These Boots Were Made For…..

Partying hard in by the look of them.

Living in the country gives your kids plenty of opportunities to go to parties on farms.

Party Boots


16 thoughts on “These Boots Were Made For…..

  1. Wow. They remind me of how my son used to come home, covered in mud, head to toe!! I would say that the birthday party celebration was a success!

    • god no!! the white ones have gone now – I’m guessing in the bin and the boots are still sitting there, probably hoping I’ll clean them up. Not much point though – one boot had a hole in it so all the mud came squishing in as well.

      I hope its only mud

  2. (liliales) I haven’t seen real mud in ages. The dirt here has no clay in it. This is good for cars in rain, but sort of odd for someone who grew up in Mud Central, USA.

    I’m glad a good time was had by footwear and all.

  3. Oh, yes, lets do a poll!! How fun 🙂 I have about three different sizes in my closet due to the medication over the last year that made me change sizes. The doctor said, now that they have figured out what it is, that it may take a year for my body to get back to normal. So, I stare at my closet in frustration because nothing fits! Grrrrrr. I put on a shirt that was a little loose a year ago and woohoo, not anymore. So, while I want to cull things out, I have no idea if the docs are right or not. They better be because I sure cannot afford to start from scratch on clothing!

    I don’t know how you are going to deal with such little closet space? I am sure you will come up with an imaginative idea!

    • I’ve done that as well. Lost weight so thrown all the bigger stuff out then put the weight back on and wanted all the clothes back. I just always have this feeling that I’m going to want something as soon as I toss it. And not just clothes either. lol, you know the other day I was ripping the kitchen apart looking for this rice cooker and then I realised I gave it away a few years ago. I was very annoyed.

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