wash the dishes, dry the dishes

All I ask for is a dishwasher that actually washes the dishes. Is that too much to ask for?
Honestly, sometimes you’d think they hadn’t even been through a cycle when you open the door. And those stupid little tablets. Some of them don’t even dissolve. You find them all soggy but still substantial on the floor of the dishwasher.
And I’ve been tricked now twice by the plastic wrappers on them. Because some of them have the self dissolving wrapper, but some don’t. And twice I’ve gone to unpack the dishwasher and found the little tab in there still wrapped in plastic because it wasn’t dissolving plastic. And anyway I don’t think I like the idea of that dissolving plastic stuff washing all over my utensils.
And I wash the filter, which was once jammed with cherry stones. lol and once had bits of a cockroach in it which was pretty disturbing. And I put through a cycle of baking powder. But unless you practically hand wash the dishes before you put them in the dishwasher they mostly come out with scrud all over them.
I’m even considering doing the washing up by hand. Old school.
Okay, I’m not really. I did consider it once but after I washed up that day about ten times I decided I was definitely using more water that way and I’m pretty sure when Daz does them by hand he just shows things to the water without actually dunking them. And he doesn’t wear gloves. How can you have the water hot enough if you don’t need gloves.
It’s the bane of my bloody life at the moment.


16 thoughts on “wash the dishes, dry the dishes

  1. We finally got a new dishwasher a few years ago and it mostly kicks butt on almost everything. I use the liquid detergent types – haven’t ever tried the tab thingies. It always seemed like powdered detergents didn’t do as well.

    Oh, and the lovely things you find in the filter! *shudder*

  2. We use the tab thingies that you use. The few times we have had a problem were when either we put too much in the dishwasher or there was something stuck down at the very bottom of the dish washer.

    We are on our third dishwasher in 22 years. The final time, I asked the repairman, and bought, sight unseen, exactly what he said to. It has been wonderful compared to the other two!

  3. we were told that by a serviceman that the cheaper brand dishwasher tablets are bad news for your dishwasher and clog up the pipes as they don’t dissolve as well etc. etc. I don’t know if that is true… we bought a new dishwasher as the old one had a crack somewhere and not all the water was flowing into the dishwasher.
    Long live the dishwasher I say!

    • Yeah, I don’t know about that. It’s those expensive ones with the red ball of power in the middle that I find don’t dissolve. A friend had to buy a new dishwasher recently because I cockroach got into the wires and shorted it out (if thats an expression).

  4. Alright, trying again. My earlier comment vanished into cyber space thanks to some new feature by Firefox that I wasn’t aware of. So here we go:

    Flamingo Dancer has it right. Tabs are not really good for dishwashers (especially crappy are those with the blue ball in the middle). As with everything else that is being sold to us – or at least tried to – simplicity is what is best.
    With that said:

    If there is some blockage in the machine you could buy a dishwasher cleaner – here the brand is called Sun – which is a little bottle that you put into an empty dishwasher, head down, and let it run. Make sure to remove the filter in the bottom and put it in one of the baskets.

    Alas the filter – that is an area that has to be kept clean regularly. Even though I know it, because of selling these kind of things, I too tend to do like many (most?) people and forget.

    If it’s your glasses, that might look very ‘milky’ after having been in the DW, there might be a lot of lime in the water.
    For that you can buy dishwasher salt. I found a brand called Somat. Though if that is found in Down Under is another question 😉

    Two other tips would be: try to keep a little room between the dishes and don’t pack the machine too close.
    The second would be: if you have actually a very good machine, then it measures the dirt in the water by sensor. If there isn’t dirt it stops to wash earlier. Which means if you are one of the good ones that clean/rinse the plates etc – don’t It backfires on you because the machine thinks it’s done and won’t get off the dried-on stuff.

    If all of that doesn’t help – it might be the dishwasher :p

    From all the brands we sell I can recommend Siemens/Bosch as mid-range products.
    (If you would like to have more info – contact me 😉 )
    If you want to splash out a bit go for Miele.

    And now I will shut up. Enough said!

    • Wow. Helpful, thanks. I’ll have a look today at the shops for some sort of cleaner. I don’t have milky glasses – they look okay. Its the plates, nothing seems to get washed off. But I’ll buy some liquid instead of powder and see if that works better. I don’t think I have a super intelligent machine but it is only a few months old so hopefully its not it thats the problem. I do usually just use the auto cycle though which runs for about an hour and a half I think. There is pots and pans setting and quick and eco. This one is a Dishlex. We are moving after christmas so I look into a Miele for the new place. Do you know about ovens as well?? I need to buy one of them as well and need a good brand.

  5. I’ve actually pretty much given up on my dishwasher. It is now a drying rack for the hand-washed dishes. Until I can afford a new one they are getting the personal touch.

    • And I’m starting to think thats very wise. If there was only the two of us I’d consider it but children seem to use a LOT of glasses and plates. They don’t seem to understand that one glass will do you for the entire day if you’re only putting water in it.

  6. ahhhhh…now I have 2 dishwashers – aka 2 teenage boys!!
    Yes *shock horror* they actually do the dishes well every evening – washing up, wiping up, putting away etc etc AND they do it without arguments!!
    Master 14 is always very quick to remind me to buy washing up liquid, new sponges, new scourers and, most importantly, new rubber gloves when all are needed.

    My whole aim, of course, is to train them for leaving home which, hopefully, happens sooner rather than later.

    NB besides doing the dishes I rarely see the boys as they tend to prefer hibernating in their cave (bedroom), grunting, as teenage boys tend to do.

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