Reading the list

Well there’s one good reason why I should wear my glasses when I do the grocery shopping. Reading my list I bought some custard powder. When I got home it turns out what I really wanted was mustard powder.

Anyway I can’t hang around. I just had to take a quick break from lying on the bed reading so it felt like I’d actually done something today.

I can not stop reading The Hunger Games. And in fact the reason I really turned on the computer was so I can order the next two. I guess its a YA. But some of my favourite books are young adult. You wouldn’t believe how I cried about an hour ago.

Anyway must get back to it. Have about 50 pages to go.

7 thoughts on “Reading the list

  1. I read your first paragraph out to my husband. We both were laughing for several minutes. TOTALLY the kind of thing we do.

    YA books are often my favs. I find YA Sci-Fi/Fantasy very good reading (No, I am NOT a fan of the Twilight books). My favorite YA authors are Tamora Pierce and Madeline L’Engle.

    • I’m a shocker at the shops. I’m always asking people how much something is or can they read me the ingredients or how much fat is in it.

      The Hunger Games is not sci fi but set in the future. It was really good. One of my all time favourtie books was a YA called The Forest of Hands and Teeth. It was in the future as well. Zombies.

  2. I’m pretty sure my reading failures are due to my glasses being wrong (it’s official – the astigmatism correction is off juuuust that much). Over the summer, we were selling these annoying little minibikes. I was headed down the aisle to the back and could have sworn the sign on it said “Baja Douche Bag.”

    Turns out it was Baja Doodle Bug. I do stuff like that all the time.

    I have to admit, though, custard powder sounds kind of delicious!

    • Lolol. I make up all kinds of weird stuff when I’m reading a book, then a bit further down the page I think, hang on, that doesn’t sound right. I’m actually starting to think I could be dyslexic. There’s this shop called Just Teezn and I said to my daughter – there’s a shop called Just Teens. She said – no there’s not.

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