2. Oh Betty. 😦 At least you know you’re making her as comfortable as you can, with meds and lots of spoiling. I guess the best thing you can do for them is send them off knowing they’re adored. It’s not a good week for blog pets, apparently.

    • I’m just hoping the reverting to puppyhood thing doesn’t include all the weeing she did back then. Whenever someone came to the house she’d wee all over their feet.

  3. Sweet girl! I’m sure she knows she’s loved and has enjoyed her time with you. It’s good that you’ve got some time to say goodbye to her.

  4. I love your idea of giving your pup a “proper blast off”. One of our kitty’s is having some issues, and many trips to the vet haven’t fixed her problems yet. She’s 14, so I know I have to prepare myself for the possibility of her demise (but I hope she still has some good years left) If she doesn’t, though, I fully intend to make her final days as happy as possible!

    • I just never seem to know the right time to let them go. We had an old cat, Pumpy, he was 15 and he had kidney probelms but every few months the vet would give them a flush and powered on for longer than we were expecting. But another cat, Tossy, had sun cancer and we really kept him too long. I feel terrible about it now but at the time I just couldn’t part with him

  5. ((Hugs)) for Betty and her loving family. She’s a lucky dog, and you are lucky to have her.

    I don’t know if this will be helpful, but when my little guy was in the last stages of lung cancer and was having trouble eating, we fed him baby food, pureed beef, chicken, and veal. It was hard to say which he enjoyed more, the baby food or the hand-feeding.

    • thanks

      hand feeding Betty baby food -the mind boggles πŸ™‚ Actually I was just about to google a few dog food recipes because she can’t eat biscuits anymore – her gums are sore. I’ve been soaking them in gravy but thats kind of salty so I thought I’d cook her up some sort of chicken and rice yummo mix

  6. awwww poor Betty. I hope she doesn’t suffer. Give her a big kiss on the top of the head for me.
    your animals are stubborn because they know how much they are loved and don’t want to go.
    I still love the cat’s name Pumpy.
    Elvis is my first pet ever so…I don’t even want to know what that will be like when he goes.

    • Aww, you’ll miss Elvis so much when he’s gone. I think about them all the time, the ones that have gone. Pumpy was a beautiful little boy. He used to sit on your lap and he’d pump your tummy with his paws like they do their mothers. He’d close his eyes and usually dribble. So thats how he ended up Pumpy.

  7. With you and Betty there. Our oldest Wiener bitch, Sasha, just had a black lumpy mass removed from her tummy – likely to be cancer but we don’t want to know. She’s resting at home and being spoilt now.

    If the growth hasn’t spread elsewhere, she’ll be her feisty self but she’s an old girl – about 75 human years.

    We love our pets, don’t we?

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